Dark Souls II Network test !

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If you want to get in the Dark Souls II Network Test here is the PSN code for the first 30,000 people ! 38QQ-8DNE-97AA

Third Test: 11:00PM PDT 10/26 to 2:00AM PDT 10/27
12:00AM MDT 10/27 to 3:00AM MDT 10/27
1:00AM CDT 10/27 to 4:00AM CDT 10/27
2:00AM EDT 10/27 to 5:00AM EDT 10/27

Test connection area:

Worldwide (simultaneous connections from all areas)

Test objective:

Server load test using massive simultaneous logins from all areas
Server load test using asynchronous online elements such as ghosts, blood stains, blood letter messages, etc.
Server load test using synchronous online elements such as summoning, invasion, etc.

* There will be no functional differences in these tests. (Functions will be identical for all tests.)

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