SWTOR-1.3 patch update feedback

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You all know I will speak my mind about MMO’s if you like it or not ! I have to tip my hat to #bioware for making #SWTOR 1.3 patch very good and useful. It is a well needed update. I will list a few things that make this update the best one yet.

1) GROUP FINDER – It works great !

2) Weekly Priority Targets Quest – Gets you to explore the planets.

3) Quest linking

4) Graphics upgraded

There is much more , but this is what I like best so far.

PS: The funny thing I died and sat there..I forgot to respawn until some one said respawn..lol I was just having so much fun. I was the taunting tank I needed to get back…lol

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