The CEO’s Vision for Digital Ownership is Justified by Xbox One DRM Public Backlash !

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CEO of Play N Trade, Charles Beaupre and Franchisee Craig Ackerman, Share Their Thoughts on Xbox One’s Decision To Remove DRM

San Clemente, CA, May 26, 2013 – Mr. Beaupre has more experience in the video game store franchise than almost any other CEO in the world. His vision of the industry has always been ahead of his time and as CEO of Play N Trade his job is to steer franchisees in the right direction.  Mr. Beaupre has always been an advocate of digital property ownership and describes his philosophy simply as “you buy it, you own it.”

The news about Xbox One removing DRM clearly proves that Mr. Beaupre’s insight is on point and one of many reasons he was chosen to spearhead the Play N Trade organization. Charles Beaupre comments on the news, “We think there should be no difference between owning a digital product and owning a physical product. The video game industry is changing a lot more than just consoles; it has now become a defender of digital rights. Trade-ins should exist even in a digital distribution world. We have always seen the used game trade-in model as a viable market for improving new game sales. The news was positive however the future of our model includes plans that go well beyond traditional trade-ins of used games. Our future plans include mobile gaming, mobile accessories, digital distribution, and a prevalent in store repair center for mobile electronics at each store.”

Mr. Beaupre’s philosophy along with the support of the franchise owners provides even more reasons why gamers choose to support their local Play N Trade. This Robin Hood ideal that Play N Trade has so clearly displayed is the voice of gamers, no matter the age. Play N Trade as a company has plans for moving forward with a mobile model and digital downloads. The industry is extremely fast paced and they pride themselves on staying relevant in the industry’s ever changing dynamics. Their franchise model provides valuable insight from over a hundred intelligent entrepreneurs with hundreds of years of combined experience. Each store’s business owner perspective relies on full involvement and strives towards optimal success. That aggregation of entrepreneurial spirit and love for the industry has led Play N Trade to becoming the voice of both their local community and gaming population.

Craig Ackerman, owner/operator of the Play N Trade in Comstock Park, MI had the following to say: “This announcement means that we can continue to provide many services that make up the backbone of our business:  try before you buy, tournaments, and used game sales.  Also, many of our loyal Xbox customers live in rural areas where broadband internet access is not a financially viable option.  This announcement means that they can continue to enjoy the wide variety of games that are available only within the Xbox community.”

With the launch of the next generation Play N Trade stores will certainly have insight and knowledge to what the best choice will be for consumers.

About Play N Trade
Play N Trade is one of the largest video game and consumer electronics retail franchises worldwide.  The company specializes in the sale, repair and trade-in of video games and consumer electronics.  Play N Trade stores offer a lifestyle experience in its innovative store design that provides an emotional attachment to the consumer’s passions. Many customers say simply “This is the best store I have ever been to!”  The company’s office is located in San Clemente, CA. For more information please visit or call (888) PNT-GAME.

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