Guild Wars 2 Tower of Nightmares Screenshot Guide (Update Live)

Kasmeer, Marjory, & Veil
A mysterious veil has been constructed in Kessex Hills. Hidden behind its magic protection, the treacherous krait have been working on some new menace. Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade have set up a camp to survey the veil and attempt to find a way to pierce it.
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Kessex Hills & Krait
Kessex Hills has been poisoned, and the krait are to blame!
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Tower of Nightmares
The Tower of Nightmares is a terror the likes of which have never been seen in Tyria. Monstrous and massive, it has tainted all of Kessex Hills.
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Toxic Alliance
What—or who—could have caused the quarrelsome krait and dark Nightmare Courtiers to work together? Whatever their cause, this new menace must be stopped.
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