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European Roulette – what are the differences from the standard roulette?

European Roulette

Roulette is a popular gambling game. The essence of the game is that you need to guess which of the cells the ball will be in. The cells are numbered from 1 to 36 and have black and red coloring. The numbers are out of order, but the colors are strictly alternating. The green color indicates the digit 0, which is called “zero”.

First, the player must place a bet. The playing field has not only a roulette wheel, but also a table on which the same numbers are indicated as on the wheel. After the bets are made, the dealer launches the ball in the opposite direction from the rotation of the wheel (there must be at least three full revolutions). In the days of gaming halls, no decent institution could do without roulette. And now, having moved to the vastness of the Internet, roulette is offered in every gaming club.

Bets in the game, which are placed on the boundaries of the playing field, on the cell numbers themselves are called internal. Starting from a bet on one number and ending with a bet on 6 numbers. There are also external bets: a bet on a column or column; a bet on a dozen numbers (for example, from 19 to 36); on red or black; on even or odd numbers; and on small or large numbers. Novomatic has developed an emulator of American roulette called Roulette American. This video slot fully corresponds to the theme and has the same rules as in regular roulette.

Roulette american game will give you the opportunity to play roulette like in a real gaming hall. Since such establishments have not existed for a long time, this game has long moved to the Internet and pleases millions of players. You can play online roulette at any time without leaving home.

The numbers are broken in random order, and the colors of the cells always follow each other in the same order, first red, then black. Only zero is different, because its sector is painted in a soothing green color. There are 36 numbers placed in three rows on the playing field in the form of a table. European Roulette charges 10 game bets at its disposal. The bets in the game are similar to those in American roulette, the emulator of this game has already been developed by another company called NetEnt.

The developers of the Roulette european game also give you a unique opportunity to play absolutely for free, without risking real money. On our website you will find another unique opportunity — this is to play without boring registration. The biggest difference between the two types of roulette is the presence of two zeros (double zero) in the American version. In addition to this, the numbers on the wheel are arranged differently in roulette. Also, another difference is that in the European version it is possible to turn the wheel again if, for example, a red or black zero fell out when betting. The difference between the two games is not big. The essence of the game does not change at all. But some players prefer European roulette.

In order to make sure which of the games is still better, play both slots and choose the one that you like. After all, the tastes of all players are completely different. These roulette simulators, although they have similarities in some stages of the gameplay, but there is still a difference between the slots. Even the design of the games is expressively different, which from the very first seconds of viewing does not let us forget about the uniqueness of each fun.

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European Roulette – first look

European Roulette - first look

European Roulette is a simple and at the same time addictive game. The game table consists of a wheel with numbers from 0 to 36. The playing field consists of:

  • “Simple chances”: small (1-18) and large (19-36) numbers, red and black, even (EVEN) and odd (ODD);
  • Three dozen;
  • Three columns;
  • A numeric field.

Money is exchanged for “cash” (price chips) at the casino’s cash desk. Each player can set the color and cost of one game chip by choice. Money bets are not accepted. The player has the right to play with chips of only one color.

Game chips do not have the right to walk at other gaming tables. In the case. if a player decides to finish the game at this table and he has game chips left, he can exchange them for “cash”, which can be played on any casino gaming table. Please note that the game chips that the player did not exchange for cash after leaving the table can be exchanged later only at a minimum cost.

More about the game

The rules of European roulette largely coincide with the American one. The game starts the same way – with bets. After that, the dealer rotates the wheel and launches the ball. After stopping the ball in one of the cells, the dealer loudly announces the number that has played and takes the losing bets. The payout of winnings begins with “risk” bets (number, split, square, straight, and so on), after which “odds” bets are paid (black/red, even/odd, first 18 /second 18).

Sometimes there are additional rules in European casinos: “En Prison” (also called “prison rule”) and “La Partage”. However, most players and experts tend to distinguish them into a separate kind of roulette casino – French (in fact, the same European, but with the above additional rules, which we will talk about in a separate article).