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– Over 50 MILLION agents deployed in ‘The Secret War’, a unique social experience that gives a glimpse of the conflict in ‘The Secret World’ MMO launching June 19 –

Durham, USA – May 3rd, 2012 – Funcom is excited to share that 200,000 participants are now engaged in battle through ‘The Secret War’, a unique browser-based social experience that draws upon the conflict between the three secret societies in Funcom’s upcoming massively multiplayer online game ‘The Secret World’. Launching on June 19th, 2012, ‘The Secret World’ MMO pitches players against each other as they fight for the power to control the world for their secret society, and through ‘The Secret War’ social experience, participants can get a taste of the epic conflict that hits on June 19th.

In this unique social experience participants recruit their friends to join the battle and use them as agents on a world map to spread influence for one of the three secret societies: the Illuminati, the Dragon or the Templar. While doing so they unlock items that can be used in ‘The Secret World’ MMO at launch, items such as clothing, weapons, elixirs and even in-game titles. Through this social experience, participants get to engage themselves deeper in the conflict that they will get to play in ‘The Secret World’ MMO. They can also win a trip to the Funcom studio and even the chance to have their name in the game world.

‘The Secret War’ has now been raging for two weeks. Here are some interesting stats so far:

  • Over 200,000 gamers have registered and become participants in the war
  • The experience has had over 1.2 million visits in total
  • Each participant spends 20 minutes on average playing at each visit
  • Over 50 million agents have been deployed by the 200,000 participants

Since launch on April 18th additional strategic layers have been added to the experience and participants must now work together toward a common goal every week. The secret society that performs best by the end of each week will see all their members be rewarded with unique items that can be used in ‘The Secret World’ MMO. This week the factions battle for the Heart of Africa health-boosting talisman.

“The success of ‘The Secret War’ shows that the conflict between the world’s secret societies has universal appeal,” says Funcom SVP of Sales & Marketing Morten Larssen. “This conflict has always been a key driver for activity in our own community, and we are excited to see that more and more people are coming in to join the conflict from outside the community as well. The conflict between the three secret societies adds a whole new dimension to MMO gameplay and we are excited to be able to have gamers take part in that conflict even before the launch of ‘The Secret World’.”

‘The Secret World’ is consistently mentioned as one of the most anticipated online games in development, and Funcom reported in February that over 750,000 gamers had registered for the ongoing beta testing by then. ‘The Secret World’ breaks new grounds and genre conventions by introducing a modern-day setting, a story-focused MMO experience, and a freeform progression system using no classes and no levels.


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Funcom announces full week of Illuminati content, including video, developer Q&A and more

Durham, USA – January 9th, 2012 – Today Funcom kicks off the Week of the Illuminati, a full week of focus on the most secret of the three secret societies that players can join in the upcoming modern-day massively multiplayer online game  ‘The Secret World’. Throughout the week Funcom will be serving information, artworks, screenshots, a video, and a developer Q&A on Facebook.
Which secret society do you belong with? Find out by taking  the initiation test!

The Illuminati are invisible puppet-masters and corporate manipulators, and they crave power and wealth by any means necessary. They may have ancient roots, but they remain forever young and hungry. The Illuminati’s golden agents enjoy power, money and glamour – but the real power they offer you goes beyond that: Information worked from every civilian, government and clandestine organization in the world.

To kick off the week, Funcom has released a batch of new Illuminati themed artworks that can be found on the  official website and on our  pressFTP. For the developer Q&A that will be held on Facebook on January 15th, gamers everywhere can already start submitting their questions today  via the ‘Questions & Answers’ app on the page.
‘The Secret World’ is consistently mentioned as one of the most anticipated MMOs in development, breaking new grounds and genre conventions by introducing a modern-day setting, a story-focused MMO experience, and a freeform progression system using no classes and no levels. Last year Funcom announced that over 500,000 gamers are now registered for the ongoing beta testing. ‘The Secret World’ is published by Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) and will ship in April 2012.

The Secret World Dev Journals: Into Darkness – An Exclusive Dragon Preview at MMORPG.com

The Dragon

“Change requires chaos, and chaos is ours to orchestrate.”

The Dragon is a mystery to most, even to those who consider themselves part of this secret society based in Seoul, South Korea. With agents scattered across the world, the Dragon is a force of nature, believing in the idea that seemingly insignificant events can trigger cataclysmic change — that a butterfly’s wings in Central Park can eventually cause a hurricane in the South Pacific.

Players are not so much recruited by the Dragon as press ganged into service for reasons unknown. The fortunate — or unfortunate — chosen are paid an unannounced visit by the Dragon’s silent monks, and then whisked away to South Korea, where a nondescript van leaves them stranded inside a neighbourhood of Seoul with, apparently, no exits. From here on in, players are expected to follow the clues and find the current headquarters of the Dragon, where they will learn more about their new destiny.

Unlike the Templars and the Illuminati, the Dragon has no permanent base. Its location shifts with each generation, as the organisation resets and begins anew. The only permanence is with the silent monks, who are tasked with finding a new leader and recruiting the agents and the army needed for the Dragon to fulfil its chaotic destiny. The Dragon issues few direct commands and expects their followers to live by the tenets of their society and to know instinctively how to accomplish their goals. For any new recruit, this may be confusing and even frightening, but it is the way of the Dragon.

Few get close to the Dragon’s head, and most interact only with his — for in this generation, it is a boy — right hand, who translates and communicates the thoughts of the Dragon to the body of the Dragon. The Dragon’s head is watched over by the silent monks, and they are fiercely protective, for without the head the body will also cease to be, and the cycle will have to begin anew.

There are many who serve the Dragon without knowing that they serve the Dragon, or even know what or who the Dragon is, and the player will meet some of these lost souls in the streets of Seoul. Pulled here by events large and small, they are part of a vast machinery of chaos. Their roles may be unclear to all, but they do have a role to play, and sooner or later their presence here will have an effect. The players are not as helpless, and they are given direction — if not direct commands — by the Dragon’s head, but even they will not yet know what role they ultimately have to play in the orchestration of chaos.

While the Templars and Illuminati are usually engaged in open war, the Dragon prefers subtelty and intrigue, playing its enemies up against each other and acting when they are distracted. Never cowardly, the Dragon simply believes that war is not always about brute force, but also about opportunity, and that it’s sometimes better to hold back and wait than to rush into battle.

The ancient origins of the Dragon lie somewhere in East Asia, though few know exactly where, when or even why they came to be. Divergent accounts from history provide fleeting glimpses of the Dragon’s modus operandi, though the history of the Dragon precedes modern society — perhaps even the dawn of this age.