Star Wars: The Old Republic – E3 Furture Updates Sizzle [HD] & Screenshots !

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Great up dates for SWTOR !

Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.3 PTS !

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Game Update 1.3 is almost ready for deployment onto the Public Test Server. We still need to finalize a few things, but we wanted to let you know that the Public Test Server will be coming down soon so that we can prep Game Update 1.3 for PTS deployment. You can expect the Public Test Server to come back up with Game Update 1.3 in the next few weeks.

Game Update 1.3 is focused around the new Group Finder function, which will help you find other players to group up with for Flashpoints and Operations easily. In addition, the Legacy System has been updated with purchasable character perks. Leveling a new Legacy character can now be customized to your preferred play style.

Our Character Copy tool is still in testing, so we are again using a manual process to copy characters from our Live servers to our Public Test Server. We have streamlined this process to ensure we can get as many players as possible copied to the PTS if they choose to help test our new systems.

If you would like to help us out in testing Game Update 1.3, please visit the following link and follow the directions within:

We cannot guarantee that every character will copy to the PTS successfully, however we can assure you that characters on Live servers will not be affected in any way should the tool fail.

Please do not contact Customer Support with questions regarding PTS Character Copies, as they will be unable to assist you at this time.

Thanks in advance!

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The Old Republic: Getting Ready for Launch – PC Feature at IGN

This was the best part of the Q&A to me !!!!

IGN: In terms of the actual strategy for bringing content out, I mean I know you can’t discuss specific schedules but will fairly major content will be patched into the game for paying subscribers or might that be locked behind some sort of pricing wall? Are you holding most major content for some larger content release further down the line?

James Ohlen: No, we’re going to be releasing major content to subscribers. They’re not going to have to pay anything extra for the major content. We’re going to be doing that regularly. It’s going to be significant, you’re going to be able to travel to entirely new worlds in the galaxy and you’re not going to have to pay to have to do that. Now obviously we also have an expansion pack planned but that’s, you know, much farther into the future.

I know there’s been some talk about [user interface customization] amongst our fans and is something that they’re very passionate about. That’s another thing that we have a team working on, to players a lot more power to essentially adjust their UI so they can move UI elements around, they can change the size or the alignment of it, and essentially customize how they get to play the game.

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