Rift – Lore and Storm Legion screens !

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RIFT-Crucia Lore

Death himself is afraid
Regulos the Destroyer, the Devourer of Worlds, and dragon god of the Plane of Death … is afraid. He fears Crucia’s Storm Legion, whose power and numbers swell with ancient and powerful magitech. He recoils from her mind, her ability to invade, persuade, and compel. He obsesses over the rumors of her discovery.

What match are his pale warriors for her disciplined Legion? How can shades and corpses withstand her sea of mechanical aberrations? How might he murder her in her prison before she escapes to a distant continent shrouded in storms that do her bidding, protected by an army set to cross the planes?

All according to plan
Though Crucia lies bound beneath Iron Pine Peak, her icy tomb – cracked with the sundering of the Ward – cannot contain her powers over mind and thought. She converses with emissaries and ambassadors through the voices of her captors. From Watchman to magister to courtesan to king, she reaches into the affairs of the Ascended, using Guardians and Defiant as cogs to hasten her release.

Regulos knows her machinations are accelerating: First, she unmade the Blood Storm, turning Maelforge against his own just when victory over Telara seemed assured. Next, she inspired the escapes of her trapped brethren so that they might stand – and be slain – in turn. Now, she sets into motion a plan to remake the fabric of the planes and loose her armies on all who oppose her dominion.

The Storm is nigh
Crucia’s puppets spread rumors of what lies ahead. They describe how winged, metal beasts will cut through the Ascended as the Dragon of Air makes her escape, how titanic colossi will incinerate those who oppose her flight.

They shout that time runs thin, and that only one path remains. All should embrace her call, and heed her summons to the Gate …

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Storm Legion Lore – The Storm Legion
Cosmic beginnings
As Crucia conquered world after world to feed the Blood Storm, she filled her ranks with master tacticians and ruthless shock troops. In this manner, Crucia constructed an army from the best the planes had to offer – one powerful enough to control what she desired.

When the Blood Storm reached Telara, the other dragons warred over the powers of its sourcestone. But Crucia’s eye fell on the glorious continent of Brevane, where the people made marvels of metal and magic.

Conquest of Brevane
The Brevanic people fell before Crucia’s flights of Storm Drakes and White Dragon children, to say nothing of the numberless, faceless rank-and-file. Some of the Brevanes fled to what is now Mathosia; others sought shelter in the Eternal City, whose defenses were powerful enough to stay the Legion’s march.

Still, and utterly unknown to their Ascended foes, the Storm Legion has controlled over half of the continent ever since – spending ages in preparation for the battle to come.

Empyrean power
Harnessing advanced Empyrean technology, the Storm Legion has built machines even the Blood Storm feared: automaton soldiers and mechanical monsters like the legendary Volan, whose tread crushes cities, whose beam weapons burn armies to dust.

On Brevane they have waited, the mightiest force Telara has ever known. Entrenched, patient as a still sky before a storm, they watch for Crucia’s signal to let loose their augmented fury … and resume their march across the planes.

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Storm Legion Lore – The Infinity Gate
A tragic ruin

Amid the Steppes of Infinity there stands a massive ruin gazing up toward Crucia’s storm-tossed sky. Floating impossibly above this structure is an intricate construct of interlocking lenses and disks, their surfaces covered with bas reliefs.

If scholars were to brave the Storm Legion forces patrolling the Steppes, they would say the ruin is capable of opening portals to other dimensions – portals large enough to send armies marching through. This is the Infinity Gate, and sending an army through is just what Crucia has in mind.

The price of pride
In the height of their empire, the people of Brevane undertook grand construction projects called the God Engines. The most expensive and controversial of these was the Infinity Gate, through which the empire might explore and colonize the planes at its leisure.

When work had finished, folk gathered from across Brevane to watch the gate’s activation. Raw energy arced between its floating lenses, dragging them into alignment. A tunnel of light shot from the structure, tearing open a portal in the sky … and the Blood Storm emerged, hungry, from the other side.
The energy and materials that were used to build the Infinity Gate had drawn the dark gods to Telara, and the gateway itself had given them a shortcut right to the heart of civilization. The dragons ripped the gate asunder and killed thousands, then set out in conquest of other lands. Only Crucia saw the value in the Infinity Gate, bidding her Storm Legion to secure the Steppes of Infinity.

The war for infinity
Ever since, the Legion has worked to restore the Infinity Gate, bending the mysterious Architects into service of their cause. Crucia’s release is imminent, and repairs are nearly complete. All that remains is to recover the Nexus Key and use it to align the hexagonal constructs. With the gate open, Crucia will call her remaining forces from across the universe and crush Telara, then lead the Storm Legion in conquest of all the Planes.

Unfortunately for Crucia, Regulos – well aware of the gate’s power – sent his minions to besiege Dusken and retrieve the Nexus Key. Now, the Storm Legion is locked in battle with the Endless Court for control of both. The Ascended must secure the Infinity Gate and the Nexus Key if they hope to rid Telara of the dragons, or explore the planes themselves …

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The girl from Rift: Planes of Telara

The girl from Rift: Planes of Telara (Photo credit: verifex)

Beginning today, all former Rift™ players are invited back to Telara to sample the latest and greatest content that Trion’s hit MMORPG has to offer. Any previous subscribers with characters above level 20 can log in for free through Sunday, July 29th and experience unrestricted access to recently-added features, including Conquest (three-faction PvP), four new zones of Instant Adventure, the new Primeval Feast raid sliver, and the popular Mentoring system.

For players eagerly anticipating Rift™: Storm Legion, the game’s first expansion due out later this year, now is the perfect time to come back and prep your character for the fight against Crucia!

For more information, visit http://www.riftgame.com/products/return-to-telara
All players have access to levels 1-20 completely free with RIFT Lite! Sign up at http://www.riftgame.com/riftlite

Rift: Update 1.9 ‘Conquest’

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Trion Worlds and the Rift team have sent out a brand new trailer celebrating v1.9 “Conquest”. Conquest brings a host of new features into the game including the new 3-faction PvP mode, a barbershop where players can change their look and much more. Enjoy!

Raptr to give away 10,000 Copies of Trion Worlds’RIFT™ through raptr rewards program

Rift (video game)

Rift (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Image representing Raptr as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Gamers Also Eligible to Redeem Thousands of Rift-Related Rewards

Raptr and Trion Worlds will give away 10,000 copies of Rift™, 10,000 free upgrades to the Collector’s Edition and 10,000 Dwarven Smithy Goggles (in-game item) to Raptr users as part of the recently unveiled Raptr Rewards program. These Rift rewards are several of many offerings available to gamers, just for playing their favorite games.

Trion Worlds’ massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Rift takes players on an epic adventure in the world of Telara, where eight primal forces are battling for control in an ever-changing landscape.  The dynamic fantasy MMORPG Rift has been the recipient of multiple awards, including “Best MMO” from leading online media outlets IGN.com, Beckett and MMORPG.com, as well as “Best New Online Game” and “Best Online Technology” from the Game Developer’s Choice Online Awards.

The Rift reward includes the following:
·         10,000 Free copies of Rift + one free month of subscription
·         To qualify, players must be ranked “Experienced” or above in top RPGs
o   Players that rank up to “Amateur” in Rift will qualify to receive Dwarven Smithy Goggles, a bonus in-game item
o   Players that rank up to “Experienced” in Rift will qualify for a free upgrade to Collector’s Edition

Gamers can begin redeeming Rift rewards on May 31, 2012, on Raptr.com, and are highly encouraged to join today as all rewards will be offered on a rolling first come, first served basis.

Gamers can learn more about Raptr Rewards at http://raptr.com/rewards.

Eligibility to redeem rewards will be based on games played and ranks earned on Raptr; ranks are determined by time played and achievements unlocked. All three rewards will be available for users in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

Gamers are encouraged to join Raptr to take advantage of this free game offer, along with numerous other current and future rewards via Raptr Rewards. More than 350,000 rewards will be offered just in the month of May, which include free videogames, downloadable content, beta codes, and major discounts.


Rift (video game)

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Free introductory version launches today with RiftTM 1.7: Carnival of the Ascended
REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. – Feb. 1, 2012 – Trion Worlds, the leading publisher and developer of premium games for the connected era, continues to increase accessibility to their hit MMORPG Rift™ by introducing Rift Lite, a version that allows anyone with a Trion account to experience the game’s first 20 levels at no cost and with no playtime restrictions. Rift Lite debuts today with the latest patch, Carnival of the Ascended, which features Ascended Weddings, PvP improvements, the new River of Souls Chronicle, and much more.

“In the past ten months, Rift has evolved at a breakneck pace, through seven massive updates that set new expectations for live MMOs, in features, in content, and in service,” said Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer of Rift and Trion’s CCO. “We think a Lite edition with no time limit is the best way for players to see what an amazing experience Rift continues to be.”

Rift Lite is accessible across all servers to anyone with a Trion account, giving potential Ascended a risk-free opportunity to play the game IGN called the “Best MMO Game” of 2011. Players can create a character and experience the first 20 levels in the plane-besieged world of Telara, working their way through the zones of Terminus, Mathosia, Freemarch, Silverwood, and visiting their faction’s capital cities.

In addition to the new trial, Rift 1.7 features many quality of life improvements, including:

· PvP Improvements – Smoother advancement and better rewards
· Ascended Weddings – Share eternity with your soulmate, Telara-style
· River of Souls Chronicle – Undead adventure for two
· New Master Mode Dungeon – Caduceus Rise
· Expert Dungeon Overhaul – More options, better loot!
· Better Endgame Equipment – Improved loot for your endgame Ascended

Today’s update marks the initial stage of the Carnival of the Ascended. In a few weeks, the largest and most spectacular World Event Telara has ever witnessed will kick off, celebrating the heroic feats of the Ascended. Amazing in-game events, special loot, and prizes will make the Carnival World Event something that won’t be soon forgotten.


Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition

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Players of the online game RiftTM will attempt to set Guinness World Records® title for virtual marriages

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. – January 25, 2012 – Been thinking about popping the question in real life, but you aren’t quite ready? Why not start with a virtual marriage? Online game developer and publisher, Trion Worlds is giving you a chance to virtually marry that special someone this Valentine’s Day, and in doing so you can be part of a new world record. Trion announced today that it will attempt to make videogame history this Valentine’s Day by establishing the world record for most virtual marriages in a 24 hour period. Trion’s wildly successful massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), Rift™ – MMORPG.com’s Game of the Year 2011 and IGN.com’s Best MMO Game 2011 – will serve as the venue for the record attempt, which will begin at 9am PST on February 14.

“MMOs are the most fun when you’re playing with friends and loved ones,” said Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer, Rift, and Trion’s CCO. “Whether exploring Telara and adventuring with your significant other, or meeting up with geographically distant friends in a virtual pub, the MMO experience is about bringing people together, and our new weddings and gatherings exemplify this philosophy. We think the Valentine’s Day record attempt is a unique way for players to celebrate Rift’s spirit of camaraderie while making real-world history.”

Just like getting married in real life, tying the knot in the virtual world of Telara couldn’t be easier with the new wedding functionality about to be introduced to the Rift game world in Update 1.7 at the beginning of February. Players simply visit a marriage vendor in their faction’s capital city, purchase a ring, and humbly offer it to the object of their affection. For a classier, more involved affair, players can launch wedding events, incredibly fun scripted ceremonies that involve a walk down the aisle in wedding garb, a ring exchange, and a reception for up to 200 friends. More information can be found at http://community.riftgame.com/?p=875.

Marriage in Telara is an equal opportunity venture, with any two consenting player characters able to wed regardless of character race or sex, with the sole restriction being that members of the opposing factions are unable to tie the knot. Any player with a Trion Account is eligible to take part in the event, and a Valentine’s Day-exclusive in-game title (“Tier of Knots”) will be awarded to each wedded character.
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Trion’s Game of the Year Rift Launches on OriginToday!

Rift (video game)

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Purchase game through EA’s digital service and receive limited-edition in-game items

Rift™, the immensely successful MMORPG from Trion Worlds, is the latest addition to the growing list of titles on Origin™, EA’s direct-to-consumer gaming platform. Beginning today, gamers can purchase on Origin both the Standard and Ashes of History editions of Rift for £19.99 and £24.99 respectively, and join fellow Ascended from around the globe in the fight against the planes. For a limited time, purchasing through Origin gets new Rift players in-game bonuses – the adorable Screechling Vanity Pet and the Ascended Gift Pack, a goodie bag filled with stat-bumping treats that give players the edge they need to vanquish the Blood Storm.
Ascended Gift Pack includes:

o Spirit Woven Backpack – 10 slot bag
o Essence of Magic (10) – Restores a small amount of mana
o Essence of Health (10) – Restores a small amount of health
o Soul Nectar (20) – Restores a moderate amount of health and mana over 10 seconds
o Words of Might (5) – Temporarily increases Dexterity, Strength, Intelligence, and Wisdom

Rift, Trion’s debut title, was widely acclaimed on its release in March 2011 and has recently garnered a number of international accolades, including MMORPG.com’s “Game of the Year”, and IGN.com’s “Best MMO Game” of 2011. The development team is currently working on the seventh major patch for the game, which will be available soon.

For more information on the Standard Edition visit: http://store.origin.com/store/eaemea/en_GB/DisplayProductDetailsPage/productID.243547000

For more information on the Ashes of History Edition visit: http://store.origin.com/store/eaemea/en_GB/DisplayProductDetailsPage/productID.244438800


E3 2011 - Trion booth

Image by PopCultureGeek.com via Flickr

Led by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, Growth Equity to Fuel the Company’s Expansion

REDWOOD SHORES, CA – Jan. 19, 2012 – Trion Worlds, the leading publisher and developer of premium games for the connected era, has completed an $85 million round of  strategic growth equity financing, led by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (Teachers’), one of the world’s leading pension funds focused on direct investments in both public and private equities.  Also participating was current Trion investor Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (BDMI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Bertelsmann AG, a leading international media company. Trion will utilize the financing to further grow its worldwide premium online games business.

“We are thrilled about entering this exciting period of growth and scale with our investors,” Lars Buttler, Founder and CEO, Trion Worlds, said. “Backing from a stalwart long-term investor such as Teachers’, which has the experience and structure to support our vision, and the expanded relationship with our current stakeholder and great supporter, BDMI, is a massive endorsement for Trion.”

Rift, the company’s award-winning first title, launched last March. Showcasing Trion’s dynamic online platform, Rift established the company’s long-term vision to revolutionize games. Players activated more than one million Rift accounts in less than four months, and its North American and European revenues surpassed $100 million in 2011. Rift has set a new industry standard for massively multiplayer online role-playing games, proving that gamers are embracing original, high-quality IPs and rich, dynamic game experiences built for the new online generation.

Rift’s success with gamers worldwide is the tip of the iceberg for Trion,” Buttler said. “No other company has successfully attempted to create an original IP, build paradigm-altering technology, and develop a business of scale to lead the industry, let alone excel at all three. We have a world class team focused on our vision to bring the era of connected live services to premium games, much in the way casual and mid-core games have already been disrupted.”

Trion’s next two titles will showcase the company’s operational agility and the strength of its technology platform. End of Nations™, the company’s highly anticipated massively multiplayer real-time strategy game being developed with Petroglyph Games, is scheduled to start rolling out in early 2012. Defian ce™ is a collaborative project with Syfy to simultaneously produce a TV show and an online action game in the same universe, with merging storylines and the ability to mutually impact events and consequences across the mediums.

Trion also recently announced plans to launch an initiative, code-named Red Door, which comprises both a consumer platform and a full-scale publishing and development platform based on the technology fueling its own games. The Red Door platform is built to host the future of premium games with end-to-end capabilities and customized services for discrete partners.

With its upcoming titles and Red Door, Trion will be expanding its genre, device, and publishing offerings, as well as scaling the reach and power of its platform.

Rift Watch 19: RIFT 1.7 brings a big boost to Ascension


Ascension upgraded: RIFT™ 1.7

Jan. 12, 2012

Carnival of the Ascended

RIFT 1.7: Carnival of the Ascended is coming, bringing improvements across the board for high-level Ascended. Here’s just a taste of what’s in store in the coming weeks!

  • PvP like never before with smoother advancement and better rewards
  • Ascended weddings: Share eternity with your soulmate, Telara-style
  • River of Souls Chronicle: Undead adventure for two
  • New Master Mode dungeon
  • Expert dungeon overhaul: More options, better loot!
  • Improved loot for your endgame Ascended
Return to RIFT!

Return to RIFT! Jan. 19-22

Ready to return to Telara or Ascend for the first time? Log in for free during Jan. 19-22 to experience Chronicles, Ember Isle, Instant Adventure, and so much more—courtesy of the most aggressive update schedule in MMO gaming!
Top Chefs: Fae Yule

Top Chefs: Fae Yule

Congratulations to Tamica of Laethys, winner of the Fae Yule recipe contest! Atrophinius devoured your Bogling Surprise Christmas Cupcakes and demands MEEEEEAD to wash it down! We hope you enjoy your Pauldrons of Earthen Might, Cookie the Bogling Chef, and Hooty the owl. Thanks to everyone who entered for a delicious Fae Yule.
Read More

Rift Mobile Now Live on App Store !

The beta version of the Trion Worlds Rift™ Mobile application is now available as a free download for iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, via the App Store. Players with an Apple mobile device can extend the Rift experience no matter where they are with real-time chat, games that grant prizes, and zone event alerts. Rift Mobile can be used by anyone with a game account and character, regardless of their current subscription status.

The iOS launch is just the first stage of the Rift Mobile rollout. A beta version of the app will be available for Android phones later this month, with a full launch on both devices planned sometime during Q1.

Rift Mobile features:

Social Features – Chat in real-time with friends and guild mates. Keep up to date with guild happenings with the latest wall postings
Loot Cards – Play Planar Invasion, Crafty Critters, and Shinies for a chance to instantly win in-game planar loot, crafting materials, and artifacts
Zone Events – Always know when a Zone Event is kicking off on your shard by setting up these handy alerts
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Download Rift Mobile here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rift-mobile/id471051079?mt=8

Open-World On-Demand Action Comes to Rift in Latest Game Update !

Rift (video game)

Image via Wikipedia

Trion Worlds today introduces “Instant Adventure,” a new feature that allows Rift™ players to immediately team up with fellow Ascended, complete group quests, and get awesome rewards with the click of a button. The new “Instant Adventure” button teleports players to Stillmoor or Shimmersand where challenges scaled to party size await. One minute you could be purging a nest of cultists with a small group … the next you’re fighting alongside dozens of players in a massive raid against the Blood Storm’s mightiest forces.

Telara Erupts in Conflict as Rift: From the Embers Launches Today !

Smoldering just beyond the Telaran horizon lies Ember Isle. Once home to the enigmatic Kelari Elves, the recently rediscovered island has stood shrouded in mystery for centuries, but now Defiant and Guardian leaders have set their sights on Ember Isle, a prize that could turn the tide in the battle against the planes.

Beginning today, Ascended can journey to Ember Isle via travel stones on Telara’s main continent and experience everything the massive zone has to offer, including more than a hundred quests, the Caduceus Rise dungeon, and the new “Onslaught” gameplay mode.

Rift™: From the Embers features:

  • Ember Isle – Designed for experienced level 50 players, Ember Isle is twice the size of the largest zone currently in the game and will feature stunning environments, new monsters, colossi, and zone events
  • New DungeonRift’s newest and largest dungeon, Caduceus Rise, debuts with 11 tough bosses, nonlinear progression, Normal mode, and two Expert mode wings
  • New 10-Player Raid – Experience “Rise of the Phoenix,” the new 10-player sliver in Stonefield
  • New Warfront Mode – Black Garden now features an alternate warfront mode called “Stockpile”
  • Planar Attunement Evolved – 2nd tier of Planar Attunement now available

RIFT Community – Telaran Scavenger Hunt

Greetings Ascended! It’s off to Amogl Dowo for the Telaran Scavenger Hunt!

For those of you just tuning in, this is just one of our Community Events, which we’ll be running once a week at varying times so that everyone has a chance to participate.

The first 30 people to find today’s scavenger hunt item and post a screenshot of it in your character’s inventory will be awarded the title of “the Detective!”

Please reply to the Scavenger Hunt thread with your screenshot. You may either post the screenshot as an attachment, or host it on an image sharing site and post the link. Please make sure the screenshot clearly shows your character’s and the scavenger hunt item in your inventory!

Note: Please try not to use Facebook pictures, as we have found that most of these do not show up do to the fact that you have to be friends with folks to see them.

Due to unforeseen behavior in the past, we have some new rules. On the screenshot, your general tab must be visible, and we must be able to see that you killed the mob and retrieved the item. Any shots with Combat or any other windows shown will be disqualified.  The contest is a scavenger hunt, and therefore the item must be found by one person. The item cannot be traded amongst multiple parties.

Here’s your clue!:

Removing these can really put a damper on a blood-sucker’s appetite.

We will also tell everyone that the item is not an artifact or a quest item. We’ll announce the winners here and on the forums. All winners will be awarded their title by next week!
Good luck everyone, and happy hunting!

RIFT™ Community – en – Telaran Scavenger Hunt – Earn the “Detective” Title!.

RIFT: Community Talk of Telara #12

Talk of Telara!

Welcome to the the twelfth edition of Talk of Telara, our bi-weekly community newsletter that highlights fan art, fan fiction, videos, and guides created by you, the Rift community!

This edition of Talk of Telara is brought to you by the letter B, for Boo!


Costume Contests!

Halloween was a spooky time to be had for all, and this year we celebrated by having an in-game costume contest!

We’ve had some amazing entries. You can still vote on the winner of your choice among the finalists at the links below:

To vote on and see the Bizarre costumes click here

To vote on and see the Beautiful costumes click here

To vote on and see the Terrifying costumes click here

We had some really amazing entries this year, so be sure to check them out. The pictures with the most likes will win.

Update 1.6

Update 1.6 is just around the corner. This will include the new zone, Ember Isle. Be sure to check out the PTS to see it yourself. It’s definitely the next step in the evolution of RIFT.

New Community Ambassadors

We are ramping up, and soon we will be in phase two of the Community Ambassador Program. Once again, you will be able to send in your nominations via email. Stay tuned for an announcement soon, but in the meantime, if you have any suggestions, please send them to community@riftgame.com.

Guild Spotlight!

We are sending out a new call for guilds who want to participate in the Guild Spotlight feature. We want to hear your guild’s story! Whether your guild has been with us since Beta or you’ve only recently found a home in Telara, we want to hear from you.

Guild leaders, please email your guild’s history, philosophy and anything else you’d like to share with the Community to guilds@trionworlds.com with your guild name and “Guild Spotlight” in the subject line. Tell us what makes your guild stand out from the rest! We’ll pick a few of our favorites to be featured in future installments of the Guild Spotlight.

We can’t wait to hear your stories!

Also, feel free to use this forum thread for discussion.

Community Events

Our weekly Community Events are still going on, so if you want your “Detective,” “Know-It-All” or “Stalker” title, remember to keep an eye on the forums or the community page, or get notifications when the events start on our official Facebook and Twitter.

Congratulations to our past winners listed here!

Trivia Contest (Earn the ‘Know it All Title’) – 10/27/11

Trivia Contest (Earn the ‘Know it All Title’) – 11/1/11

Telaran Scavenger Hunt – Earn the “Detective” Title! 

Community Creations

We would like to thank our creative and talented community members for sharing their artistic, writing, and video-making talents with us. Here are some samples from the Fan ArtFan Fiction, and Fan Videos forums.

Fan Art

This week we take a look at some of the entries for the costume contest.

Screenshot by Aelfina
Wicked Brimstone by Jaydhe
The Infernal by Nihilor 

Fan Videos/Music

SkyRIFT (Rift VLOG) Episode 7 Happy Halloween!

SaintAvalon provides us with the Rift – Extra Life 24 Hour Game-athon Wrap Up

The Scarn Guide for Master Mode Darkening Deeps might help out when you get to the last boss of the new Master Mode dungeon.


Our marvelous Rift guide writers have three new guides for us this issue. Again we say thank you, and may you never get tired of sharing your experience and knowledge with the rest of us!

Comprehensive Warrior Raid Tanking Guide – Written by tordana

DPS Cleric BiS Spreadsheet – Written by Noshei

Devious’ 1.5 Rogue Tanking Guide – Written by Devious

RIFT Chloromancer Healing Guide (as of Patch 1.4) – Written by ManaKeKz

Thinking man’s warrior PVP build (VK/RB) – Written by nocks

Shaman BiS Spreadsheet by Noshei

If you’re looking for more guides, remember that we have a comprehensive list of guides in our Rift Community Guides Compendium so do check it out!

That’s all for this edition of Talk of Telara! If you have a shard event, community news, creative works, or anything else you’d like to see if the next Talk of Telara, please feel free to PM a member of the Community Team, or email us at community@riftgame.com for consideration.

Talk About the Talk

To discuss the Talk of Telara or leave comments, please visit the post on the Official RIFT Forums.

RIFT™ Community – en – Talk of Telara #12.

Rift: Plane Talkin’ – Zones

Hey everyone!

So we’re trying out a new regular feature called “Plane Talkin'” (pun intended) – this is just an informal discussion around a specific subject, sometimes it will be topical other times it will be for the laughs. We won’t be hand-holding the discussions and are interested to see where the conversation goes.

The only rules are –
– Keep it constructive
– Respect the opinions of others (even if you disagree)

So, without further ado – here’s this weeks topic:

What zone or specific area in RIFT do you like the most? Is it the environment, the quests, or something else? Conversly – which one do you enjoy the least and why?

Be descriptive, talk about specific likes and dislikes and what you’ve discovered that make any zones special or unique for your…or not.

Talk amongst yourselves

James “Elrar” Nichols
Community Manager


Plane Talkin’ – Zones.

Rift – Anthousa Mona

Anthousa Mona

He charged like a wild bull, this once-great priest and scholar, bony spikes sprouting between his knuckles. Anthousa raised two fingers in warding, and her spell deflected his jagged fist. Around them, Kelari clashed in the streets of Atia.

“Kelari blood runs in the gutters because you cling to old, stupid ways!” sneered Karris, a wave of heat from his open palm melting her ward away.

The High Priestess made no sign of discomfort even as the dregs of Karris’s spell singed her eyebrows away. He’d become obscenely powerful; Anthousa had to keep him talking. Anthousa found her most imperious tone, always close at hand. “Kelari blood need not concern you, Karris. All I see is another gibbering Wanton.”

Karris grabbed Anthousa’s throat as a ray of sunlight shot from the end of her staff and into his breast. Maelforge is not the only source of flame. Karris screamed, blood boiling in his veins, and in his agony, hurled her against a wall.

Anthousa slumped like a ragdoll, shards of shattered bone swimming inside her, struggling to whisper healing words as Karris stalked closer.

“Not Kelari, Eminence? Then we shall be Pyrkari, and sear away those who will not kneel to a greater power!”

At once, Anthousa rose into the air over him. Her skirts flickered like candle flame. “You shall be ash and memory. And then only ash.”

“Jace!” Anthousa sat against his chamber door, hands in her lap. “I’m sorry for saying that, but you know Karris can’t be trusted.”

“You’re just mad because you can’t prove him wrong!” cried Jace, loudly pacing within. “He says you want to hold us back!”

Akios fluttered by, the pale white wisp making his usual compassionate twinkling noises. She passed her fingers through his hazy light.

“If we march down Maelforge’s gullet, yes. I want to hold us back from that. If you would only study the spirit paths instead of seeking easy power, you—”

“I DON’T CARE!” Jace yelled, tossing his practice scroll against the door.

“About the spirits? About your people?” Anthousa said. “I know you better—“

She heard him mutter into his pillow: “About you.”

Anthousa hung her head a moment, perhaps for the first time in years, and then rose and smoothed her robes. “Yes, well. Your priorities are your own. Come and eat once you’ve calmed down.”

Anthousa sank to one knee as the next crowd approached. Her fingers burned from the magic. Refugees swarmed toward the docks, weeping and stumbling as they fled the rampaging Pyrkari.

“High Priestess, save your strength. We have other Clerics healing the crowds,” said Thesios, wringing his hands over her.

Anthousa downed a mana potion in gasping gulps, wiping the bright blue trickle from her chin. “None like me.” She immediately began chanting over the next group of huddled Kelari, watching with satisfaction as their wounds closed and their pace quickened toward the boats.

“If the Pyrkari break through our rear guard and find you exhausted…” Thesios said, “Karris nearly killed
you last time!”

“And I nearly killed him,” she said, beginning to chant again.

He stepped closer, flashing an ingratiating smile. “Perhaps if we were to reconsider this exodus and stayed to fight? Many Kelari resent you for making them flee.”

She stopped and stared at him, her dark eyes hard as teak. “Many Kelari, or just you? We will leave, Thesios. We will live. Question me again, and you may stay.”

She sat upon her father’s knee, reading from the scroll he held open in one hand. Akios fluttered impatiently about their heads, waiting for her to come play.

“‘…came upon this isle of ancient spirits, who remember the secrets of creation, who are the last embers of truth in the world. So we called our home Ember Isle. We treat with the spirits as friends and equals, and will never again bend the knee, as once we did to Tavril. It is not Kelari ever to kneel.’” The little girl yawned, tugging at her elaborate braid. “Poppa, I’m tiiiired.”

“Just a bit more, coconut,” her father said, the smile striking on his stern face. “You’re doing well.”

“Momma says I’m too little, that this is stuff for acolytes.”

“Your mother is kind,” he said. “But she fears your destiny. One day, you will be High Priestess. And our people’s hope will rest on your shoulders. And hope is very big and fragile.”

“Well, I’m small but I’m tough!” she declared, immediately throwing herself back into the text.

“And more besides, Anthousa,” her father said.

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