Legends of Aethereus Now Available on Steam

GOTLAND, SWEDEN – September 27, 2013 –  ThreeGates, an independent game development studio focused on Action Role-Playing Games, today released Legends of Aethereus, on Steam at the introductory price of $23.99 at: Players can now enter the world of Aethereus and start their … Continue reading

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Neverwinter -The Caverns of Gauntlgrym

Neverwinter will conclude Open Beta Testing and launch on June 20, 2013! With our live launch, we will be introducing Gauntlgrym, our level 60 PvE and PvP content, for veterans players to fight and prove who is the most deserving of Neverwinter’s riches. Will it be you?

TERA – Rising

Free Image Hosting at

The free-to-play launch is accompanied by exciting new content for both PvE and PvP fans. There is a new dungeon, the Crucible of Flame, as well as the Champions’ Skyring 3 vs 3 arena. The Crucible of Flame offers a completely new kind of dungeon experience: As players battle against monsters and bosses at various difficulty levels, they compete for dominance in a ranking system. Challengers who reach the top levels can look forward to valuable rewards. The Crucible of Flame is also home to a brand-new boss monster — the Cyclops. Meanwhile, the dungeon’s engaging mini-games provide a refreshing change of pace.

Structured PvP October Update |

As we said in our last blog post, we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg for sPvP. Custom Arenas are still being worked on and when they’re ready, we’ll show you more.  In the meantime, there are a number of new features coming to PvP.

Qualifying Points

Qualifying points (QPs) are gained in paid tournaments – each person on a winning team in an 8-team paid tournament gets 1 qualifying point.  QPs lead to rankings for larger tournaments, and allow you to measure yourself against other players.

Because you must have a full team in order to join a paid tournament and it takes tickets to enter, we know that the best teams will be playing paid tournaments. So while you do compete for better prizes than in free tournaments, the thing you’re really competing for are QPs.  Think you’re actually good at competitive GW2?  Hit the paid tournaments and prove it.  We’ll be adding more features that build off QPs, so once that’s ready, I’ll give everyone another update!

New UI

To make it easier to get into sPvP, we’ve made some User Interface (UI) adjustments.

Tournament Browser

The tournament browser UI now shows you the map rotation for a given tournament, as well as the rewards.

Quick-launch button update

You can now join and leave structured PvP by using the crossed swords button in the upper left of your screen. This opens a panel that shows your sPvP stats and info about your character.


The scoreboard now shows player ranks at the end of a game. It’s another way people can see how awesome you are at sPvP.

So that’s it for now!  We’re still working on other features in addition to custom arenas which will support sPvP, and once those are ready to go, we’ll do another update!

Structured PvP October Update |

Warface (PC) Campaign Screenshots and Info !

How many great games are coming out from Trion ? They keep coming ! Great thing for gamers.

Warface is powered by CryENGINE 3 making it not only an industry leader in visuals, but also highly accessible for all types of PC. It offers deep interaction with other players adding a level of team play and immersion never before seen in this type of game. Daily content updates in PVE combined with a thrilling, fast paced PVP mode that makes Warface a truly next-gen shooter.

Go here to Reserve Your Unique Warface ID :

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The Big Beta Weekend Preview – ArenaNet Blog


It’s almost here—the second Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event begins this Friday! For three days, players from all over the world will experience the wonders and dangers of Tyria—and a ton of cool new content!

Keep Your Characters!

Or create new human, norn, or charr characters and start a whole new story. Since players will be able to play with their existing characters from the first Beta Weekend Event, they can experience some of the new higher level content.

Enter the Catacombs (Explorable Mode)

Looking for a real challenge? Try out the explorable mode of the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon for groups of ambitious level 35+ players. The tough explorable mode of the Catacombs presents a party with three different paths through the dungeon, each with its own dangers and rewards. Enter if you dare!

Visit Lovely Gendarran Fields

We’ve opened up a new map, Gendarran Fields, for players to explore. A level 25 to 35 map just outside Lion’s Arch, Gendarran Fields is a picturesque area of pine trees and rolling hills, teeming with wild beasts and bandit gangs.

Unlock the Mysteries of the Mystic Forge

On a less dangerous note, the Mystic Forge has arrived in Lion’s Arch. This strange forge actually holds the imprisoned djinn Zommoros, who hails from distant Elona. If you offer the Mystic Forge gifts (like unneeded items and weapons), you will receive a gift in return. Got a pair of pistols that you don’t need? Drop them in the Mystic Forge and see what Zommoros gives you in exchange!

Expanded World vs. World

Once again, the Mists will echo with the sound of combat as we open up World vs. World for the weekend. As usual, massive armies of players from different servers will battle for supremacy on four huge maps, but this time we’ve added a couple of interesting new twists.

Players can now take their WvW battle underground in a new “mini dungeon” beneath the central map. This brand-new subterranean level is full of tricks and traps that can be used against enemy players, and is home to the aptly named Dark Room, which players will have to see (or not) to believe.

We’ve also added skill challenges, dynamic events, and even jump puzzles to the WvW maps. Why are these PvE elements being integrated into WvW gameplay? “We want to make the transition from PvE to World vs. World easy and natural for players,” says developer Matt Witter. “We always wanted additional meaningful content on the WvW maps so that players will always have something to do, even if the frontline of battle is far away.”

New Automated Player vs. Player Tournaments and More

For this beta, we’re introducing Automated PvP Tournaments. Each tournament pits eight teams of five players against each other. Teams that excel during the three-round, single-elimination tournament are rewarded with tournament chests full of valuable loot.

The PvP reward system has also been greatly improved with the creation of a two-tier reward structure that involves Glory and Rank. Put simply, Glory is a currency that players can spend to unlock reward chests stuffed with useful loot, while Rank is a measurement of your success in PvP. You’ll receive valuable reward chests as you climb in Rank.

Combat— “A Sense of Hitting”

Combat in Guild Wars 2 is more visceral than ever. We’re constantly making improvements to the entire combat experience—better timing, enhanced sound design, subtle camera shakes—to enhance what designer Jon Peters likes to call “the sense of hitting.”

Improved Overflow Servers

We listened to a lot of the input we received from players regarding their experience with overflow servers in the first Beta Weekend Event, and we’ve implemented a new party UI that tells you when party members are on a different overflow world. We’ve also given party members the ability to fast travel to overflow worlds where other members of their party are located, and we’ve made it easier to keep party members together when moving between maps. It’s all designed to give you as smooth an experience as possible.

Improved Chat

Communication in general has been greatly improved, as well. We’re adding the much-requested chat bubbles, as well as map chat and an updated local chat function, both of which make it easier to communicate with other players.

New Key-Binding Feature

This is one of our most requested features. For those who want to customize their gameplay experience, we’re introducing a new, easy-to-use key-binding interface, which now allows you to bind modifier keys.

UI Improvements

MMO players are often very particular about their user interface, and we’re no exception. We’ve listened to your feedback and have refined our UI to make it even easier to use. We’ve revamped the mini-map in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The formerly round mini-map is now square and can easily be resized for better navigation.

UI Art Lead Vicki Ebberts says, “Little adjustments, like making the map resizable or wrapping the dodge meter around the top of the health bubble, may not seem like a big deal at first, but over the course of many hours spent playing a game, you start to appreciate a well-designed interface.”

Tiers for Skills

We’ve organized each profession’s elite and utility skills into three different tiers, or levels. When you get enough skills in one tier, you unlock the next level of skills. Why the change from the previous model, which let players choose from all the available skills at once?

“The tier system gives players both a sense of progression and accomplishment,” says Lead Designer Eric Flannum. “It encourages them to experiment with different skills as they increase in power, and it avoids overwhelming new players with a huge list of skills to choose from.”

“Plus,” Flannum adds, “the tier system is more scalable and expandable. We can more easily add new skills in the future with this system.”

The Gem Store is under New Management

The Black Lion Trading Company out of Lion’s Arch has officially taken over operation of the Gem Store, Currency Exchange, and Trading Post. Its new owner’s first action was to completely overhaul the Gem Store.

As a result, the all-new Gem Store is easier to use and has a greater variety of items, from the decorative—like dye packs and costumes—to the whimsical—like the Box o’ Fun, which spawns a chest that applies random crazy effects to everyone who touches it. Each beta player will receive 500 free gems on their account, so do a little shopping on us!

In Closing…

There’s no shortage of things to see and do during our second Beta Weekend Event, and this is just a small sample of what awaits you when you log in.

We’ll see you in-game from Friday, June 8th, at noon PDT (GMT-7) until Sunday, June 10th, at 11:59 p.m. PDT (GMT-7).

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The Big Beta Weekend Preview – ArenaNet Blog.

Endgame Color Crystals post 1.2 and how to obtain them!

Hey everyone, color crystals in SWTOR are popular vanity items ever since the game’s launch. With the arrival of patch 1.2, we saw the introduction of several new crystal colors (Black-Orange, Black-Purple) as well as upgrades for several existing colors to their endgame stats (+41 crit/power/endurance/expertise).

Unfortunately, the method to obtain these sometime rare color crystals are poorly documented and there are quite a lot of rumors and speculations. The goal of this guide is to organize all the information that is out there and hopefully bring awareness on the search for some of the more elusive crystals.

There are 4 variants of endgame color crystals, each one with a suffix

  • Eviscerating: +41 crit
  • Hawkeye: +41 power
  • Indestructible: +41 endurance
  • War Hero: +41 expertise

Together, the Eviscerating, Hawkeye, and Indestructible crystals are called PvE crystals.

Some oddities

  • Cyan (Light-Blue) color crystal with +41 PvE stats can be obtained from Republic Columi level weapons but the Purple color crystal with +41 PvE stats cannot be obtained from the Empire Columi level weapons (you get crystals with +31 stats instead). Exception is one single weapon called Punisher

    on the empire side that have the +41 crit purple crystal.

  • Half of the War Hero weapons (Knight/Warrior & Inquisitor/Consular) have Red (Empire)/Green (Republic) +41 expertise crystals while the other half (Bounty Hunter/Trooper, Smuggler/Agent) have orange +41 expertise crystals.

Anyways, lets start with an image with all the color crystals for easy viewing/drooling!


Basic Colors

These crystals with basic colors have a white core inside them.



Advanced Red War Hero’s Crystal


Crystal (BoP) can be purchased directly off the PvP vendor for 500 Warzone Commendations or ripped from Empire War Hero PvP weapons (Warrior and Inquisitor weapons).
Advanced Red Hawkeye Crystal

Advanced Red Eviscerating Crystal

Advanced Red Indestructible Crystal

Schematic (artifice BoP, BoE end-product) can be purchased from the Daily Commendation vendor for 20 Daily Commendation



Advanced Blue War Hero’s Crystal

Schematic rumored to be a random drop obtained from the Grade 6 PvP crafting box sold at the PvP Vendor for 1k Warzone Commendations. The BoE version of the crystal was obtainable pre 1.2 from a vendor on the fleet that no longer exists.
Advanced Blue Hawkeye Crystal

Advanced Blue Eviscerating Crystal

Advanced Blue Indestructible Crystal

Schematic (artifice BoP, BoE end-product) can be purchased from the Daily Commendation vendor for 20 Daily Commendation or the PvP vendor for 450 Warzone Commendations
bluepvpschematics bluepveschematics



Advanced Yellow War Hero’s Crystal

Schematic rumored to be a random drop obtained from the Grade 6 PvP crafting box sold at the PvP Vendor for 1k Warzone Commendations. The BoE version of the crystal was obtainable pre 1.2 from a vendor on the fleet that no longer exists.
Advanced Yellow Hawkeye Crystal

Advanced Yellow Eviscerating Crystal

Advanced Yellow Indestructible Crystal

Schematic (artifice BoP, BoE end-product) can be purchased from the PvP vendor for 450 Warzone Commendations



Advanced Green War Hero’s Crystal

Crystal (BoP) can be purchased directly off the PvP vendor for 500 Warzone Commendations or ripped from Republic War Hero PvP weapons (Knight and Consular weapons).
Advanced Green Hawkeye/Eviscerating/Indestructible Schematic not in-game at this time (source). No weapons found with +41 green crystal that contains PvE stats.



Advanced Orange War Hero’s Crystal

The devs have said that schematics for this particular crystal is currently not in-game at this time (source). However, the War Hero mainhands and offhands for agents/smugglers and bounty hunters/troopers have these orange War Hero crystals in them so if you want it badly, you know where to get them!
Advanced Orange Hawkeye Crystal

Advanced Orange Eviscerating Crystal

Advanced Orange Indestructible Crystal


Schematics for artifice can be obtained from the Primal Destroyer in Belsavis (source). Crystals can also be ripped from Campaign weapons obtained from Hardmode Explosive Conflict.

Cyan (also known as Light – Blue)


Advanced Cyan War Hero’s Crystal

Confirmed to come from the Grade 6 PvP crafting box sold at the PvP Vendor for 1k Warzone Commendations (source). The BoE version of the crystal was obtainable pre 1.2 from a vendor on the fleet that no longer exists.
Advanced Cyan Eviscerating Crystal

Advanced Cyan Hawkeye Crystal

Advanced Cyan Indestructible Crystal

Can be ripped from Columi level Republic mainhands/offhands. The BoE version of the crystal was obtainable pre 1.2 from a vendor on the fleet that no longer exists. There have being reports of people being able to craft the cyan crystals with +41 PvE stats but so far no solid evidence.



Advanced Purple War Hero’s Crystal

Rumored to come from the Grade 6 PvP crafting box sold at the PvP Vendor for 1k Warzone Commendations (source). The BoE version of the crystal was obtainable pre 1.2 from a vendor on the fleet that no longer exists.
Advanced Purple Eviscerating/Hawkeye/Indestructible Unlike the Republic cyan color crystal equivalent, the Columi grade weapons on the empire side do not provide +41 purple crystals with PvE stats (give +31 stats instead). This is probably a bug and will be fixed sometime in the future. The BoE version of the crystal was obtainable pre 1.2 from a vendor on the fleet that no longer exists. There have being reports of people being able to craft the purple crystals with +41 PvE stats but so far no solid evidence (source)

Magenta (also known as Light- Red)


War Hero Not seen in game.
Advanced Magenta Eviscerating Crystal

Advanced Magenta Hawkeye Crystal

Advanced Magenta Indestructible Crystal

Schematics can be found either as random drop off trash mobs in Black Hole area of Corellia (source)or from Nightmare Pilgrim on Voss.



Advanced White Eviscerating Crystal

Advanced White Hawkeye Crystal

Advanced White Indestructible Crystal

Advanced White War Hero’s Crystal

No longer available in game. Previously sold for 2.5 million on a vendor that has been removed from the game with the arrival of patch 1.2

Black Core Colors

Black Red


Advanced Black-Red War Hero’s Crystal

Crystal can be purchased directly from the PvP Vendor for 150k and 1950 Warzone Commendations.
Advanced Black-Red Eviscerating Crystal

Advanced Black-Red Hawkeye Crystal

Advanced Black-Red Indestructible Crystal

Ripped from Empire Rakata weapons and Battlemaster weapons

Black Blue


Advanced Black-Blue War Hero’s Crystal

Crystal can be purchased directly from the PvP Vendor for 150k and 1950 Warzone Commendations.
Advanced Black-Blue Hawkeye Crystal

Advanced Black-Blue Eviscerating Crystal

Advanced Black-Blue Indestructible Crystal

Ripped from Republic Rakata weapons and Battlemaster weapons

Black Yellow


Advanced Black-Yellow War Hero’s Crystal

Pre-order crystal vendor – 250k credits
Advanced Black-Yellow Hawkeye Crystal

Advanced Black-Yellow Eviscerating Crystal

Advanced Black-Yellow Indestructible Crystal

Pre-order crystal vendor – 250k credits

Black Green (Rakghoul)


Advanced Black-Green War Hero’s Crystal

Rakghoul event, crystal is BoE and can be purchased on the GTN
Advanced Black-Green Hawkeye Crystal

Advanced Black-Green Eviscerating Crystal

Advanced Black-Green Indestructible Crystal

Rakghoul event, crystal is BoE and can be purchased on the GTN

SE Black Green (Razer Hardware)


SE Black Green War Hero’s Crystal

SE Black Green Hawkeye Crystal

SE Black Green Eviscerating Crystal

SE Black Green Indestructible Crystal

If you have the original Razer SE crystal, you can purchase the upgraded versions at the Dromund Kaas/Coruscant mods vendor for 250k

Black Orange


Advanced Black-Orange War Hero’s Crystal

PvP Vendor, 200k, 1500 Ranked Warzone Commendations and 1500 PvP Rating
Advanced Black-Orange Hawkeye Crystal

Advanced Black-Orange Eviscerating Crystal

Advanced Black-Orange Indestructible Crystal

Random drop from Explosive Conflict Operation

Black Purple


Advanced Black-Purple War Hero’s Crystal

PvP Vendor, 250k, 3000 Ranked Warzone Commendations and 2000 PvP Rating
Advanced Black-Purple Hawkeye Crystal

Advanced Black-Purple Eviscerating Crystal

Advanced Black-Purple Indestructible Crystal

Random drop from Explosive Conflict Operation (Hardmode is more likely than storymode) (source)

Image credits: White and Black-Purple screenshots taken from Torhead’s user submitted screenshots. Rest of the screenshots were my own (Cyan and Black-Orange screenshots are that of Yuki and Dukhat of <Sedition> respectively. Black-Purple screenshot is that of Pinn of <YES>).

Article is co-owned and first published at

Endgame Color Crystals post 1.2 and how to obtain them!Dulfy | Dulfy.

STAR WARS: The Old Republic – The definitive word on end game itemization in 1.2

Hi,There have been quite a few threads where you have voiced confusion regarding the end game itemization in 1.2 and I want to take the opportunity to clarify what you are going to see in the game when Game Update 1.2 goes live on Thursday.One of the issues we are dealing with on the PTS Forums is that we are not only introducing changes from the current state of the game (1.1.5x), but also several changes a week. Without wiping our Forums weekly, it is inevitable that these updates cause significant confusion about what it is in the game, what is intended to be in the game, etc.

So, without further ado….


Tionese / Columi / Rakata Gear

These sets are not changing. Their stats have not changed from their pre 1.2 state and they are acquired in the same way as they were before 1.2, except for the following changes:

– The drop rate for Tionese commendations has been increased from all the existing sources.

– Columi can now be acquired, in addition to the existing sources, from the new Lost Island Flashpoint (Hard Mode) and their distribution rate has been slightly increased, mostly through weekly quests.

– Rakata can now be acquired, in addition to existing sources, from the final Boss of the new Lost Island Flashpoint (Hard Mode) and the story mode of Operation: Explosive Conflict on Denova.

A temporary change on PTS that modified some existing rakata gear has not been taken into the final version 1.2 based on testing feedback.

“Campaign” and “Black Hole” Gear

Campaign gear is the new tier of PvE set items we are rolling out with the Explosive Conflict Operation. It shares the set bonus with Rakata, allowing seamless equipment upgrades and is acquired through tokens acquired in Hard Mode of Operation: Explosive Conflict and the new World Boss on Belsavis.

All Campaign gear can also be reverse engineered for a chance to learn the associated schematic. For armor, this means a chance to learn the custom (orange) appearance of item, for implants, earpieces, mods, etc. This means learning to craft the item itself. All of these may be crafted critical for an additional augment slot or, in case of a mods, additional resulting items.

Campaign gear uses a different stat distribution from previous sets with greater variety of available stats and better base stats.

Unlike Rakata, Columi and Tionese gear, Campaign gear carries it’s set bonus on the armoring of every piece. This means that players may transfer all mods and armoring out of campaign gear into any custom (orange) appearance available without losing the benefit of the set bonus. Please note that moving an armoring with a set bonus into a pre 1.2. item shell with a set bonus (e.g. a Rakata Shell) will be resolved with the armoring taking precedence (Sorry, no stacking here )

As mentioned previously, all armoring found in endgame gear now ‘binds to slot’ upon extraction – Armoring removed from a pair of gloves will only fit into another set of gloves. However, there is the possibility to acquire ‘universal’ armorings that fit into any slot through direct drops (e.g. not contained in an item). Those however will never carry a set bonus.

Black Hole Gear is similar to Campaign gear, but lacks the set bonus. It does however offer additional stat distribution options not available on Campaign gear. It also cannot be reverse engineered into appearances (although mods / earpieces, etc. can be learned).

Black Hole gear, unlike Campaign items, is acquired from trading in Black Hole Commendations found through weekly quests in the new Corellia area as well as the weekly quest for the Rise of the Rakghoul flashpoints (Kaon/Lost Island). It also drops on bosses in Operation: Explosive Conflict on all difficulties.

Two new color crystal variations may be found as part of the random drops in the new Operation: Black Core Purple and Black Core Orange. These colors are introduced separately from the weapons, which now come by default with more traditional colors available. It is worth noting that we are not extending the stat progression on crystals, meaning the existing +41 crystals found in 1.1.5 continue to be the top end of the crystal progression.


Centurion and Champion

Centurion and Champion gear, as of 1.2, has not changed, but will no longer be available for purchase. Existing gear on characters of course stays in the game.

Recruit Gear

Recruit gear is the new, blue entry level PvP gear available from the new PvP Recruit vendor on the fleet. It is acquired directly through credits without any Valor requirement and serves as a bootstrap to enable players coming straight out of the leveling game to participate in endgame PvP in the 50+ bracket. Power wise, it sits between Centurion and Champion, but lacks the set bonus and cannot be modified.

Battlemaster Gear

Battlemaster Gear, as of 1.2, no longer requires a 60 Valor rating and is acquired straight through Warzone commendations at the Battlemaster PvP vendor on the fleet.

As of 1.2, Battlemaster gear features an increased budget of expertise and an update stat distribution on a small subset of items on some classes.

These changes to the stat distribution are a result of issues fixed with the original Battlemaster set of mods. As mentioned before, we will automatically update your Battlemaster items to the new version when you log into the game the first time after 1.2 has been deployed, provided that the items still contain their original mods. Reinserting these mods into the existing gear will suffice for this purpose.

War Hero Gear

War Hero gear is the new tier of PvP items introduced with patch 1.2. It is acquired through trade in of ‘ranked warzone commendations’ and the corresponding Battlemaster Shell (empty appearance, mods may be extracted before trade-in). Some items do not require a Battlemaster trade-in but instead can be acquired by warzone commendations. War Hero gear does not require a valor rating.

I found this community created image to be a nice visual summary of the situation (although prices may still change as we put finishing touches onto the patch).

Just as with Campaign gear, War Hero items carry their set bonus on the armoring and all mods, including the armoring which may be extracted and moved into any custom (orange) shell in the game.

An additional upgrade option exists for players who wish to benefit from an additional augment slot but retain their Battlemaster or War Hero appearance: It is possible for crafters to obtain the schematics to create orange (and potentially augmented) version of the armor through ‘schematic boxes’ on the PvP vendor and sell the resulting items to players via the GTN.

It is worth noting that these crafted appearances will require the player to have Valor Rank 60 (Battlemaster) or 70 (War Hero) to equip.

As a side note, we will allow trading of Warzone commendations into ranked Warzone commendations at a ratio of 3:1.

All in all, PvP gear in 1.2 features a much stronger focus on Expertise in itemization and the diminishing returns cap for this stat has been modified to account for that change.

Color crystal wise, we’ve added Expertise crystals of various colors for direct purchase via warzone / ranked commendations, as well as crafted PvP expertise crystals of several colors.

Any more questions? I’ll be monitoring this thread for a while and try to clarify what I can.

— Georg

Georg “Observer” Zoeller
Principal Lead Combat Designer

STAR WARS: The Old Republic – The definitive word on end game itemization in 1.2.

Guild Wars 2 Press Beta Weekend (Compiled) (2012-03-26)

Just like last month, this month ArenaNet let some press sites into this past weekend’s closed beta event, and as of Monday, March 26th at 6am Pacific time (PST) or 15:00 Central European time (CET), those press sites are allowed to talk about their experience in the closed beta weekend. This thread is intended to compile all info related to that closed beta weekend, so please post the things you find here and do not create separate threads for each piece of info you come across.

[Edit] some beta info to avoid too high expectations:
– Asura and Sylvari races are still excluded from this beta
– The only dungeon accessible in the beta, was the Ascalon Catacombs one
– PvE zones above level 25 were not available either.
– The press are not allowed to talk about the (very experimental) cash shop.
But on the other hand:
– Eye color customization is possible as of this beta

English Articles:
* Massively:

* Kotaku: Everything You Wanted To Know (26-03) (with videos)
* KillTenRats: The Opening Crush of Closed Beta (26-03)


* TBreak: GW2 Hands On (26-03) (with videos)
* BeefJack: GW2 Hands On (26-03)
* VentureBeat: GW2 challenging the MMO Establishment (26-03)
* Preview (26-03)
* GuildWarsInsider:

* Forbes: Cleaving a path through GW2 (26-03)
* PlayerAttack: WvW Preview (26-03)
* Incgamers/

* Why should you play GW2? (26-03)
* El33tOnline: Hands On Preview (26-03)
* IGN:

* Demajen: Blog post about Community Feedback (26-03)
* Gamespy: Hands on (26-03)
* RockPaperShotgun: Beta Preview (26-03)
* ZAM: GW2: A Social Story (27-03) (+video)
* PCGamer: WvW PvP Guide (27-03)

Foreign Articles:
* GameStar.DE: (German)

* (German):

* (German):

* MMORPG Italia: Hands on (26-03) (Italian)
* GW2 Preview (26-03) (Italian)
* Starting Zone, part 1 (26-03) (Italian) (+video)
* Hands On (27-03)
* Beta Impressions (26-03) (Spanish) (+videos)
* Beta Impressions (27-03) (Russian)
* Beta Impressions (26-03) (French)

* TotalHalibut:

* CurseNetwork: several videos, including:

* BlueXephos (Yogscast):

* Incgamers: Human storyline
* GWOnline.Net (several videos)
* Calixae (for GWOnline.Net) (several videos)
* GuildWarsInsider: several videos, including:


* 4GamersHQ – several videos
* AurraTV: Hammer/Rifle PvP
* Mike B./

* TheMediaCows:

* GamesRadar:

* ElixabethClaire (Massively):

* UnofficialGuildWars:

* DaveChaos:

* TalesOfLumin:

* ManaObscura (

* allvatar: (German)

* GameStarDE: (German)

* Preview (German)
* Ninjalooter: (German) several videos, including:

* GW2 Tested (German)
* MMORPGItalia: (Italian)

* (Italian)

* (Italian): GW2 Preview
* MMORPGMania ( (Italian):

* Lareufleu ( (French)

* MrGlaystal: (French)

* E0lan/ (French) several videos, including:

* GW2Spain: (Spanish)

* (Spanish) – several videos, including:

* (Japanese?) – several videos
* (Russian):

* TotalBiscuit podcast
* Podcast 106 (MP3)
* Giant Bombcast
* Ninjalooter: NinjaCast #56 (German)

* GuildWarsInsider: 10 new official screenshots

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Guild Wars 2 Press Beta Weekend (Compiled) (2012-03-26).

Star Trek Online – Path to F2P Dev Blog #12

Star Trek Online

Image via Wikipedia

Events Calendar

While many of you hop into the game every day with a plan of what you want to accomplish, others log in to find out what is going on. The new Events feature on Tribble is intended to give both the planner and the spontaneous player something new to do in game.

The idea behind Special Events is that there are some activities that you can participate in only during a specific window of time. Some of these events will include new content specifically designed to play as an event, while others will offer bonuses for playing existing parts of the game. In all cases, we are aiming to make playing Special Events a worthwhile experience.

The Today’s Events section of the Mission Journal helps you keep track of what’s happening and when, so you can see what’s coming and plan your play times to match the events in which you want to participate. The event carousel shows you what is happening now and what will be available during the next 48 hours. The Calendar button will open an in-game calendar that shows you when weekly and monthly events are scheduled. Clicking on any individual entry in the carousel or calendar will give you detailed information about that event.

Here’s a list of the events that appear in the carousel and are currently live on Tribble:

  • Mirror Universe Incursion: Characters level 11 to 51 join via the PvE queue and fight a mirror universe attack while teamed with your fellow players. Players earn 5x kill XP during this event, so this is a great way to level up. There are separate time windows for Federation and KDF incursions.
  • Starfleet Academy: Help cadets at Starfleet Academy during this hour and earn special Dilithium rewards.
  • Tour the Universe: Race across Sector Space to earn Energy Credits. This is open to both Federation and KDF characters.
  • Multiphasic Event: Scanning anomalies during this hour earns bonus data samples. Even if you’re not an active user of Memory Alpha, those extra samples can fetch you some Energy Credits on the Exchange.

Looking at the Calendar may uncover other weekend-long events that do not show on the carousel, such as Q XP Weekends, STF Weekends, or C-Store sales and other promotions.

This is just the beginning. We have additional events in development to provide even more options to players. Some of the ones we expect to try out on Tribble in the next few weeks include:

  • Klingon Academy: Similar to the Starfleet Academy event, but for KDF play.
  • Borg Ground Invasion: Our first large-scale ground combat event map. We’re having fun playing this one in the office and are looking forward to it getting on Tribble.
  • Foundry Expedition: Play Foundry content during this hour to gain extra rewards.
  • Fleet Action Focus: We plan to focus on specific Fleet Actions, making it easier to get full groups during that hour since everyone will be wanting to play the same one. Extra rewards will be granted.

And we have other fun ideas up our sleeves that we can’t wait get onto Tribble for you all to try out. Watch for them in future weeks!

Stephen D’Angelo
Executive Producer
Star Trek Online

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