RIFT 2.5 Song of Dreams Update Now Live !

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Update 2.5: Song of Dreams Brings New Content for Everyone

Redwood Shores, CA (November 8, 2013)RIFT®, the award-winning free-to-play MMORPG from Trion Worlds, has gone live with its latest update in Rift 2.5 Song of Dreams.

This update features all new content, including an all-new underwater mini saga called Song of Dreams and Gifts of the Fae, a new Level-60 version of a favourite Telaran instance every week starting from the 13th of November.

Other Rift 2.5 Song of Dreams additions include: A reduction of the level requirement on quests and content in Iron Pine Peak allowing players to level straight from Gloamwood or Stonefield, improved PvP matchmaking, a new Planar Attunement Nexus, a new Infinity Gate Dimension, International Shards and much more.

For the full list of patch notes and more information, please visit http://community.riftgame.com/en/2013/11/06/song-of-dreams/ or join the RIFT Community at http://community.riftgame.com/en/

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About RIFT
Adventure in the world of Telara as either a noble Guardian or technomagical Defiant and enter a dynamic fantasy where 8 primal forces battle for control in an ever-changing landscape. Build your own class using the Ascended Soul system, embark on epic conflicts that bring you into the story, battle others in exhilarating Player vs. Player combat, achieve new heights of power by tackling epic raids, and so much more. See  www. RIFT game.com for more information.

About Trion Worlds
Trion Worlds is a leading publisher and developer of premium games for the connected era. Powered by a breakthrough development and publishing platform, Trion is revolutionizing the way games are developed, played and sold. Trion’s top-notch team delivers high-quality, dynamic, and massively social games operated as live services across the biggest game genres and devices, including the critically acclaimed blockbuster, Rift®, and the groundbreaking trans-media cros


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NDA to be lifted from Defiance Advanced Mission Beta 3 on March 22nd

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. – MARCH 13, 2013Defiance™, the highly anticipated online open-world shooter from Trion Worlds, will enter its third and final PC beta phase on March 22, starting at 8:00 AM  PST, and ending on March 24 at 9:00 PM PST. For the first time, on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, console gamers will get the chance to experience a taste of the massive co-op boss battles and fierce multiplayer gameplay that takes place across this evolving sci-fi universe. Specific details for the beta phase on each platform will be included in official invitations that are scheduled for distribution next week.

Participants in Advanced Mission Beta 3 will get to play as Ark Hunters. Genetically enhanced with unique abilities and armed to the hilt with a variety of unique alien and human weaponry boasting thousands of upgrade options, Ark Hunters are fearless operatives who scour the Earth competing for alien technology against all odds for vast rewards.

The final beta, which is not representative of the final game, will let players explore the Mt. Tam and Madera regions with co-op battles on Angel Island and the Cronkhite Bunker. For Ark Hunters looking to test their might in some competitive multiplayer action, the Freight yard and Observatory will provide opportunities to prove themselves worthy of Von Bach Industries’ recruitment.

Thanks to a partnership with Dodge, Trion revealed last week that players pre-ordering Defiance will also get an exclusive in-game red Dodge Challenger at launch, in addition to the previously announced pre-order reward items.  The Dodge Challenger is the fastest vehicle in the game and players in the beta will get to test drive it first by competing in the Dodge time trial challenge located in Madera.

Defiance is scheduled for release April 2, 2013, and is now available for pre-order. Players looking for a guaranteed invite to the final beta can get their key by pre-ordering now. PC players can now pre-order their copy of the game from Steam to get the exclusive Phoenix Sniper rifle as well as the red Dodge Challenger in-game items and other rewards at http://store.steampowered.com/app/224600.

Full pre-order details are available at http://www.defiance.com/pre-order.

Defiance Game Live Action Trailer – Join the Fight!

Witness the intense, action packed life of an Ark Hunter on the new frontier of a transformed Earth, as a massive group of fortune hunters race to an Arkfall site in search of riches. This game trailer gives you a peek at the life of an Ark Hunter.

Defiance – Join The Fight Teaser

This teaser video gives you a sense of the wild world of Defiance, including ark hunters, vehicles, an arkfall, and hellbugs. The full length trailer is coming soon. Preorder Defiance now for awesome in-game rewards and access to limited run exclusives!

Defiance – Massive Coop Trailer UNLEASHED !

Trion Worlds premieres a high-intensity trailer showcasing massive co-op for Defiance™, the highly anticipated online open-world shooter coming this April on console and PC. Packing in a preview of bad-ass bosses, ultra-modern alien-tech weaponry, insanely large battles, and cool vehicles, the co-op trailer sets the stage for the ultimate gaming experience to enjoy with friends this Spring. Gamers interested in joining the Defiance Advance Mission Beta event (PC only) scheduled for January 18-20 can enlist at the all new http://www.defiance.com

Defiance is set in the dynamic and constantly evolving world of an alien-riddled, terraformed San Francisco Bay Area. Players encounter and face spontaneous Arkfall events and face legions of hostile creatures in a huge open world setting up massive cooperative battles like no other game.

Defiance is scheduled for release in April 2013.

Defiance – The first ever Defiance Beta has been announced!


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The first ever Defiance Beta has been announced!

Starts: Jan 18 at 8:00AM Pacific
Ends: Jan 20 at 9:00PM Pacific

Sign up for Beta at:

NOTE: This test is for PC users only. Details on console betas will follow in the future!

Von Bach Industries | Register Now for Ark Hunter Training – US – EN


Von Bach Industries Ark Hunters enjoy every edge in Defiance, the third person shooter MMO video game and TV show from Trion and Syfy.

Defiance Central – Introducing EGO

EGO Deployment Arm #3 We at Defiance Central are happy to introduce EGO, your private implant induced hallucination which will be your own personal guide in the Defiance Universe. EGO’s are implanted to Ark Hunters (and most likely also other characters in the Defiance universe) with the below device, we did not get to try this out during the event but it does not look painful at ALL!

Click link to read more ! :

Introducing EGO – Your Privately Implanted Hallucination « Defiance Central.

Defiance: Future History :: ZAM’s Best Question Asked !

Best question from Zam

ZAM: We saw something called EGO, and EGO abilities. How does that work?

Hill: So the ego is an implant, an AI implant. It was developed by Von Bach Industries. He hires you to come to the bay area to find an artifact that he’s been looking for, that he heard was there. As a matter of fact, he comes and you see him during the entire mission, so you’ll be interacting with him, you’ll be going on missions with him at times.

But the EGO itself is an expensive device that not everybody has. Von Bach is a technology dealer, and a weapons dealer, so he has the ability to create these things, and he puts it into the players to help them try and find this device, and survive the harsh area that is the bay area of San Francisco. When you see the HUD for example, that is what the EGO is doing, giving you all that information. The EGO will also update you on missions, and as it’s an artificial intelligence, she will either be very excited about what’s going on, or very depressed about what’s going on, as you go and do things. The EGO also gives you powers, the super speed, the cloak, all that kind of stuff. So the EGO’s this powerful implant that gives you abilities that other people in the Bay Area don’t have.

Defiance: Future History :: ZAM.

RIFT 2.0 Hotfix #1

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RIFT 2.0 Hotfix #1 – 11/16/12

* Dungeons: Completing Exodus of the Storm Queen after being queued in LFD will now grant the proper LFD reward.
* Dungeons: Completing Storm Breaker Protocol after being queued in LFD now grants only *one* LFD reward!
* PVP: Daily Random Warfront reward counts won’t be resetting to a full 7 every day anymore!
* Food consumables from Alo once again stack like they should.
* The porticulum option to go to Dusken and Brevane is now only displayed to characters who have discovered a porticulum in the expansion areas.
* Removed the gold ring that represented the ‘zone in location’ in dimensions due to a lot of confusion!

* Fixed an issue with repeatable quests counting toward the total quest achievements in Morban and Steppes of Infinity.
* The Motes and Menhir Dimension Items dropped from Rifts no longer have an incorrect faction requirement on them.
* Some areas of Brevane and Dusken will no longer be incorrectly revealed when using a porticulum in Mathosia.
* Instant Adventure meta-quests in Brevane and Dusken are now non-repeatable.
* Some Instant Adventure abilities that were not being removed on completion/group leaving should now do so properly.

* Ritualistic Vandalism: Made respawns for this quest more aggressive.
* Versus Bareknuckle Buck: Updated this into a simpler kill quest. If he dies by any means, the quest now updates. The quest abilities now do more damage, and players who correctly use the mechanic will get a killing blow. Buck can also be taken down by more… traditional means.

* Serving Woman: Fixed a case where the quest could break when players joined late in the quest progress.

* Removed the quest Recluse Wrangling from the requirements to complete the achievement ‘Keeping on for the Keepers’.

* No Way Out: Fixed up the version of the questgiver (Terrik Conti) on this quest.
* Shoddy Surveillance: Quest should be completable once more!

* The Zone Event ‘Operation: Landfall’ now correctly grants an achievement when completed.
* Mortal Coil: Commander Zaviel will no longer be targetable when in her Iron Dragon during this quest.
* Gravity Coil: Fixed an issue that sometimes caused no credit to grant when the Rift is completed.
* The God Engine: Gremlins will now respawn more aggressively.

* They’re Coming: Resolved some issues where mobs could potentially stop attacking and you might not get credit for defending the Transmitter.
* Moved Sergeant Orabel and Private Torval to make them more noticeable upon entering Ruinous Passage.
* Brevane Energy: Fixed an issue where you might not receive the necessary number of Brevane Power Cells to complete the quest.

* The rate of harvest note spawns and crafting skillups has been super high to go along with the rush at launch, and is now less aggressive:
– Harvest nodes will respawn a bit slower, and definitely shouldn’t be respawning instantly.
– Yellow and Green con harvest nodes won’t grant skillups 100% of the time, in line with the normal yellow and green difficulty skillup rate.
– Adjusted drop rates of Leather and Cloth.
* The “WIP-Do Not Translate” Dimension item now has real text!
* Fixed Brevanic fish lures that wouldn’t work in Cape Jule.
* Crafted swords for Warriors can now be equipped in off-hand as well as main hand.

* Fixed a bad positioning in the Guild Vault Permissions list.
* Fixed a display issue with a wrong map’s zone names appearing on the porticulum map.
* Also fixed a related display issue causing zone named to be hidden from the map after using a porticulum.
* Cleared the occasional “teleport failed” message you might have seen when entering Dimensions.
* Fixed the Random button on the Weekly Dimensions in Dimension Finder.
* The player location indicator disappearing after using a porticulum should be fixed.

Making of Defiance Chapter 4: Cultures, Makeup and Languages !

Get all the details on the different Votan species that now call Earth home in our latest Making of Defiance Chapter 4: Cultures, Makeup and Languages.

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RIFT: Storm Legion Launch Trailer !

The time has come, Ascended!

The storm can’t be held back no longer – once more it falls to you and your allies to fight back the coming tempest and save all of Telara from the fury of the Dragons.


Travel to two MASSIVE new continents that TRIPLE the size of the world – Uncover an EPIC STORY across 11 plane-warped zones as you battle your way to the Steppes of Infinity…and beyond!

RIFT: Storm Legion is truly an expansion of epic proportions:

– Dimensions (We take Player Housing to all new levels)
– 4 New Souls (Flamethrowing, Lighting wielding, Soul-linking, Battlemages, oh my!)
– 7 New Dungeons
– 2 New Raids (with a third on the way in December!)
– Capes!
– Massive Dynamic Battles taken to New Heights
– More than ever to collect with new puzzles, artifacts, collections, mounts, companions, and more!

Defiance – Trion Worlds Alpha Livestream

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http://www.twitch.tv/trionworlds/b/336257027 Defiance Video 1 Starts 3:11:23 to 4:04:00

http://www.twitch.tv/trionworlds/b/336317792 Defiance Video 2 Starts 2:35:20 to 3:23.00

Defiance – Trion Worlds Livestream Alpha 


Defiance Screenshots and Facts about the Game !

Title:         Defiance™ Platform(s):     PC, Xbox®360, PS3 Category:     3rd Person Shooter MMO Publisher:    Trion Worlds Developer(s):     Trion Worlds Release:     April 2013 ESRB:         RP Website:     www.defiance.com Defiance is the first multi-platform shooter MMO … Continue reading

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Defiance – Something New !

Defiance is coming April 2013. The hype is starting to pick up ! FPS/MMO  and a TV show together !

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