HAWKEN – New Facility Map !

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Level Designer Tyler Buser introduces pilots to the new Facility map, coming May 9 with the Facility Update!

Deep in the Heidron District, this Sentium location is one of many resource extraction facilities built to harvest and process rare floating rock minerals. Set above the sprawling Haran cavorite mines, this facility finds itself isolated by a vast and deadly desert landscape that few dare to cross.

Facility is a symmetrical level. In the center of the environment lies the structure itself which boasts open air platforms above and tight interiors below. The missile silo’s triangular layout ensures that no capture point is ever too far to engage nor too safe to leave undefended.

The apex of the facility is both a powerful but vulnerable position. Be sure to harass snipers that take this position to keep them running for cover. Though dangerously exposed and uncertain, taking the high point is possible with a direct approach and brute force. Instead, players would be wise to utilize the facility’s interior to quickly access the roof and surprise unlucky snipers.

The facility’s central chamber has many entrances and exits. These routes make the interior a great means to traverse the complex without being noticed. However, these concealed routes can also attract heavier mechs that take advantage of the tight spaces, allowing them to corner and overwhelm their opponents.

The facility’s front missile silo features an exposed battlement that is a favorite of Rocketeers. While it can be easily flanked by the many converging paths that lead to it, if locked down this point can greatly influence the entire battle.


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