Borderlands 2 – Free Halloween Skins !

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Borderlands 2 Free Halloween Skins.

Here’s the SHiFT codes that have been released thus far:

Salvador Spooky Skin: ‘Killer Bee’ – WTK33-HFR95-RZRJX-KRBB3-CZ3KF
Maya Spooky Skin: ‘Fright of the Bumblebee’ – WJC3T-SS6S5-X9FTF-WRTB3-BT39H
Axton Spooky Skin: ‘Yellowjacket’ – KBKBT-WH6Z5-X96B6-WX3TJ-5J6J3
Zer0 Spooky Skin: ‘Hornet’s Nest’ – 5J53B-J96HW-F9FBX-CFTT3-FTFXS
Gaige Spooky Skin: ‘Stinger Missile’ – WTKTJ-696S5-R9RB6-5RTT3-BTS3H

Codes expire on Sunday, November 4th at 11:55pm CT. To redeem them, simply head into the ‘Extras’ screen on the main menu and enter the ‘SHiFT Code’ menu. You then have to enter the 25-character code 5 characters at a time.

Note these are Xbox codes for PS3 codes go here

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