TERA: Rising – Alliance update introduces reimagined political system & much more !

Karlsruhe, 08.08.2013 – The world of fantasy MMO TERA: Rising is evolving further: with the alliance update appearing later this month, Gameforge is introducing a new political system and is catering for thrilling battles that will determine the fate of Arborea with a continent-comprehensive PvP mode. New challenges and rewards are waiting for bold warriors!

Players pull the political strings
The alliance update offers a radically changed gaming experience in the world of TERA: players have the opportunity to ally themselves with the Velika, Allemantheia or Kaiator and to influence the political strength of their alliance. In doing so, they join the battle for the mysterious mineral Noctenium. Driven by a thirst for power, all three alliances have been trying to gain possession of the unimaginable powers of Noctenium since time immemorial.

Being hired by an alliance is just the beginning: subsequently, players rise through the hierarchy and forge the world of TERA as they wish, moving in the new political system. They actively participate in the war and snatch numerous resources items in battles against enemy alliances. To try and prevent one alliance from attaining sole reign over Arborea, the other two can unite forces against the dominant threat and head into battle together.

One continent, one battle
The conflict is pushed to its climax with the new continent-wide PvP combat system. Brave warriors actively mix in the battle between the alliances, strengthening a particular faction and helping them to gain control of the much-prized Noctenium. The winner of a PvP battle earns themselves the privilege of priority access to an instanced dungeon. Additionally, players will receive alliance-specific advantages: members of the Kaiator alliance receive improved resistance against numbing effects, members of Allemantheia additional credits and the Velika loot more gold from defeated monsters.

The three alliances are open to all guild members. Entry to an alliance is decided by the guild leaders – members will follow automatically. Together, they will then contest numerous missions contracted by their faction and will receive valuable rewards.

More information on the alliance update can be found on http://tera-europe.com/alliance.

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TERA: Rising Prepares for Siege Warfare !

New Battleground, Corsairs’ Stronghold on July 2

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Break down the castle walls! En Masse Entertainment, a player-driven publisher focused on delivering fun and innovative online games, announced today that their action MMO, TERA: Rising, will be debuting all new content in their upcoming battleground, Corsairs’ Stronghold. Staying true to TERA’s action combat roots, a massive 20-player team will be given an arsenal of weapons and war machines to attack a stronghold defended by another 20-player team. Players will utilize battle tanks, airships, cannons and siege ladders to outwit and overpower their opponents. Then, the tables will turn when teams switch roles attacking and defending the stronghold.
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The Corsairs’ Stronghold adds a whole new dynamic to TERA: Rising’s award-winning action combat system, demanding new cooperative tactics on foot and in the air. With gear equalized to a level playing field, players can enter the battleground starting level 30 and will need to rely on skill and wit to ensure victory. Upon entering the Corsairs’ Stronghold, players will be put on teams tasked with defending the anchorstone from swashbuckling invaders, or drafted to the offense tasked with destroying it. The Corsairs’ Stronghold will debut as part of a new patch in TERA: Rising on July 2, and current players will have the option to download this content early. The patch also contains the framework for future content and features that will roll out later this summer including the highly anticipated Alliance system and new raid dungeons that En Masse Entertainment will speak to in the coming weeks.
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To get an in-depth look at the new game mode and vehicle mechanics, please download the all-new Corsairs’ Stronghold trailer which is available below.

The recipient of multiple industry accolades, including “Best PC Game” at E3 and “Best Combat” at PAX, TERA gives players the best of both worlds: MMO depth delivered with the visceral gratification of an action game. In TERA: Rising, players actively aim, dodge and block, as the game’s real-time combat system takes into account player skill and position as well as stats. Players join a united federation to save the world and can also participate in the game’s forward-thinking political system, through which they wield power based on their in-game political prowess or PvP combat skill. New players can enjoy standard status for free with no level cap or content restrictions. Anyone who purchased the game will gain permanent founder status with special privileges. Elite status is available for players who want to further customize their gameplay experience.
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For more information on TERA: Rising – or to start playing for free – please visit TERA-online.com.

TERA: Rising – Over Half a Million New Players Since Free-to-Play Launch

New Model for the Fantasy MMO Is a Complete Success
Karlsruhe, 13/03/2013 – The free-to-play version of the fantasy MMO TERA has launched successfully: Over half a million new users have registered for the game since the move to free-to-play, which brings the total number of players registered for TERA: Rising up to over one million. The game’s operator Gameforge opened six new game servers just a few days after the free-to-play launch in order to meet the high demand.

Since the introduction of the free-to-play version, TERA players have created around 1.5 million characters with which they can experience adventures in the world of Arborea. The battle-ready Castanics are the most popular race, with the Humans and High Elves nipping at their heels, while the Warrior enjoys the greatest popularity among the classes, followed by the Sorcerer and the Archer.

With the move to free-to-play, the world of Arborea was expanded by the Crucible of Flame dungeon and a 3-v-3 arena called the Champions’ Skyring. In the future, regular content updates for TERA: Rising will keep on coming. The next such update, which will be released within the course of this year, will add a new feature to TERA’s political system: Players who belong to a guild will be able to enter into an alliance and vie for supremacy against other alliances on their server.

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TERA free-to-play to launch February 5th in Europe !

Gameforge to publish new content for the release of fantasy MMO

Karlsruhe, 30.01.2013 – With the switch to Free-to-Play, previous and future players have the chance to play one of the best-looking and innovative MMOs of the last few years for free. But that’s not all: just in time for the launch, the world of Arborea will be enhanced with additional content. This includes a new dungeon as well as a PvP arena offering experienced adventurers numerous new challenges and rewards.

TERA’s free-to-play model
TERA’s free-to-play model will include two standard account types: the Free User and the Veteran. Free Users receive full access to the entire game content – this includes, for example, the races, classes, instances, equipment items or players-versus-player content. Veteran status is reserved for players who purchased TERA before the switch to free-to-play and offers advantages that Free Users do not receive. Everyone has access to the TERA Club: amongst other things, players receive a special mount, a daily selection of boosts as well as different types of scrolls here. These can, for example, increase experience points and the amount of gold gained or can summon merchants, crystal merchants or the banker.  The monthly subscription fee of 12.95 euro for the TERA Club, is the same price as the previous subscription. If you subscribe to a 3-month membership, the fee is reduced to 11.65 euro and 12 months reduces it to 9.99 euro a month.
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The item shop
Aside from the aforementioned boost items, the shop will include recovery, mana and stamina potions for character development. Service items are also available for purchase, with which players can change the name or appearance of their hero. In future, the shop will continue to be filled with exclusive mounts, weapon skins and clothing.
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… and there’s more!
With another update due to appear later on in the year, TERA’s political system will also receive an additional feature. Players that belong to a guild can enter into an alliance with this feature and profit from useful bonuses in this community. The three alliances are enemies of one another and continually fight each other for dominance on the respective game server.
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About TERA
TERA is a classic fantasy MMO, yet it stands out from games within its genre in some points. One such point is the so-called True Action Combat system – the first of its kind. Similar to the controls in action games, the player actively carries out their attacks and spells, instead of just pressing a key. In this way, their position in relation to their enemy is also decisive: enemies will be sighted once in the middle of the cross hairs. Even before release in summer 2012, TERA was praised by players and press alike, above all for its detailed graphics and the numerous innovative approaches, such as the novel political system.

En Masse Entertainment opens the world of TERA with free trial of innovative action MMO


TERA (Photo credit: Naniel / Rinoa)

Play TERA for 7 days absolutely free—experience true action combat

SEATTLE – 13 June 2012 – En Masse Entertainment™, a player-driven publisher focused on delivering fun and innovative online games, celebrates the launch success of its award-winning action MMO, TERA™, by offering a free seven-day trial to new players. TERA sets a new standard for MMOs by delivering true action combat for players who want a more exciting, skill-based alternative to conventional online RPGs. Newly revealed game data shows that players are averaging more than four hours of play on a daily basis. Their enthusiasm makes this the perfect time to expand the game’s audience with a downloadable trial for new players to sample the game with no financial commitment.

“We are thrilled that the unique experience of TERA’s true action MMO gameplay is resonating so strongly with our players,” said Chris Lee, vice president of publishing at En Masse Entertainment. “Now we want to open up to new players curious about the game with a free one-week TERA trial, as we’re confident if you play, you will stay.”

Some facts and figures from the first weeks of play since TERA’s launch:

  • Players have killed nearly 22 million (21,986,108 to be exact) of the game’s signature BAMs (big-ass monsters).
  • TERA players have traveled a total distance of more than 227,328,053 miles in the game. That’s far enough to walk to Mars.
  • Players stick around to savor their action experience, averaging nearly 4.5 hours daily per player. That’s more time than the average American spends watching TV each day.

The recipient of multiple industry honors and accolades, including “Best PC Game” and “Best MMO,” TERA is a new breed of online game. For the first time, players can get the best of both worlds: the depth of a traditional MMO combined with the visceral gratification of an action game. In TERA, players actively aim, dodge, and block, as the game’s real-time combat system takes into account player skill and position as well as stats. After creating a character, players will join in an alliance to save the world from ravaging armies who threaten to destroy the very gods who hold the world together. TERA also introduces a revolutionary political system in which players wield power in their province based on their in-game political prowess or player-versus-player combat skill.

The TERA trial is good for seven calendar days from the time a player enters the trial code. Players can level up to eight characters to level 23 on one server during the trial. There are some additional restrictions—trial players cannot vote in TERA elections, for instance—but for the most part, players can enjoy the full benefits of the game during their week of free play. All players need to join the world of TERA is an En Masse account. Then they can enter the code “TERATRIAL” to download and play TERA.

To get ready to play in the free trial, gamers should visit https://tera-support.enmasse.com/ for valuable information including tutorials, system requirements, and how to customize the game for their play style. For more information on TERA, please visit TERA-online.com, and for more information on the free trial, visit http://tera.enmasse.com/try-tera

TERA OPEN BETA – Action Spectacular for One and All

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Next step on TERA’s road to release: open beta

The oppressive heat of the last closed beta battles has barely begun to cool as TERA’s open beta phase begins. According to the Berlin publisher, Frogster, the servers will be open from today, the 19th of April, at 15:00 CEST (2pm UK) until Tuesday, the 24th of April, at midnight CEST (11pm UK). During this time, all interested gamers can experience the intense combat action of TERA with their virtual character.

To access the open beta, in which it will be possible to reach level 32, players will need to enter the following password in the account management system (http://account.tera-europe.com):


With the fast approaching release of TERA on the 3rd of May, time is running out for players to pre-order and secure the exclusive “White Stallion” mount and other in-game items. Currently, all pre-order versions of the game can be purchased at http://community.tera-europe.com/en/shop.html.

Have a great day!


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Celebrated Action MMO Prepares for May 1 Launch with Exclusive Closed Beta Tests for All Pre-Order Customers, Debuts “MMO-FO” Video Series

SEATTLE – February 1, 2012 – En Masse EntertainmentTM, a gamer-built publisher focused on delivering fun and innovative online games, announced today that its award-winning, PC-based action MMO title, TERATM, is now available for pre-order from the company’s website and retailers throughout North America for $49.99. Players who pre-order TERA will have access to all of the game’s Closed Beta Tests, scheduled to take place from February through April, as well as an exclusive Head Start play period over the weekend prior to the game’s launch on May 1st.
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“By breaking away from yesterday’s repetitive combat systems, and delivering real action, TERA is going to keep players on their toes and actively engaged in the game,” said Chris Lee, Vice President of Publishing at En Masse Entertainment. “The days of staring at your skill bar while pounding the Tab key are over. By requiring players to actively aim, dodge, and block, TERA’s action combat introduces real skill to MMO gameplay.”

En Masse Entertainment will be releasing two collector’s editions of TERA—a traditional boxed edition and a digital download. Both will grant players unique in-game items, including the Regal Frostlion Mount for in-game mounted travel, and two equippable items: the level 15 Velik’s Bloodstone Necklace and the level 40 Shakan’s Bloodstone Necklace.
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Available in limited quantities, the physical Limited Collector’s Edition will include collectable items such as a Letter of Marque, a canvas world map, a field guide, a Valkyon Federation-issued compass, and a game soundtrack, for $79.99. The Digital Collector’s Edition will be offered for $59.99. Both versions include 30 days of game time.

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En Masse Entertainment will be hosting five Closed Beta Tests for TERA, allowing select gamers the opportunity to get into the game and preview its blend of action-heavy combat and traditional MMO depth. The Closed Beta Tests, the Open Beta Test that will be open to the general public closer to launch, and Head Start will take place on the following dates:

· Closed Beta Test 1: February 10 – 12
· Closed Beta Test 2: February 24 – 26
· Closed Beta Test 3: March 9 – 11
· Closed Beta Test 4: March 23 – 25
· Closed Beta Test 5: April 6 – 8
· Open Beta Test: April 19 – 22
· Head Start: April 28 – May 1

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Gamers can pre-order TERA now, and ensure their place in the Closed Beta Tests, by clicking here: store.enmasse.com. Additionally, gamers who sign up at TERA-online.com may be chosen at random to participate in the upcoming Beta Tests.

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To further celebrate the upcoming launch of this innovative game, En Masse Entertainment is debuting a new series of videos featuring the “MMO-FO,” which will be ongoing throughout the Closed Beta period. This video series, starring mixed martial arts legend Bas Rutten, brings the concept of action combat to life as only Bas can. The first “MMO-FO” video can be viewed here, and downloaded below.

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The recipient of multiple industry honors and accolades, TERA is a new breed of online game that combines all the depth of a traditional MMO with the visceral gratification of an action game. In TERA, players must actively aim, dodge and block, as the game’s real-time combat system depends not on stats, but on player skill. After creating a customized character from one of seven races and eight classes, players enter a world of savage beauty, joining an armed alliance in a bid to save the world from ravaging armies who threaten to destroy their lives, their world, and their reality.

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It’s October, What’s Up With That? | TERA – True Action Combat

Hello TERA-ites! Or is it TERAns? I can never remember.

It’s been several weeks since my last update (longer than I initially planned), but the good news is we have updates on several projects.

Our web team has been hard at work redesigning the En Masse Entertainment corporate website, so the team can now turn their eyes to the TERA website. We’re still in the early stages of researching and redesigning the site, and the possibilities excite us. (We’re looking into new forums as well!)

About two weeks ago, we hosted a few key members of the Bluehole Studio overseas team. These guys are dedicated specifically to the Western market, and we had some great meetings. We came away with a firm alpha/beta/launch schedule that is packed but completely achievable at the quality level we (and you) want. BHS and EME are working hard to fit every request into the development schedule. Here’s the outlook: between now and launch we have time to eat, breathe—and of course play some TERA. All the necessities, in other words.

Alpha is also one of our main focuses at the moment. We have employees playing on the live server now and have had “live operation support” for several weeks. Up next for alpha will be practicing hotfix and regular client updating with the Operations, QA, CS, and Community teams.

I know most of you are eager to hear about the next phase of alpha and how you can be a part of it. We will be extending our internal testing to select partners and external users over the upcoming weeks. Please note that at this time we are selecting the users internally, so if you don’t receive an invite, don’t worry—there will be more opportunities to come! Keep being awesome and contributing, and know that we will regularly add people in batches throughout Fall.

Finally (yes there’s even more!), our platform team has been turning on the afterburners, and the new account management system is really starting to take shape. They are currently working on an entirely new experience that includes account management (what you use to manage your game accounts, subscription, etc.), a fully customized launcher/patcher system, and enough additional features that would take up the rest of this page. Because this system touches everything from the game itself to the launcher/patcher, it is very intricate and worth the extra time to build a robust and secure system.

We are steadily progressing through our project and task lists, and we have shifted into a higher gear as we work toward alpha, beta, and launch! (You know I had to get my car analogy in there!)

More updates to follow!

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Massively’s exclusive TERA lore: A day in the life of a Naga Clawrider

TERA screenshot

Yesterday, we teamed up with En Masse Entertainment to unveil TERA’s Naga Clawrider and Naga Bloodscale, two “big ass monsters” that players will face off against come the game’s launch in the U.S. next year. Today, we’ll give one of those baddies a bit more character with a tale spun by one of TERA’s own writers. This exclusive day-in-the-life story is told from the perspective of Silvatuhr, a typical Naga Clawrider — one of the elite Naga soldiers who do battle from the backs of massive crabs. Silvatuhr explains the extreme risks he took with his own offsprings’ lives in order to become a Clawrider, and then he cavalierly outlines the penalties he doles out to those who disrespect his race and his order.

Don’t take our word for it — skip past the cut and let Silvatuhr himself fill you in.

A Day in the Life: Silvatuhr, Naga Clawrider – by Fran Stewart, Writer

Naga clawriders are deadly foes. Take an elite naga trooper, already twelve feet of armored muscle and serpentine grace, and mount him on a crab the size of a tank, and as strong. The clawrider’s connection to his mount is mysterious, but so powerful that the rider will die if his mount does. As to how they’re connected, nobody who knows the secret has lived to tell it.

Finish the story by clicking the link below:

Massively’s exclusive TERA lore: A day in the life of a Naga Clawrider | Massively.