The Secret World – ‘Issue 5’

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The newest update to The Secret World, Issue #5, has just gone live. Log in now to check out some of the awesome stuff awaiting you, such as a new Auxiliary Weapon – the Quantum Brace, fresh missions and a brand new and revealing story arc.

But that is not all you get with Issue #5. On the 21st of December all Hell breaks loose both in the real world and the virtual. The apocalypse is coming just as the Mayans predicted. In The Secret World this will take the form of an End of Days event filled with new monsters and challenges.

The Event will run from the 21st and will last until The Secret World’s servers are destroyed by rampaging zombies or until a new dawn rises on the world once again. A competition will be running during the event, and the players who do the most to stem this tide of darkness will get unique rewards.

Catch the new preview video of Issue #5, narrated by Game Director Joel Bylos, to get a sneak peek at what is awaiting you in this update and the coming End of Days event.

End of Days Event!

On the 21st of December the dead will rise and the Harbingers will come. The End of Days is here and you must all fight for your survival or perish beneath the weight of rotting corpses.

The Oxford archeologists in the Scorched Desert and the Morninglight have important tasks for you. Slay the newly risen Mayan zombies, the roaming Harbingers and the god of the nine Underworlds and be rewarded with special loot and prizes.

Read more about the event in its developer blog here.

New Auxiliary Weapon

Warp time and space itself with the powerful Quantum Brace. Help out Moose and Edgar in Kingsmouth with their experiments and build the new Auxiliary Weapon yourself through trial and error. Each attack of the Quantum Brace exists in two states – hit successfully with one and the icon on your action bar will change and reveal a follow up attack. The Quantum Brace is great for doing damage to both single targets and groups, but can also be an especially handy tool for healers.

The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn

The blogger and resident of Solomon Island, Tyler Freeborn, has been doing his own investigating into the rising darkness and is especially interested in what lies behind the ominous fog which is surrounding the island.

Follow in his footsteps and uncover another crucial piece of the puzzle that is The Secret World. This new story arc contains several missions and ends with a revealing climax no one should miss.

And much much more…

Contact Tanis to experience a new sabotage mission in the Scorched Desert. Get to the bottom of what the Phoenicians are up to and what the undead weapons dealer Said has to do with it all. Or you can head over to the Shadowy Forest and speak with Alina. She offers a new Investigation mission, where you help her break free of her Morninglight past. But that is not all; Issue #5 also makes all Investigation missions repeatable and includes the handy improvement of letting you bind hotkeys to inventory items for easy use in battle.

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