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Keno Beginner’s Guide

Keno Beginner's Guide

At the moment, all the people of the world are trying to earn as much real money as possible with minimal expenses. In order to realise their goal, they often go to betting offices and online casinos. They choose the easiest activities where they can win as much as possible with minimal effort. One such option is Keno. Since recent times, it has become widespread all over the world. Residents of all countries tend to find the best online casinos to play this unusual game.

Keno is an interesting game that has certain conditions and daily draws. The first mention of keno was in 200 BC. In 1931, this game was implemented in the state of Nevada. However, all other lotteries were banned here. But in order to legalise such an interesting game, its name was changed to “Chinese lottery”.

Rules of Keno

If you remember that the game is Chinese, you can understand that at the moment there are very few rules that correspond to ancient traditions. Now the participant must make a specific number of digits. The total number of numerals that take part in the drawing is 80. They are the ones that are put on the ball. Also you are given a card with numbers, there are also 80 of them. The digits on the card and on the balloons match each other. After that the draw begins. You need to guess 20 balls in order to earn real money.

To participate in the draw you need to buy a card and choose certain numbers. Previously, keno was only available in casinos. At the moment it can be found both on television and online sites.In real time, even for free you can bet. A large number of fans because of these reasons appeared at Keno. 

At the moment, the daily turnover of online casinos on the Keno gaming site is estimated in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Keno Machines

Keno Machines

If you want to start drawing as soon as possible, then you will be suitable for such a version as automata. For you will be offered four versions of tickets, among which you need to guess a certain number of numerals from the total:

  • keno 9 out of 20;
  • keno 10 out of 20;
  • keno 11 out of 20;
  • keno 12 out of 20.

See also Sikbo.

In order to get your prize you need to guess the specified amount of numbers on your card. To participate in the jackpot drawing you need to choose the last option from the proposed ones. For example, if you choose Keno 12 out of 20 you will get the opportunity to participate in the jackpot drawing – $1,000,000.

You will be able to start participating in the Keno draw as soon as you have bought a card and paid for the deal.

Poker Table Game Keno

For those players who prefer not only Keno, but also Poker was offered a special game version – Poker Board Game Keno. Here work a little different principles and rules. The player must guess the cards that fall out of the deck in random order.

The size of your bet will vary depending on what kind of lottery you choose and what gaming platform.

Strategies for playing Keno 

There are a large number of strategies for this simple game. If you want to not only play but also earn money, you need to use some tactics. Choose the most suitable one for you, which will bring you winnings in most cases.

Dalamber method game

If you use this strategy, the number of successful bets can increase even with a minimum budget. This method is popular not only in keno, but also in betting, lottery, roulette, market trading.

The idea is that every time you lose, you need to make one more bet. For example, if you put a bet of $ 400, did not win anything, the next time you need to put two bets of $ 400. This way you can make up for all your losses at once.

Martingale Method

This is one of the most popular financial strategies in the world, it is used both in sports betting and gambling. The essence of the strategy is that the player raises the bet each time he loses. In case the bet was successful, it is necessary to return to the initial amount.

For example, you made a bet of $ 200. It was not successful, the next bet should be $400. This way you minimise your loss in the round.

If you made a bet of $400 and it turned out to be a winning bet, then you need to go back to your original bet of $200.

Row of Numbers

This is the less risky strategy. This method does not promise you to get back the money you lost. Row of numbers is a more flexible method than Martingale and Dalamber.

The essence of the strategy is to determine the amount of money you want to win, the time period for which you want to win. Then every time you win, you need to reduce the number of betting numbers by two. If the game turned out to be without result – add one number.

Strategy catch-up

This strategy is particularly popular. It can be compared with the methods of Dalembert and Martingale. Its essence is to put the same numbers until they do not fall out. This strategy is based on the theory of chance.

Block system

Block system

This system helps players to win a lot of money. Professional players have created it on the basis of their own experience. Here you need to choose the numbers that you think brings the best luck. Thanks to this system, the largest jackpot in the world has been played.

Algorithm of actions for using the Block system:

  1. You need to identify 20 lucky numbers that you think will be winning in the upcoming game ;
  2. All numbers should be divided into 5 blocks. You will have four numbers in each block;
  3. You need to divide each block into pairs. Each line is a set of 10 numbers. On them you need to bet. As a result you will get six combinations of 10 numbers each;
  4. Make six bets in the 10 out of 10 category. fill in the empty cells in the table on the left.

The best results can be achieved if two numbers in each block that you determined in step two fall out.

Theory of Randomness 

It is necessary to understand that each upcoming draw is in no special way connected with the previous one. All balls fall out randomly. They do not have any sequence and regularity. Every ball that is put in the drum can fall out an unlimited number of times in different tournaments.

However, even in this case, some professional players and notice patterns. Proponents of this method say that it is necessary to choose those numbers that have not dropped out in previous rinds. According to the theory of probability they should fall out as soon as possible. However, there is no absolute confidence in this strategy.

Some say that it is necessary to bet on the numbers that stand next to the successful combinations.