The Secret World’s Massive Raid Event !

– Players get to battle the huge Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen in a 40 man raid event to clear away the Filth and open the way to Tokyo –

The final showdown in Agartha takes place now in Funcom’s The Secret World! The last chapter of the extensive Whispering Tide event has come, and now the players must face a huge 40 man raid challenge to defeat the invasion of Filth.

The devastating Filth has been corrupting the world tree itself as it emanates from its source in Tokyo. But the community of players has been fighting against this invasion in a series of collaborative in-game events and is driving the enemies of Gaia back.

This latest chapter in the event chain will run until victory has been achieved and the portal to Tokyo has been cleansed. The players will then gain entry to the upcoming Tokyo area when Issue #9 is released.

The Whispering Tide event does not only offer great rewards in the form of epic gear and unique outfits, but this challenge also gives the players the chance to win powerful raid loot.

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– Celebrating one month live, play for FREE this weekend! –

Today Funcom launched the first content update for The Secret World, bringing new experiences to the recently launched modern-day massively multiplayer online of myths, legends and conspiracies. The update, called Issue #1: Unleashed, is the first of many updates – or Issues – that are part of Funcom’s ambitious monthly update plan where the company will bring one major content update to the game once every month.

Issue #1: Unleashed introduces several new elements to the game, including several new investigation missions – Funcom’s unique and innovative take on MMO questing. Players will now also be able to use the marketplace, a brand new, cross-dimensional feature allowing players to sell, trade and ship items to other players, no matter what dimension they are playing on. For more information about Issue #1: Unleashed and what it contains, please see the information article on the official website.

New players play for FREE this weekend!

This weekend – from August 3rd at 4pm GMT until August 6th at 7am GMT – Funcom and all our players will be celebrating that The Secret World has been live for one whole month! During this time, ANYONE can register and try out The Secret World for FREE! Just register using the form found on the right-side of the official website’s front page, download the game and you’re off!

Have a beta account? Play for FREE this weekend!

This offer also extends to everyone with an inactive The Secret World account. Any player, who has an type of The Secret World account, may join the weekend celebration! Early Access, Inactive Accounts and Beta Accounts may all join in. Just log back into your account during the celebration weekend and play!

Fireworks and an exclusive challenge!

To fuel the celebrations this weekend, Funcom is also giving away in-game fireworks to everyone – up to 15 per character! And not only that, players will also be tasked with a special challenge this weekend: complete 30 in-game missions to help those in need and receive a special in-game t-shirt as well as 1200 bonus points that can be used in the in-game store! During the celebration weekend there will also be a special leaderboard showing the top 100 mission-solvers in the game!


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The story continues in Kingsmouth with all new characters, storylines and missions, Funcom teams up with major websites all over Europe for massive key giveaway –

Durham, USA – May 15th, 2012 – Funcom is excited to announce that the next Beta Weekend for its upcoming modern-day massively multiplayer online game  The Secret World’  will start on May 18th at 9am PDT / 6pm CET and run until Sunday May 20th at 11.59pm PDT / May 21st 8.59am CET. During this Beta Weekend players get to pick up where they left off with the same character they played during the first Beta Weekend, as they get to meet all-new characters in Kingsmouth each with their own unique missions and storylines.

The best way to gain access to the Beta Weekend is to pre-order  ‘The Secret World’. This grants access to all Beta Weekends leading up to launch. Funcom is also teaming up with major websites all over Europe this week to conduct a massive giveaway of keys for this weekend only, and this is a great way for gamers to have a look at the game before pre-ordering.

Sites running this exclusive giveaway include  Buffed (DE),  JeuxVideo (FR),  PC Gamer (UK),  Gamer (NO),  Daily Rush (DK),  Fragzone (SE) and  Peliplaneetta(FI). Gamers in North America can get a key from the major MMO gaming site  Curse. Visit  the game’s official website for a complete list of partners.

Funcom executed a successful first Beta Weekend from May 11th to May 13th, both in terms of player numbers, feedback and technical stability on both client and server side. The company is also encouraged by the fact that this Beta weekend saw higher player numbers, longer play-times and higher return visits than for beta week-ends conducted for its previous MMO,  “Age of Conan”. Funcom also teamed up with the world’s largest gaming site GameSpot to bring thousands of keys for the first Beta Weekend to its readers. During the Beta Weekend  ‘The Secret World’ featured as the most popular game overall on the site, and as of today the game has a higher number of active followers on GameSpot than any other massively multiplayer online game in development.

“The results from the first Beta Weekend are very encouraging,” says Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas. “The majority of the feedback we have received from players is very positive, and also looking at it from a development perspective the Beta Weekend was undoubtedly a major success for the company.”

The international gaming press has also been playing  ‘The Secret World’ for the past week, and many of them have provided their impressions. Leading gaming site GamesRadar says in their preview that they have  “…just started to scratch the surface of  ‘The Secret World’, and already, we’re awfully impressed.” Leading MMO site ZAM says in their preview that  “…  ‘The Secret World’ is a tremendously immersive experience that will invite you in to stay.”

You can find a list of coverage  on the official site.

The Secret World: Combat, Quests & The Classless System Explained


Published on Apr 23, 2012

For such an inventive MMO, it’s surprising that it has taken so long to get some hands-on time with The Secret World.

As The Secret World approaches its release date of June, Funcom is detailing more about the game. NowGamer jumps into The Secret World to discover just how fresh this MMO is and whether it’s a risk worth taking.

The Classless System Explained

If you’re reading this, you may already be aware of The Secret World’s lack of a traditional class system. In an innovative move, Funcom has decided to cast off the shackles of class archetypes and levels in favour of something a little more… irregular.

Rather than pick a class at the start of character creation, as is common with all MMOs, The Secret World instead has you pick abilities and proficiencies as you’re playing.

Each time you earn a new unlock point you can open up the ability wheel and purchase a new item. While most MMOs stick to tech trees – in other words unlocking abilities in chronological order – The Secret World is more freeform.

You might want to focus solely on shotgun combat, or mix it up a bit with chaos magic as well. There’s still an element of progression since you’ll still need earlier abilities before you can reach the later ones, but it’s considerably more flexible than any other MMO.

You could even unlock every ability available, if that’s what you so choose. It’s possible to save and load different loadouts too, meaning there’s no costly maintenance when you decide you’d rather play a different role for a while.

Lastly, there’s an option to use ‘decks’, which is basically a helping hand for anyone not particularly experienced with MMOs. Choosing and equipping a deck will unlock abilities suited to a certain role, as well as planning your future unlocks for you.


The Secret World: Combat, Quests & The Classless System Explained – NowGamer.

The Secret World goes to PAX EAST, come play it yourself!

The Secret World goes to PAX EAST, come play it yourself!

Funcom is excited to announce that we are heading to PAX EAST on April 6th and that we will be bringing the upcoming, modern-day, massively multiplayer online game ‘The Secret World’ to the show floor for public hands-on. For first time, fans of ‘The Secret World’ outside of the press and the closed beta get to play the game, and those heading to PAX can experience the full Templar starter experience in addition to the haunted town of Kingsmouth.


We will also be doing regular stage presentations of the game at the booth, where we will also be giving away 10,000 secret society dog tags. Each dog tag also comes with an exclusive key that grants access to the first upcoming public beta event (details to be announced later).


For more information, check the full press release over on


Today we also made an important announcement to those who are eligible for guaranteed beta access to The Secret World after taking advantage of previous Funcom campaign offers through Age of Conan, Anarchy Online and Pets vs. Monsters. To those of you who are eligible and who have not yet received access, you will receive an invitation to join the closed beta in April. For more details, check out the announcement text over on the official forums.

The Secret World GDC 2012 Presentation Video (HD) 1/4

This is the mostly unedited, full-length presentation held for press behind closed doors at GDC 2012, featuring Senior Producer Ragnar Tørnquist, Lead Designer Martin Bruusgaard and Lead Content Designer Joel Bylos presenting all new features and content. The presentation includes a first look at character creation, the Dragon starter experience, the achievements and lore system, crafting and Transylvania.

The video contains both direct feed from the game as well as footage from the presentation itself. The light conditions in the presentation parts of the video is not optimal for video, and the reason for this is that it was shot during a live press demo and lights had to be kept down to ensure the best possible viewing experience for the people in attendance.