EverQuest II – Community News !

For a limited time only, Surprise Beast’r Baskets! April 6th, 2012, to April 15th, 2012

Spring has sprung Dragons! Get ’em while they hatch from April 6th to April 15th. Not only do the Surprise Beast’r Baskets include all new versions of the beloved Bunny Hats and Cloaks, but this year there you’ll also find a Dragon House Pet in a matching color!

Available in greens, blues, reds, golds, and more, the brand new Dragon House Pets are cute as a button! Every color has its own trick, so whether you like your dragons swooping, bouncing, rolling, or spinning, there is a dragon for you! 6 colors are available! You gotta catch ’em all!


EverQuest II – Community News.

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