Warlords of Draenor Pre-Purchase Character Boost Tutorial

Warlords of Draenor launches worldwide this fall, and you can prepare for the coming invasion now by immediately boosting a character to level 90 with your pre-purchase of the expansion digitally. https://www.battle.net/shop/product/w…

Interested in boosting more than one character to level 90 right away? In addition to the instant boost you get with your Warlords of Draenor pre-purchase, you also have the option of buying additional character boosts directly through the Shop in-game.

Think Different, Play Guild Wars 2

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Summary: A play off of the Mac PC commercials but with Guild Wars 2 and WoW as the main characters.

Directed by Tristan Pope

Luis Acenscio – WoW
Tristan Pope – GW2
Guild Arcanix – Dying Raid Members

Special Thanks to:
Gennarose for her lovely apartment

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Rebirth of WoW for me!

I started playing WoW again after a four year lay off.I came back because of Cataclysm and I’m happy I did.
I love the class changes.I always wanted to be a Dual Wield off Healer and you can do that now! I’m a LvL 15 Shaman/ Enhancement Healer Goblin that can Dual Wield!Woo Hoo!
If you want to join me I play on Uldum server and I’m not in a guild.Send me a whisper and tell me your from the webpage!That would be so cool!I play all hours because I rotate shifts.

My name is Vampero!!!