Why the F2P Trend Won’t Last – The Devil’s Advocate at MMORPG.com

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There’s a common belief by many in the MMORPG industry that Free-to-Play must be the model to save the MMO industry. In truth, what’s really been missing from a lot of recent releases, isn’t a solid revenue plan… it’s quality. For some reason, because a game might launch to a ton of box sales and then fail on the retention part of its need to make a profit, there’s a prevailing idea that maybe the subscription model isn’t the right way to do things.  But what they’re failing to see is that it’s not the subscription itself that makes people stop paying up, it’s the simple fact that often the games in question are lacking in quality, content, depth, and design.


Why the F2P Trend Won’t Last – The Devil’s Advocate at MMORPG.com.

Rift Halloween Pumpkin Contest!

Rift Halloween Pumpkin Contest!.
Halloween is fast approaching. So we thought we would have a little fun!

We’d like to see some Rift themed pumpkins! Carve your pumpkin with a design pertaining to Rift in some way. Post a picture of it in this thread and we’ll send you a VIP All Access Beta code!

The contest will end at 5 p.m. Pacific Time on Friday, October 29th. So start carving those pumpkins and post your pics!

Please help us keep this thread clear of anything but contest entries. We’ll be deleting any posts that are not an entry. Feel free to start another thread if you want to discuss the contest.

We look forward to seeing how creative you can be!

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