Forge Alpha Gameplay Trailer (HD)

FORGE plays like a third person shooter, but with the abilities, strategy and pace of MMO PvP combat. It is built with a focus on fun and accessibility, but with the attention to detail and balance of a deep, competitive game. Whether you’re new to first person shooters and MMOs, or a veteran, FORGE will be easy to pick up yet offer much to learn as you play.

FORGE places you into an epic fantasy setting, taking on the role of a warrior from a culture unlike any you’ve seen, fighting for your right to return home.

FORGE is built to be enjoyable even if you have only a limited amount of game time available each night, keeping the low time requirements and ease of access of a traditional first-person-shooter (FPS). Skill is the only determining factor between victory and defeat, not whether you were able to grind out a set of armor or weapons better than your opponents.

Everything is packaged with AAA quality assets inside Unreal Engine 3, produced by some of the best talent in the industry, and delivered to you at an indie price.

Step into the role of the Assassin, Pathfinder, Pyromancer, Shaman or Warden (and soon Ravager) and dominate your opponents in a variety of gameplay modes.

This game is built for those that live for player-vs-player combat, but wish that all the weight of the endless grind and treadmill caused by typical MMO design would get out of the way.

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