EverQuest Next – Wallpaper Released !

Here’s the great looking wallpaper EverQuest Next team released today to the public ! I can’t wait to finely get to see EverQuest Next tomorrow at 12 pm PDT ! You can see the game live here : www.everquestnext.com

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Wallpaper Wednesday: Lineage 2 | FilePlanet’s Blog

Take the time to look back at one of the older MMORPGs still operating, Lineage II. It’s hard to believe the title was released in 2003, allowing players to mindlessly kill monsters for days on end to level up. To show our love for elves, wallpaper and grinding (whichever order you prioritize them in), here are three wallpapers based off the Korean MMO.

Kamael Babes by kitolo

Download Lineage II Kamael Babes Wallpaper

Kamael Side by kitolo

Download Lineage II Kamael Side Wallpaper

Lineage II Wallpaper 1080p by deaviantwatcher

Download Lineage II Wallpaper

Wallpaper Wednesday: Lineage 2