Dead Rising 3 Review (Xbox One) –

Friday, December 6, 2013.
by Adam Dileva

Dead Rising 3 Box art I remember when the original Dead Rising was revealed for the Xbox 360 and was amazed with how many zombies Capcom was able to show on the screen at once (which I think was a few dozen or more, which was unheard of at the time). Turns out it was a hit, was more fun than it should have been to dismember zombies, and had a ton of black humor within as well. Dead Rising 2 raised the bar even further, so naturally when Dead Rising 3 was announced (and as an Xbox One exclusive), I knew that they were going to blow it out of the water given the power of the new hardware. Turns out Capcom Vancouver has delivered, as the technical increases alone have made the Dead Rising world not only seem more believable, but it actually feels as if you’re finally in a true zombie apocalypse where you want to avoid the hordes of zombies, for fear of being overrun.

Frank and Chuck from the first two games have been replaced with a new protagonist, Nick Ramos, whom is seemingly an average mechanic that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when this newest outbreak started. Dead Rising 3 takes place a decade after the events with chuck in Fortune City and this time is set in the fictional setting of Los Perdidos California (obviously a take on Los Angeles). Where Fortune City was bright and lit, Los Perdidos is very grim, bleak, and run down after the massive outbreak.

Nick will meet new people along his journey, sometimes saving them, other times being helped. They must escape the city within a few days before an impending missile strike will wipe out the city and any organic life left within its borders. Just like the previous games, you have that impending doom countdown timer that you’re always on watch for, though there’s no need to worry about rushing through the game this time if you choose (more on that shortly).


Dead Rising 3 Review (Xbox One) –

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