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A Fresh Take on Online Gaming with Rollbit

Online Gaming with Rollbit

Looking for a fun place to play games online? Rollbit is a cool spot that has old games we love and new stuff to try out. Let’s see what makes Rollbit special and fun to play on!

Gaming Spectrum

Dive into the Rollbit, where renowned software giants like BetSoft, Evolution, and NetEnt power mesmerizing gaming. This casino seamlessly merges the nostalgic with the modern, ensuring every player finds their perfect game.

Highlights include:

  • Vintage Vibes: Revisit the classics with timeless fruit slots;
  • Modern Marvels: Explore the captivating world of 3D slot adventures;
  • Table Titans: Indulge in evergreen games such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat;
  • Live Thrills: For a heart-racing session, the live dealer games, particularly the high-octane Lightning versions, are a must-try.

Sportsbook Snapshot

Cryptocurrency sports wagering is skyrocketing, and Rollbit is at the forefront, showcasing an expansive range of sports and betting markets. If you’re passionate about football, basketball, tennis, or MMA, Rollbit has got you covered. For eSports lovers, titles such as Dota 2 and League of Legends have prominent spots in their line-up. Additionally, a notable inclusion is their virtual sports segment, offering rare finds like eCricket and eFighting.

With Rollbit, you can place your bet on virtually any sport, making it a top choice for diverse sports betting. Dive into the action today!

Rollbit’s NFT Page

Rollbit's NFT Page

While Rollbit expertly caters to traditional betting enthusiasts with its classic offerings, they’re not stopping there. In a groundbreaking move, Rollbit has ventured into the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) arena, setting up a trading site complementing their gambling services. This bold stride has earned them the title of the “world’s first NFT casino.” What’s on the NFT menu?

  • Gaming Assets: Unique digital tokens usable within games;
  • Bonus Boosters: NFTs designed to amplify your bonus earnings;
  • NFT Loot Boxes: Gamble for a random assortment of distinctive NFTs, some proving more valuable than the loot box’s cost;
  • Dedicated Marketplace: For those who’d rather skip the suspense, Rollbit features a built-in marketplace. Here, users can directly purchase or sell the desired NFT assets.

Payment Flexibility

In today’s dynamic crypto landscape, merely offering Bitcoin (BTC) doesn’t suffice. Rollbit stands out by providing gamers with a commendable variety of payment options, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and the emerging Solana.

There’s also a unique Rollbit-native token, dubbed RLB. This token grants users access to the exclusive Rollbit Lottery, which has a minimal entry fee of 0.2%, distributed among RLB stakers and allocated for token burns.

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For those comfortable with traditional currencies, Rollbit now accepts fiat deposits, including USD, EUR, and CAD, allowing users to buy cryptocurrency directly. Although initially not offering fiat deposits, this adaptation is a welcomed enhancement. However, it’s essential to note that withdrawing in fiat isn’t possible. Players will need to convert their funds back to crypto for withdrawals.


  • Multiple avenues to fund accounts;
  • Incorporation of a native token with exclusive benefits;
  • Acceptance of major fiat currencies.


  • $10 deposit and wager are required prior to any withdrawals;
  • Potential for less favorable crypto exchange rates on the gambling site compared to conventional exchanges;
  • Withdrawals strictly in crypto; fiat must be converted first.

Bonus Snapshot

Given Rollbit’s pioneering efforts in amalgamating NFT with gambling and their inroads into sports NFTs, our anticipation is high. We’re on the edge of our seats, eager to see the next wave of promotions they’ll introduce:

  • No Sign-up Bonuses: Newcomers to Rollbit shouldn’t anticipate any sign-up bonuses, deposit matches, or complimentary spins;
  • Daily Treats: Bonuses calculated based on your Profit & Loss spanning the last 24 to 72 hours;
  • Climb the Ranks: Enjoy escalating rewards as you ascend in the VIP hierarchy;
  • Instant Gratification: Claim a 5% instant rakeback on every game you engage in;
  • V1 Rollbot NFT: Acquire this NFT from the casino, assign it, and voila! Revel in a 10% enhancement on all your rewards through Rollback.

Bonus Balances

Dive deeper into Rollbit’s offerings, and you’ll discover the enticing Bonus Balances. Perfect for enjoying in-house games such as X-Roulette, these balances provide an edge to your gameplay. The highlight? An incredibly modest 5x wagering requirement. This sets you up with a tantalizing 50% opportunity to multiply your bonus before cashing out. Here are some avenues to secure them:

  • NFT Deposits: Boost your balance by depositing an NFT that carries a special deposit bonus;
  • Discord Wins: Keep an eye on their Discord channel and snag a giveaway win;
  • On-site Engagement: Take part in on-site challenges and stand a chance to win;
  • Lottery Team Triumphs: Join forces, enter the Rollbit lottery, and revel in team success.

RLB Lottery

RLB Lottery

Eager for a fresh twist on rewards? Rollbit introduces its unique RLB Lottery, ensuring loyal patrons always have a chance to strike gold. With RLB – Rollbit’s proprietary Solana-backed token – players can dive into an exhilarating lottery pool. Here’s the RLB Lottery Blueprint:

  • Collect RLB Tokens: Not just any token, RLB is your key. Acquire them through various means: Rakeback, Cashback, Rollback, and Level Up Bonuses. Certain NFT deposits can fetch you a windfall of RLB tokens, even up to a whopping 100,000! Stay alert for Rollbit’s giveaways and airdrops across social media;
  • Navigate to the Lottery Page: Conveniently located in the ‘Other’ section on the right-hand menu;
  • Stake Your RLB: Boost your lottery win probabilities by staking more RLB. The staking field even displays your winning odds;
  • Maximize Your Win Chances: Employ multipliers to your advantage: Rank Multiplier, Wager Multiplier, Rollbot Multiplier (linked to your NFT possessions);
  • Await Your Fortune: With bated breath, await the outcome, drawn before the next Bitcoin block wraps up. For those preferring an exit, retract your stake seamlessly pre-draw.

Final Thoughts

Rollbit is like a new kind of online game place. They mix old favorites with cool new stuff like NFTs and special rewards. Even if they don’t give a bonus when you first join, they have many other fun ways to earn and play. They let you use both online coins and these things called NFTs. This shows they’re keeping up with the latest trends.

To sum it up, if you want a fun place to play games and try new things, Rollbit is worth checking out. We’re excited to see what they’ll come up with next!