Legends of Dawn IS GREENLIT!

Zagreb, Croatia – 5th of March 2013.

Dreamatrix’s fantasy action RPG, Legends of Dawn, has been selected as one of many great titles to be included in the February 26, 2013, round of Greenlit games by Valve Software’s Steam.
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It’s been a long road to this point for a small independent developer. The support that Legends of Dawn has received has been great. After the succesful Kickstarter campaign in January the fans and supporters continued to vote up on Steam’s Greenlight where it went from the bottom of the very long list of over 1000 titles to the chosen few within just 65 days http://store.steampowered.com/news/10029

The final steps are being taken to get Legends of Dawn to the public, which just boils down to finalizing the voice-overs and touch-ups at this point.

Those who did not have a chance to back Legends of Dawn on Kickstarter can still pre-order it at http://www.dreamatrix.net for the same small contribution which was available to Kickstarter backers.

To learn more, please visit: http://www.dreamatrix.net
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About the Legends of Dawn
Legends Of Dawn is an 3D, open-world RPG for PC, set in a new fantasy world. What sets Legends of Dawn apart is the freedom of play expressed in several key attributes that are rarely seen in a typical RPG. The team has poured passion and creativity into taking gamers on an enthralling ride away from wearisome reality into the magic world of Narr. Legends of Dawn does not force players to choose class like in most other RPG.
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Another quality that makes Legends of Dawn interesting is the freedom of direction and movement. Most games force a player to follow the main storyline and forbid any deviation, or significant veering off the set course. In Legends of Dawn players are free to wander wherever tickles their fancy within the continent, without limitations, under one condition – staying alive. This is not a game to appeal to casual gamers, it is a hardcore fantasy game with a large, diverse world filled with a lot of dangers, intrigue and mystery. Another interesting feature of the game is a system of personalized spells built with magic runestones. By pleasing gods with offerings and sacrifices, players can create their own magic spells.
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About Dreamatrix
Dreamatrix is an independent company dedicated to the production and publication of fun games of all genre. Discovering new worlds and innovation is at the core of the Dreamatrix soul, whether it is in the creation of addictive games or trying out new business models. Dreamatrix encompasses a game development studio which unites artists and programmers from three continents under its aegis. It has numerous IPs and an advanced engine and toolset made entirely in-house, for the creation of cutting edge games. Dreamatrix has produced many titles and established a worldwide presence alongside partners like Take 2 Interactive, Akella, EA, RTL Playtainment, Dreamcatcher, DTP Entertainment, JoWood, LogRus and others, spreading the thrill of advenurous gameplay around the globe.