Homefront PC Patch 1.0.3 Announced

Digital Extremes and KAOS are happy to announce our first major update for the PC version of the game. This patch will update the client to version 1.0.3 and is currently undergoing internal testing and is scheduled for release early next week!  The complete list of changes can be found below in the story.
A DemoURL can now be specified in the server playlist, this is used to indicate the location of stored demo files to user’s in-game (see the multiplayer options screen). A good practice for server admins would be to share the demo folder via FTP, this would allow users to grab demos of games they starred in, and also (very importantly!) allow users and anti-cheat authorities to download evidence for cheat reporting. Incidentally, it is now possible to dump all users unique steamID’s from both in-game, and in-demos to the console or text file (this will make reporting abusive players and enforcing bans incredibly easy).
Improved Squad Based Gameplay
Players will now re-spawn at a point nearest to the closest member of their squad.
Squad mates will now be colored blue on the mini-map and full-screen maps.
RPG’s now deal additional damage to HMMWV’s
Lowered m200 and m110 sniper rifle damages. The only 1 shot possible is now headshots.
Flak jacket now has a lower BP cost, and a slight effectiveness buff.
Diablo damage adjusted
Weapon is taken out of ADS and accuracy decreases when jumping.
The Rhino drones weapon attachment was not being properly moved with the Rhino drone on dedicated servers, causing the rockets to fire incorrectly. This is now fixed.
We have added some animation optimizations for large player games.
Several UI related improvements were added for large player games .
Fixed scaling text zooming on Battle Commander when opening up the battle chat or squad UI.
Switched the buttons around on the load out rename confirmation dialog to better abide by conventions.
Improved SLI/CrossFireX support.
A few reported issues with WinXP 64 bit edition have been addressed.
Improved menu navigation with analogue controls.
General Improvements
User feedback for kicks and bans has been improved.
The intermission lobby now displays clan tags.
Text chat is now possible in the kill cam, spawn selection, and intermission lobby screens.
New Settings & Control Options
EnableD3D10/11 is now accessible via the system settings menu.
Mouse acceleration is now accessible via the controls menu.
Mouse smoothing is now accessible via the controls menu.


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