Xbox ‘Metro’ Dashboard Launching December 6

Xbox 'Metro' Dashboard Launching December 6

Microsoft mouthpiece Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has confirmed that the new Xbox 360 Dashboard update will be live for all users on Tuesday December 6.

The update is modelled after Microsoft’s new Metro aesthetic, also seen on Windows Phone devices and set to be a key part of Windows 8. The new interface supports voice and gesture controls across the whole dashboard rather than only in the dedicated Kinect Hub, and Bing voice search is implemented for users in the U.S., Canada and the UK, with other territories to follow. Gesture and voice controls will also work in apps as well as in the main Dashboard.

The new Beacons feature, already live on, allows you to mark yourself as wanting to play something specific so friends can easily set something up with you. You can leave comments on Beacons, too, letting your friends know a good date and time to bug you with party invites. You’ll be able to mark up to three games at a time using Beacons, making it easy to see at a glance what your friends are up for playing.

Additional social features are set to be added including the ability to send Achievements to Facebook, much like PSN does with trophies already. There’ll also be a selection of new apps to make use of for watching TV through the Xbox, the exact lineup of which will vary according to region.

Finally, the update will also incorporate cloud saving for Gold members, allowing easy transfer of save files to a friend’s console without having to go through the ridiculously long Recover Gamertag process.

Participants in the Xbox Live Preview Program have been testing a limited set of the new features since October. The full update and new apps will roll out for all users on December 6.


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