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Caribbean Stud Poker’s main rules for play

Caribbean Stud Poker's

The world of poker is very varied due to the fact that this game has existed for centuries. A huge number of options have been created with different levels of difficulty to understand. One version that is relatively simple and popular is Caribbean Stud Poker. It is believed that it appeared in the 1980s and for such a short period of time found loyal players.

Such love for this version of poker is provided by simple and clear rules, including good payments. But still, to start gambling in this way, you should learn more about what Caribbean Stud Poker is and how to play it correctly.

Basics for the game

For those who are already familiar with the basics of classic poker, there will be nothing complicated about this principles. But, if you are new to the game, then be attentive, as understanding this material will be primary for Caribbean Stud. It will be best to start by learning the combinations of the cards you will be gambling with. These are exactly the same as in the classic version and include the following:

  • Pair – two cards of the same value, and the pair that consists of the higher cards will be stronger, i.e. two aces are more powerful than two kings;
  • Triple, or set – similar to a pair, but it is three cards of the same nominal value;
  • Straight – a sequence of 5 cards in order of seniority, for example, from an eight to a queen;
  • Flash – five cards of the same suit;
  • Full House – one pair and one set;
  • Kare – four cards of the same value;
  • Straight flush – a straight combination consisting of cards of the same suit;
  • Flush Royal – a straight flush from a ten to an ace.

Knowing these combinations you can move on and learn about the basic rules of Caribbean Stud Poker.

Basic rules and game play

Basic rules and game play

The core of the game is a little different from the classics, in the Caribbean variant you play not against the other players at the table, but against the casino. That is, the cards are given to both players and the dealer. But before all of this bet, the so-called ante, is placed. The order of actions at the table is the following:

  1. The size of the ante is chosen and the bet is placed;
  2. Five cards are handed out to the players and the dealer. The dealer has one of them face up;
  3. You look at your cards and decide to continue the game for the amount of the ante, discard your cards or double your bet;
  4. The cards are opened and an evaluation takes place. If the dealer has no combinations, you win and take the winnings equal to the amount of your bet. However, if there is a combination, the players’ hands are compared, among which the older combination takes the winnings.

The last point, which deals with payouts, has its own special features.

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Payouts in Caribbean Stud Poker

So, at the end of the round you need to understand how many winnings you will get and whether you will win at all. Even though the process of playing the game is quite interesting by itself, the great majority of people would like to get something else out of this pastime.

Payouts take place according to rules, among which it is important that the dealer passes the qualification. This means that he must have an ace and a king in his hand, the rest of the cards are free to be any kind. Payouts happen according to the following points:

  • If the Dealer does not qualify, you will only get the amount of the bet back, meaning you will win nothing;
  • If the Dealer does qualify, but it’s lower than yours, you will receive a winnings equal to your ante;
  • Having odds will allow you to get a winnings not 1:1, but much more.

Odds for payouts

If you get a higher combination than the dealer, and he has an Ace and a King, you will win not just one ante, but several at once:

  • Two pairs will bring you 2 ante;
  • A three of a kind will pay you 3 ante;
  • A straight will give you 4 ante;
  • A flush pays five bets;
  • A Hull House brings you 7 ante;
  • Karees are paid at a rate of 20 to 1;
  • Street flushes give you odds of 50 bets;
  • A flush royal pays 100 to 1.

But all of these combinations will bring you nothing but 1 ante if the dealer is unqualified, so it’s not just your hands that matter in Caribbean Stud Poker.



Another advantage of the Caribbean version is the jackpot, the amount of which usually starts at 10 thousand dollars. In order to be able to get it you only need to deposit 1 dollar for this. And here you are already a member of the lottery. To get it you need to:

  • Collect a flush royal of any suit for a 100% win;
  • Collect a straight flush for 10% of the jackpot amount.

In addition, some casinos offer winnings on other combinations, but usually the amounts are not so impressive. Even so, many people love Caribbean Stud exactly because of such a simple big money draw.