Rift Watch 19: RIFT 1.7 brings a big boost to Ascension


Ascension upgraded: RIFT™ 1.7

Jan. 12, 2012

Carnival of the Ascended

RIFT 1.7: Carnival of the Ascended is coming, bringing improvements across the board for high-level Ascended. Here’s just a taste of what’s in store in the coming weeks!

  • PvP like never before with smoother advancement and better rewards
  • Ascended weddings: Share eternity with your soulmate, Telara-style
  • River of Souls Chronicle: Undead adventure for two
  • New Master Mode dungeon
  • Expert dungeon overhaul: More options, better loot!
  • Improved loot for your endgame Ascended
Return to RIFT!

Return to RIFT! Jan. 19-22

Ready to return to Telara or Ascend for the first time? Log in for free during Jan. 19-22 to experience Chronicles, Ember Isle, Instant Adventure, and so much more—courtesy of the most aggressive update schedule in MMO gaming!
Top Chefs: Fae Yule

Top Chefs: Fae Yule

Congratulations to Tamica of Laethys, winner of the Fae Yule recipe contest! Atrophinius devoured your Bogling Surprise Christmas Cupcakes and demands MEEEEEAD to wash it down! We hope you enjoy your Pauldrons of Earthen Might, Cookie the Bogling Chef, and Hooty the owl. Thanks to everyone who entered for a delicious Fae Yule.
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EverQuest II Destiny of Velious – Going FTP soon !

EverQuest II Free-to-Play FAQ1. When will I be able to play EverQuest II for free?

We do not have an exact date at this time, but we are anticipating releasing EverQuest II as Free-to-Play early December 2011.

2. How much does EverQuest II cost to play?

Basic access in EverQuest II is free! This includes access to a large portion of the game. However, there are also paid memberships that grant access to different content that are also available. Free membership gets access to seven years worth of gameplay and diverse zones released from EverQuest II‘s launch through EverQuest II: Sentinel’s Fate. Free members will not have access to the most recent expansion packs EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious and EverQuest II: Age of Discovery. However, both Destiny of Velious and Age of Discovery are available for purchase.

You can play all the way up to level 90, the highest level available in the game. You have access to the game’s eight character classes, and four of the most popular races in the game from which to create your character. Additional choices can be purchased both a la carte and with memberships.

3. What are the differences between Free, Silver, and Gold memberships?

The features and benefits of Free, Silver, and Gold memberships are detailed on the EverQuest II membership matrix page (click here).

4. What is included with the Free membership?

Free players have access to a lot of content in the world of Norrath. You’ll have tons of gameplay at your fingertips. Additional content, features and services are unlocked through individual purchases or by upgrading your membership to another tier (view matrix).
– Create characters in any of eight classes
– Choose from four different races
– Advance up to the current level cap

5. What is included with the Silver membership?

With your one-time purchase of a Silver membership for 500 Station Cash, you are permanently raised to that membership level. There is no recurring fee for this membership (view matrix).
– Two additional character slots (four in total)
– In additional bag slot for your inventory (three in total)
– More chat options (/shout, /auction, /level)
– Extra inventory capacity
– Increased quest journal limit
– The ability to create guilds… and more!

6. What is included with the Gold membership?

A Gold membership is $14.99 per month. Gold members can choose either a recurring or non-recurring payment method (view matrix).
– Seven character slots, full access to all races
– Ability to equip Legendary and Fabled items
– Full access to Master character skills/spells
– Six bag slots for your inventory (instead of only two or four)
– Unlimited coin limits
– Access to the “Broker,” our huge in-game player-to-player marketplace so that you can buy and sell with other players for in-game coins
– Actively hold up to 75 quests in your quest journal

7. Why should I upgrade my account to a Silver or Gold membership?

Quite simply, better features! Buying a Silver membership is a one-time purchase of only 500 Station Cash that adds two extra character slots, two backpack slots, a larger character coin limit, unlimited chat access, and the ability to collect more active quests.

Upgrading to the monthly Gold membership lets you use some of the game’s most powerful items (such as Legendary and Fabled items), upgrade to the most powerful spells and skills, gives you access to all 24 classes in the game (up from the original eight offered at Free and Silver), seven character slots, access to six backpack slots, no per character coin limit, access to the player-controlled Broker system, in-game mailing privileges, and more!

8. I used to play as an EverQuest II subscriber before it became Free-to-Play. What does this change mean for me?

If you are currently paying for an active monthly subscription in either EverQuest II or EverQuest II: Extended, you will automatically be rolled into a Gold membership, with full perks and privileges. This conversion will be seamless and no change will need to be made by the player. Membership will continue to recur as originally specified by the subscription.

Previous EverQuest II subscribers who did not have an active subscription during the Free-to-Play conversion will automatically be converted to a Silver membership. Certain restrictions are placed on this membership level. (Click here to find out more.)

9. Will there be Priority Queuing for Gold members?

Yes! Gold (and grandfathered-in Platinum) members will get priority if we experience queues when logging into the game.

10. I have an All Access membership. What does this mean for EverQuest II?

Being an All Access member you will receive the premium Gold level membership. However, Gold access is only available while you have an active All Access subscription.

11. Will I need a credit card to play the game?

A credit card is not required to play EverQuest II as a free member. You can log into the game without entering any payment information. If you do decide to purchase a Silver or Gold membership or buy items from the Marketplace, you will need to fund your Station Cash wallet through one of the available methods of payment (including using a credit card, a Station Cash card – available at most large retailers, or SMS).

12. Do I need to have a recurring membership in order to take advantage of a Gold Membership in EverQuest II?

Based on player feedback, at the launch of Free-to-Play, you will have the option of choosing between recurring and non-recurring memberships. You can also use Station Cash to purchase non-recurring subscriptions, but there are some benefits to setting up a recurring membership. It’s completely up to you.

13. Can I buy a subscription with Station Cash?

Yes, you can purchase non-recurring subscriptions with with Station Cash. There are however, benefits to purchasing a recurring subscription.

14. I have previously purchased EverQuest II expansion packs. Will I still have access to that content?

Yes! Any EverQuest II expansion that you previously purchased will continue to be available to you, subject to your current EverQuest II membership limitations. Free members will be able to access all previous content up to and including the “Sentinel’s Fate” expansion. “Destiny of Velious” and “Age of Discovery” are both available for purchase.

15. Will development efforts continue to be focused on EverQuest II?

Yes! Development efforts will definitely continue to be focused on EverQuest II. Click here to read more.

16. Will I have to re-download EverQuest II or EverQuest II: Extended when everything goes Free-to-Play?

No, you will not need to re-download the game. Other than patching, it will be a seamless transition when EverQuest II goes Free-to-Play.

17. What if I already had a Platinum membership in EverQuest II Extended?

We will no longer be offering a Platinum membership plan. Current Platinum members can continue to retain their Platinum membership status for as long as they continue to pay their subscription. If there is a lapse in payment, a new membership tier must be selected (view matrix).
A Platinum membership included everything in Gold plus the following:
– Full access to the game, including the “Destiny of Velious” expansion
– Ten character slots
– 500 Station Cash per month

18. What if I currently have both an EQII subscription and EQ2X memberships?

If you currently have both an EQII subscription and EQ2X Gold or Platinum membership, these accounts will be combined at the time of the Free-to-Play switch (early December 2011). Any unused game time will be credited to your account.

19. Do I get anything in-game for playing EverQuest II?

Yes! All current, returning and new players will receive a Welcome Pack for each character on their account. Players can use the /claim command in game to receive the Welcome Pack, which contains non-tradable items:
– A Bag to store your goodies in
– Experience Potions
– Vitality Potions
– And much, much more!

20. Will I be able to sell or gift items that I purchased in the EverQuest II Marketplace?

Marketplace items are usually labeled as “NO-TRADE” (can’t be traded to anyone) or “HEIRLOOM” (can only be traded to other characters on your account). To be eligible for Gifting, you must have been a Gold member for 30 or more days.

21. What happened to Live Gamer?

After careful consideration and review, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and Live Gamer (LG) have mutually made the decision to discontinue auction services currently available in EverQuest II (EQII), Free Realms and Vanguard. Beginning on December 7, 2011, SOE will suspend exchange services for all three games. For EQII, SOE will merge the LG exchange-based servers with its existing game servers, specifically Vox will merge with Nagafen and The Bazaar with Freeport. LG continues to be a valuable partner to SOE for a variety of e-commerce services. SOE and LG will be updating the FAQs from time-to-time to help answer questions you have regarding the discontinuance of the auction services.

Below is a timeline of the changes to Live Gamer:

– November 21, 2011: Last day to transfer items from game to your LG holding area.
– November 22, 2011: Players will no longer be able to post items, characters, or coin to Live Gamer Exchange in EQII
– December 13, 2011: This is the final day for players to return or claim any items, characters, or coin to their accounts
– December 14, 2011: Live Gamer Exchange is suspended in EQII

We anticipate the merges will occur on or about December 15, 2011. We will keep you updated on dates and details via the EverQuest II forums!

22. What will happen to my characters when I have to transfer from the Live Gamer servers?

The Bazaar server will be merging with Freeport and Vox will be merging with Nagafen. In some cases, this may mean that your character totals are more than what is included in your membership plan. To avoid any problems, you will want to log in as your favorite characters right before the server merges so that they are at the top of your character queue list. If you want more character slots, you will need to purchase them in the Marketplace.

23. Why can’t I copy my characters to EQ2X anymore?

Due to the upcoming Free-to-Play transition, we have disabled free character copies from the Live servers to go to EQ2X.

24. What is happening to the 14-day Trial?

When we go live with the new EQII service, the 14-day Trial will end. All current and previous trial members will be converted to the Free membership status after this date, so even if you had a free trial months ago, your characters will be waiting for you (subject to restrictions based on your membership level).

25. What is happening to the Recruit-a-Friend program?

As of November 10, 2011, you can no longer recruit using the Recruit-a-Friend program. In order to receive the Recruit-a-Friend bonuses, players you have recruited will need to subscribe by November 22, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST. We will offer a new Refer-a-Friend program in the future, so stay tuned.

26. With Free and Silver memberships there are character coin limitations. What happens to the coin I earn once I reach the limit?

Any coin earned beyond your current coin limit is lost. You can continue to earn items and experience, but coin will no longer be accumulated. The only way to increase the amount of coin you can collect is to upgrade your membership. If you are a Free or Silver member who comes back after the Free-to-Play transition, your coins will be locked as per your current subscription plan, but not gone.

27. What chat, in-game mail and Broker restrictions do Free and Silver players have?

Silver and Gold members have access to all chat channels. Free and Silver players can receive in-game email, but can’t send any until they upgrade to Gold. Broker access is restricted to Gold members only. Free members can’t use any of the “broadcast” channels, such as /auction, /level, /shout, or any other chat option that broadcasts to a large amount of other players.

28. If I decide to downgrade from the Gold to Silver or Free membership, what will happen to the Gold perks I had with that membership?

You don’t lose anything permanently, but Gold membership content will become inaccessible to you until you repurchase a Gold membership. Letting a membership lapse is similar to allowing a subscription on the regular EverQuest II subscription service to lapse, where you become unable to access the features of that service until you renew your subscription.
– Character Coin Limits: The amount of coin you have is unaltered when you lapse your Gold membership. However, you’ll be unable to gain any more coin until you reduce your current coin total below the Silver or Free per character limit.
– Backpack and Bank limits: Any bags or bank slots that are not available in Free or Silver are still present when you downgrade from Gold. However, you can only move items from those slots to other locations. You can’t use items while they are in those disallowed slots, and you can’t add anything to those slots until you upgrade back to Gold.
– Quest Limits: If you already have more quests in your Journal than are allowed at Silver or Free, those quests still exist, but you’ll be unable to add new ones until you reduce your quest count to below those limits.
– Character Slots: When you downgrade from Gold, your maximum character slots are reduced. If you had more characters than are currently allowed, the extra characters become unavailable. However, they are not deleted. They are still available if you upgrade back to Gold status or purchase additional character slots.
– Broker: If you had items for sale on the Broker when you downgrade from Gold, those items will stay on the Broker, but you will not have access to the Broker. If the items sell, the coin will stay in the Broker account until you upgrade back to Gold and can open the Broker interface again.
– Items: Any Legendary or Fabled items are automatically removed from your character and placed in your inventory when you downgrade from Gold. You can use them again when you renew your Gold membership.
– Spell/Skill Tiers: Any spells/skills upgraded to above Adept/Expert level are unchanged when you downgrade from Gold. However, you’ll be unable to scribe any further upgrades beyond your Silver or Free limit until you upgrade to Gold again.

Special Cases

1. I have active, paid accounts in EverQuest II (EQII) and EverQuest II Extended (EQIIX), how will they be combined?

The vast majority of our player base will not notice a thing as we convert to the new EverQuest II service. We wanted to outline a few of the “edge cases” that may occur with the conversion if you have accounts in both EQII and EQIIX. This listing is meant as a guide to some issues you may see but will not be able to cover all potential issues.

After the conversion takes place, if you have any concerns about your account, membership, billing or time credited, please contact our Customer Service reps. We will happily navigate the numbers with you: http://www.soe.com/en/support/

If you are currently paying for a 1 month EQIIX Gold membership AND you do not have a current EQII subscription:

  • At the launch of the new EQII service, SOE will set you up with 1 month recurring Gold Membership for the new service and your next billing date will remain the same as it was for your previous EQIIX Gold Membership.

If you are currently paying for a 1 month EQIIX Gold membership AND you are also paying for a 1 month EQII subscription:

  • At the launch of the new EQII service, SOE will add the remaining time from your 1 month EQIIX Membership over to your EQII Subscription time and convert that subscription to a recurring Gold Membership for the new EQII service. Your next billing date will occur at the end of the combined gameplay time and will be set as a 1 month recurring Gold Membership.

If you are currently paying for a 1 month EQIIX Gold membership AND you are also paying for a 3 month EQII subscription:

  • At the launch of the new EQII service, SOE will add the remaining time from your 1 month EQIIX Membership time over to your EQII Subscription time and convert that subscription to a recurring Gold Membership for the new EQII service. Your next billing date will occur at the end of the combined gameplay time and will be set as a 3 month recurring Gold Membership.

If you currently have a multi-month subscription in EQII that you have canceled but still have remaining gameplay time AND you are currently paying for a 1 month EQIIX Gold membership:

  • At the launch of the new EQII service, SOE will add the remaining time from your 1 month EQIIX Membership time over to the remaining time on your multi-month EQII Subscription time and convert that subscription to a recurring Gold Membership for the new EQII service. Your next billing date will occur at the end of the combined gameplay time and will be set as a 1 month Gold recurring Membership.

If you currently have a multi-month subscription in EQII that you have canceled but still have remaining gameplay time AND you have a cancelled 1 month EQIIX Gold membership but still have remaining gameplay time:

  • At the launch of the new EQII service, SOE will add the remaining time from your EQIIX Membership time over to your EQII Subscription time and convert that subscription to a non-recurring Gold Membership for the new EQII service. At the end of this combined period of gameplay time, you would no longer have access to your Gold Membership plan.

If you currently have a Platinum Membership in EQIIX that you have not canceled:

  • At the launch of the new EQII service, SOE will set you up with all of the Platinum Membership benefits. You will retain these benefits as long as you remain on that recurring Membership plan. If you cancel from that plan, you no longer have the option of reinstating a Platinum level Membership as that level is being eliminated. Your next billing date will occur at the end of the combined gameplay time and will be set as a 12 month recurring Membership with Platinum benefits.

If you currently have a Platinum Membership in EQIIX that you have canceled but still have game play time remaining.

  • At the launch of the new EQII service, SOE will set you up with all of the Platinum Membership benefits. You will retain these benefits for the duration of your current Platinum Membership plan. Since you have canceled this Membership, once you reach the end of your 12 month membership you will no longer have access to your Platinum Membership benefits.

2. My game account was suspended or banned at the time of the conversion – what happens now?

If your game account is banned or suspended at the time of the conversion, please contact SOE Customer Service for information: http://www.soe.com/en/support/
Note: forum bans and suspensions do not affect the status of a game account, merely your ability to post on the official forums.

EverQuest II Destiny of Velious – Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game.

It’s October, What’s Up With That? | TERA – True Action Combat

Hello TERA-ites! Or is it TERAns? I can never remember.

It’s been several weeks since my last update (longer than I initially planned), but the good news is we have updates on several projects.

Our web team has been hard at work redesigning the En Masse Entertainment corporate website, so the team can now turn their eyes to the TERA website. We’re still in the early stages of researching and redesigning the site, and the possibilities excite us. (We’re looking into new forums as well!)

About two weeks ago, we hosted a few key members of the Bluehole Studio overseas team. These guys are dedicated specifically to the Western market, and we had some great meetings. We came away with a firm alpha/beta/launch schedule that is packed but completely achievable at the quality level we (and you) want. BHS and EME are working hard to fit every request into the development schedule. Here’s the outlook: between now and launch we have time to eat, breathe—and of course play some TERA. All the necessities, in other words.

Alpha is also one of our main focuses at the moment. We have employees playing on the live server now and have had “live operation support” for several weeks. Up next for alpha will be practicing hotfix and regular client updating with the Operations, QA, CS, and Community teams.

I know most of you are eager to hear about the next phase of alpha and how you can be a part of it. We will be extending our internal testing to select partners and external users over the upcoming weeks. Please note that at this time we are selecting the users internally, so if you don’t receive an invite, don’t worry—there will be more opportunities to come! Keep being awesome and contributing, and know that we will regularly add people in batches throughout Fall.

Finally (yes there’s even more!), our platform team has been turning on the afterburners, and the new account management system is really starting to take shape. They are currently working on an entirely new experience that includes account management (what you use to manage your game accounts, subscription, etc.), a fully customized launcher/patcher system, and enough additional features that would take up the rest of this page. Because this system touches everything from the game itself to the launcher/patcher, it is very intricate and worth the extra time to build a robust and secure system.

We are steadily progressing through our project and task lists, and we have shifted into a higher gear as we work toward alpha, beta, and launch! (You know I had to get my car analogy in there!)

More updates to follow!

Discuss this TERA Blog post on the forums!

Allods Online: Undaunted to Launch October 11

Allods Online logo

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October Update Introduces More Dangerous Enemies and a Survival Mode

Sunnyvale, California – September 28, 2011 More dark mysteries of Allods Online have been revealed, and the undaunted warriors of Sarnaut must prepare to face the greatest challenges they have ever seen. Set for release in both North America and Europe on October 11, Allods Online: Undaunted will bring new bosses, more Astral demons, and a harrowing survival mode set in the Great Mage Tep’s long-lost Mausoleum of Sparks.

Deep in the Astral lies a place of dark legend, where the Great Mage Tep once trapped the souls of the noble Zem people and drained them of all energy and life to feed his evil experiments. Now the Director has seized the Mausoleum of Sparks for an experiment of his own, calling on the bravest warriors to venture deep into the sinister tomb and prove themselves against its ancient threats. Wave upon wave of enemies and elite bosses await, while the souls of Tep’s victims provide health, strength, and defense power-ups to fuel the ruthless warriors. Defeat the most enemies and survive the longest to win special honorary titles and heroic auras to lord over other players!

The Astral has become a more dangerous place. A volcanic eruption shattered the once-peaceful allod now known as the Kingdom of Elements, releasing vicious elementals that only the highest level warriors can hope to defeat. Even areas that were once tamed have sprouted new challenges, with more bosses arriving everywhere from the Catacombs to the Heart of Fire and the Astral itself flooded with 4 new types of demon and a 20% higher encounter rate that will make ship travel more perilous – and exciting!

All these additions to high level content will be supported by a refreshed new player experience and streamlined interface that make it easier than ever to take charge of the action. Learn more about these features and explore the world of Sarnaut at the official Allods websites for North America and Europe!

Massively’s exclusive TERA lore: A day in the life of a Naga Clawrider

TERA screenshot

Yesterday, we teamed up with En Masse Entertainment to unveil TERA’s Naga Clawrider and Naga Bloodscale, two “big ass monsters” that players will face off against come the game’s launch in the U.S. next year. Today, we’ll give one of those baddies a bit more character with a tale spun by one of TERA’s own writers. This exclusive day-in-the-life story is told from the perspective of Silvatuhr, a typical Naga Clawrider — one of the elite Naga soldiers who do battle from the backs of massive crabs. Silvatuhr explains the extreme risks he took with his own offsprings’ lives in order to become a Clawrider, and then he cavalierly outlines the penalties he doles out to those who disrespect his race and his order.

Don’t take our word for it — skip past the cut and let Silvatuhr himself fill you in.

A Day in the Life: Silvatuhr, Naga Clawrider – by Fran Stewart, Writer

Naga clawriders are deadly foes. Take an elite naga trooper, already twelve feet of armored muscle and serpentine grace, and mount him on a crab the size of a tank, and as strong. The clawrider’s connection to his mount is mysterious, but so powerful that the rider will die if his mount does. As to how they’re connected, nobody who knows the secret has lived to tell it.

Finish the story by clicking the link below:

Massively’s exclusive TERA lore: A day in the life of a Naga Clawrider | Massively.

STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Sept 10th Beta Weekend is not happening!!!

Hello all,There is no Beta Testing Weekend scheduled for this weekend. There may be further Beta Testing Weekends during September, but we’re not going to guarantee it. The weekend that just finished was really our first dry run of Beta Testing Weekends as a whole, and we have plenty of data to crunch, and decisions to make before we start things up again.Further to that, as Chris Collins explained in another thread, we are about to roll out a major new build for The Old Republic. That build won’t be ready for this weekend. Just as we did not feel it was a good decision to ask potential EU testers to download our client only to have to download it again, the same applies for this weekend.

That does not mean, however, that as soon as our new build is available we’ll be rolling out a Beta Testing Weekend immediately. As with any new build of the game, we need to get feedback from internal testing and our ongoing Game Testing program before rolling it out to a massive audience. That process takes a while, and that time varies depending on how testing goes.

We rolled out this previous weekend as a relatively small scale event; from now we will do bigger and bigger events, but that doesn’t mean it happens every weekend. When we do resume, we’ll be inviting many more people in.

While many of you are excited and anxious to know what’s happening regarding Testing Weekends, I want to point out that a lot of posts on the subject with a lack of corresponding posts from us does not mean that we’re not listening, or not aware of your interest. It shows your interest in the topic, which is understandably high, but we will not always be able to react instantaneously.

In the past couple of days we’ve been preparing a comprehensive FAQ regarding Game Testing Weekends as a whole, along with some details about the weekend that just happened. We’ll post that tomorrow – in all languages, as we know the subject is of interest to everyone.

Stephen Reid | Senior Online Community Manager
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STAR WARS: The Old Republic

Runes of Magic-Magic Hub – Stay in the game!

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Stay connected. Stay in the game. Today, together with Overwolf, we are introducing a special interface for Runes of Magic, the Magic Hub.

Magic Hub allows you to multitask in Runes of Magic without having to leave the game. You have access to the official forum, Support, YouTube, Facebook, Skype and many other programs. You can also capture video and screenshots, which can be uploaded to YouTube or Facebook with just one click so you can show your friends which monster you’ve just killed, or which rare item you’ve just added to your collection.

Articles: Magic Hub – Stay in the game! // Runes of Magic // Frogster.