Custom Built Guild Wars 2 Gaming Rig –

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Custom Built Guild Wars 2 Gaming Rig –

Guild Wars 2 Press Beta – Skilled Warrior PVE [HD]

Guild Wars 2 Beta PVE gameplay from a Warrior perspective.

Many people who heard that ArenaNet was getting rid of the “Holy Trinity” aspect of traditional RPGs were skeptical. Just about every online RPG from Diku-Muds onward have featured specialized “Tanks” to absorb damage and Healers to recover the life lost.

Guild Wars 2 makes the health of your character almost entirely your responsibility. Utilizing both the evading system and positional skills you can theoretically dodge any attack thrown your way. Watch as the player dodges telegraphed boss moves and kick enemies away right before being hit rather than just standing there and taking a beating followed by a Healer playing whack a mole with his health bar.