Star Wars: The Old Republic – Earn Rewards for Being in a Guild!

Are you ready to earn valuable rewards for joining a guild? We’ve got great news! We’re excited to launch a new Guild Rewards Program which rewards player participation in guilds with in-game bonuses and benefits.

In this initial phase, players earn an additional 5% Guild XP Bonus for all experience gained while playing in a guild. So whether you’re already in a guild or are looking to join or create one, jump in now to take advantage of this bonus!

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Reserving Your Character Name for Guild Wars 2 – ArenaNet Blog


Ever since we announced the Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase program and Headstart Access, we’ve had a lot of questions about how name reservation will work for existing Guild Wars players. Here’s how it will work:

Character names in the Guild Wars universe work differently than they do in most other MMOs. Whereas in most MMOs character names are unique only within their world/server, in Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, character names are unique across the entire game. In Guild Wars 2, when a player acquires a name like Wizardex, he or she is acquiring it across all worlds. Clearly this places more importance on grabbing the name early.

Today no one actually has the name Wizardex, because all character names from the original Guild Wars were two words or more. All one-word names will be up for grabs at the start of the Guild Wars 2 Headstart Access period. But there are currently 20 million two-word names in use by existing Guild Wars players. We need a policy that allows dedicated players to hold on to their established names, while freeing up the bulk of names for the rush of Guild Wars 2 players who will come into the game at launch.

Thus our policy will simply be as follows: to preserve your character name from Guild Wars into Guild Wars 2, you must be an active Guild Wars player (more on that below), and you must create a Guild Wars 2 character with the same name as your Guild Wars character during the Headstart Access period or on launch day.

After launch day (and after we work through support tickets filed on launch day), we’ll free up the millions of unclaimed names for new Guild Wars 2 players to use.

To implement this name reservation system, we need to build a list of the character names of active Guild Wars players that we’ll reserve through launch day. We actually need to build that list a few weeks prior to the launch of Guild Wars 2.

So we’ll use the following very generous definition of active: Guild Wars players will be considered active—thus having their Guild Wars names reserved and available to claim during Headstart Access and on launch day—if they have logged into the game at least once between January 1, 2012 and the day we build the name reservation list.

We’ll warn the community before we build the list, but that’s irrelevant, because there’s no reason for anyone to wait. If you want to reserve character names from Guild Wars into Guild Wars 2, log in to the original game now so we know you’re active!

We’ll see you in-game,

The Guild Wars 2 Team

Reserving Your Character Name for Guild Wars 2 – ArenaNet Blog.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Announcing The Old Republic Guild Summit !

Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Today, we are pleased to announce the first ever Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Guild Summit, being hosted in Austin, TX in March. Over the course of a few days, guild leaders from around the world will gather together to discuss the state of the game with the developers from BioWare Austin. Guild leaders (or a designated officer in the event of a guild leader being unable to attend) will participate in Q&A sessions with developers, roundtable feedback discussions, and will get a preview of some upcoming game features.

The goal of the summit is to facilitate an open discussion between guild leaders and the game design team. This event will provide an opportunity for attendees to voice their feedback directly to the teams responsible for the design of Star Wars: The Old Republic, hear the team’s thoughts and reasons behind design decisions, and discuss the current direction of the game.

The Guild Summit will be hosted from March 4th – 6th, 2012 at the DoubleTree Hotel Austin. Due to space limitations, the event will be invite-only. We’ve already invited guilds of various backgrounds and sizes to the Summit, from Endgame to Role-playing to PvP guilds, but we’ve got some space left for additional guild leaders who wish to attend. We ask that interested leaders submit an application, which can be found at this link.* Guild leaders will be evaluated based on the information provided in their application.

While we welcome applications from guild leaders from anywhere in the world, please be advised that the Summit will be conducted entirely in English. Applications will be accepted until 11:59PM CST (GMT -6) on February 10th. If you have any questions regarding the event, send us an email at!

*Must be 21 or older to attend. Guild leaders selected to attend are responsible for all of their travel, food, and lodging expenses.

STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Last Chance to Finalize Your Guild

A few weeks ago we announced that Phase 3 of our Pre-Launch Guild Program had begun. Phase 3: Deployment allows guild members to see whether or not their guild qualifies for transfer into the game. As we approach Early Game Access for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, we want to remind all of you in guilds that the Pre-Launch Guild Program will end on December 2nd, 11:59PM CST so that guilds can be assigned to servers for Early Game Access.Read More

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STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Server types and PvP rulesets

There will be four different server types in Star Wars:The Old Republic. Here’s how they work generally, and details on how we’re dealing with roleplaying (RP) servers:PvE (Player vs Environment) – Players will have to manually flag themselves if they wish to engage in PvP outside of designated Warzones and Open World PvP areas.

PvP (Player vs Player) – Players are automatically flagged for PvP outside of the designated ‘safe’ areas (such as Origin Worlds, Capital Worlds, and the Republic/Imperial Fleets; see below for more info).

RP-PvE – Players are encouraged to roleplay and act ‘in-character’ while playing on an RP-PvE server. Players must manually flag themselves if they wish to engage in PvP outside of designated Warzones and Open World PvP areas.

RP-PvP – Players are encouraged to roleplay and act ‘in-character’ while playing on an RP-PvP server. Players are automatically flagged for PvP outside of the designated ‘safe’ areas (such as Origin Worlds, Capital Worlds, and the Republic/Imperial Fleets; see below for more info).

The pre-launch Guild Headquarters currently allows you to select between three different server types for your guild: PvE, PvP, and RP, which will determine your server placement during Phase 3: Deployment. During Deployment, we will be placing all eligible guilds that select ‘RP’ onto RP-PvE servers by default. If a guild wishes to exist on an RP-PvP server, they will need to create their guild manually on a new server once they reach their Capital World (Dromund Kaas or Coruscant) and create their guild.

The decision to make RP-PvP servers an option for players was made recently, which is why the choice was not available in the Guild Headquarters to start with. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but we hope you are as excited as we are to be able to choose this option for your guild in the game at launch.

PvP server rulesets

We also wanted to expand on what the PvP server ruleset means in The Old Republic. The obvious overarching rule is that in general, if you see a player of the opposite faction, you may immediately engage them in combat.

The exception to this rule is sanctuaries, which are large areas where PvP may not take place, regardless of whether you are flagged or unflagged for PvP. Examples of this are the Origin Worlds (Tython, Ord Mantell, Hutta, and Korriban), the Capital Worlds for both sides (Dromund Kaas and Coruscant), and the Republic/Imperial Fleets.

Hopefully this post helps inform your decision as to which server type you’d like to play on at launch. If you haven’t already, create a guild on the Guild Headquarters so that you can get placed on a server before the game launches!

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STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Server types and PvP rulesets.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Finalize Your Guild Now !

Last month we expanded our Pre-Launch Guild Program with the implementation of Phase 2: Alignment, where guilds could designate other guilds as allies or adversaries. Now, as Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ moves ever-closer to launch, we are excited to announce that we have initiated the first part of Phase 3: Deployment!

Phase 3: Deployment will see any guild that meets the pre-designated criteria be transferred into the game for launch. Before we begin this process, though, we want to give all of you who are in guilds the opportunity to make sure your guild meets the following requirement for transfer:

(NOTE: We have removed the additional requirement for the guild leader to log in to the website and verify that their guild remains active and wants to be imported.)

To help clear up any confusion as to whether or not your guild is ready for deployment, we have now given each guild page a small status indicator. This indicator will show you the number of people in your guild who have pre-ordered the game, and will inform you whether or not your guild meets the criteria for deployment into the game.

Now is the time to make sure that your guild meets the criteria to be transferred into the game so visit the Guild HQ now! Make sure to secure your copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic by visiting our Pre-Order page, and then redeem your Pre-Order Code at the Code Redemption Center to ensure that your guild is among the first to explore The Old Republic!

To learn more about guilds in The Old Republic, check out the Guilds Game System page for details and visit the Guilds FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.

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Hellgate Global Welcomes Tokyo Travelers with New Challenges this October

After the successful release of Hellgate Tokyo, Hellgate Global rewards its players with tons of new challenges
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LOS ANGELES – October 3, 2011

T3fun today announced a series of events that will challenge both new and veteran players of Hellgate Global. These challenges have been scaled up to the difficulty settings offered by Tokyo, and will surely keep players busy fighting and hunting during this upcoming month.

Breaking the Curse

This event is only available to players who have access to the Curse of Dawn mode. Players are tasked with killing Imhotep and Anaksunamun. As long as this is done in Nightmare Mode, players are allowed to finish the event in either solo or group play. Palladium, nano shards, and dark stones await the winners of this event!

Last Guild Standing

It is now time to see which guild in Hellgate Global has the fastest reflexes, the strongest team synergy, and the best builds! Team up with your guild mates and battle with other guilds to finally determine who will be the Last Guild Standing! This event is not just about the prizes that will be rewarded, but also about the honor you and your guild shall receive!

Boss Time Attack: New Challenge

Boss Time Attack is back! Tokyo bosses await players who are willing to take up the challenge. The trial is well worth it, because mod preservatives and skill reset items shall be given out as rewards!

New players will not be left out, either. This October, Hellgate Global will be bringing back four events designed to aid players in their struggle against the demonic invasion from Hell! The following events will be returning:

Daily Supplies

Supply Soldier Teo never fails to help new recruits in mankind’s battle against demons from hell. Every day, Supply Soldier Teo will give away supplies to all players of Hellgate Global.

Level and Be Rewarded

Every experience received and every level gained will not be in vain. Once a player reaches a specific level, players are rewarded with in-game items.

Condition EXP Bonus

Every day for the first hours after logging-in, players will be given an EXP bonus.

The Lucky Coupons

Farming has never been so rewarding. With the Lucky Coupon event, which will last until the second week of October, players have the chance to drop these coupons when defeating champion monsters. Upon collecting a specific amount of coupons, players may exchange them for luck boxes, giving players the chance to receive rare in-game items!

Players returning from the lands of Tokyo will be properly welcomed back this October. Hardcore challenges await the brave and the willing, while new and leveling players will have plenty to do during the returning events, earning them supply items and helping them to level up. Mankind’s war against demons has never been this challenging!

About Hellgate

Hellgate is an online, action RPG that allows you to play in a first-person or third-person perspective. Set 27 years into the future, an ancient prophecy made centuries ago has come true and the gates of hell have opened. Demons have overrun the world of man and roam our lands, destroying, pillaging and killing humans. With the world above ground abandoned, dark and burnt to hellfire, humans are forced into hiding to protect what remains of their race while making plans to take back a world that was once theirs. In the game, mankind escapes to the underground system under the sprawling metropolis of London. Prepare for a struggle for survival in a world that has become hell.

Opinion: Guild Wars 2 Fights The Subscription Racket

Opinion:  Guild Wars 2  Fights The Subscription Racket

[Gamasutra contributor Phill Cameron examines Guild Wars 2‘s subscription-free model, as ArenaNet lead content designer flatly asks, “If you’re paying a monthly fee for a game, what are you getting for your money?”]

ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 doesn’t have a subscription.

And Guild Wars 2 won’t be funded by microtransactions.

I didn’t realize the significance of those two facts until I finally got my hands on the game. It seems like they’re just payment options, seems like they’re just a nice big bonus for players that takes off some of the pressure that other MMOs exert down upon you. Instead, there’s a much more impressive revelation couched in those two little facts.

So far, MMOs have kind of been wasting your time.

You’ve got the almighty grind. Hours upon hours killing meaningless mobs to make a bar slowly tick upwards, and see your wallet grow ever fatter. You’ve got the endless trudging from location to location, nominally a way for them to attach the carrot of mounts to a stick protruding out of your back, but really just a way to tick off another ten minutes of your time. You’ve got the zen-like trance that you slip into while waiting for a battleground, waiting for a group, waiting for crafting to tick over, waiting, waiting, waiting…

MMOs have been wasting your time, because, quite literally, time is money. If you didn’t have all these little, cumulative time sinks, you might get bored. You might even, (gasp), cancel your subscription. So your time is wasted, just enough for you not to really mind, but enough to keep the spread of content thin enough to last to the end of the month.

Gosh, that sounds awfully cynical. But the wool has been lifted from mine eyes, and I have seen the true face of the massively multiplayer. Somehow, it’s all ok, though, because I’ve also seen the alternative.

Guild Wars 2 doesn’t waste your time. The fundamentals of how it works seem starkly obvious, in many ways, and the cynic in me is thinking that the reason they haven’t been implemented before is because they subvert the time sinks.

Take the Holy Trinity. Tank, Healer, DPS (damage per second). It’s becoming increasingly clear that the ‘Holy’ is there because to mess with it would be sacrilege. Guild Wars 2 does away with it, because, to quote Colin Johanson, lead content designer at NCsoft-owned Guild Wars studio ArenaNet: “The Holy Trinity, in a lot of ways, prevents you from playing with other people, because you spend a lot of time waiting for other players before you can play the game.”

It just makes sense. Why should I have to spend my time waiting half an hour for a tank, when I’m an elementalist with a firm grasp over the power of earth? I can just cake myself in rock, and bingo, I’m a tank. People are versatile. They adapt. Fixing them in place seems redundant.

“From day one we already knew we weren’t going to charge a subscription fee, and that’s informed our game,” Johanson said.

It’s the same fundamental approach that ArenaNet took with the similarly subscription-free original Guild Wars from 2005. That series — which sold a reported 6 million units total — relied primarily upon the sales of regularly-released, standalone installments to the franchise, rather than subscriptions or microtransactions.

That makes it sound like this is the franchise bucking the trend, allowing a business decision to dictate how the studio going to go about their design. However, the impression is that this is almost a liberation, that suddenly they’re not bound by how things have been. Building an MMO with a subscription in mind must be difficult, to say the least.

“MMOs have gotten away with it for all these years, and I think the question you have to ask is, if you’re paying a monthly fee for a game, what are you getting for your money? If you’re getting enough content and enough great service to make up for it, then fantastic. But if you’re not, you need to ask why you’re paying a monthly fee.”

Which could make it sound like Johanson is almost placing a safety net for Guild Wars 2, but it seems more like they’re using it to raise the watermark, show players that here is what you can get without a subscription fee. So what are you getting with one?

“The market is going to go where all the major games are going. If Guild Wars 2 is extremely successful, you’re going to see other games going without a monthly fee.” Which would almost imply that this has been a racket, all along. What, exactly, have we been paying for? Servers?

Apparently, not. “There’s an incorrect belief out there that it’s more expensive server-wise to run a giant open world game than it is to run an instanced game such as Guild Wars.” There’s a confidence about Johanson when he talks about the way MMOs are, an assured-ness that’s almost akin to an investigative journalist blowing open some great story.

“The server bandwidth now is getting reasonably inexpensive enough that you don’t need to charge a fee for online games,” he explained. “We made plenty of profit off Guild Wars 1, and that’s what we’re going to do with Guild Wars 2.”

From playing the game, I can’t see if there’s a con to going without a subscription fee. There are no obnoxious ads popping up telling me to buy an experience boost or some other game-altering bonus. There are no closed off areas with a price tag informing me that for a small fee I can have access to all that extra content. Of course, Guild Wars 2 isn’t a free to play game, but the difference in price of just one full retail copy (which subscription MMOs still charge for) to a continued subscription is phenomenal.

It’s easy to become somewhat indignant after realizing quite how much the minute to minute of previous MMOs have been dictated by their payment model. Easier still to resent them, but at the same time it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s only recently that the internet has become quite so fast. Perhaps subscriptions really were necessary five or so years ago, when we didn’t have fiber-optics veining the first world. That was then, though. Right now, things are different. We don’t have to stand for the subscription model saturating our online experience, and we certainly don’t have to pay for it.

Gamasutra – News – Opinion: Guild Wars 2 Fights The Subscription Racket.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Guild Alignment Begins


Back in March we initiated our Pre-Launch Guild Program, where members of the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ community could search for already established guilds or register one of their very own through the Guild Headquarters page. We are thrilled to announce that we have begun the second phase of our Pre-Launch Guild Program!

With Phase 2: Alignment, we are introducing new features which allow guilds to set their allegiance with other guilds in The Old Republic. Now a guild leader, along with members who have the proper permissions, can select up to three guilds as either Allies or Adversaries, depending on their faction affiliation. Qualifying guilds that are marked as Allies and Adversaries of other guilds will have the highest chance of being placed in the game together, allowing these guilds to coexist on the same server.

Another feature being implemented with Phase 2 is the ability for guild leaders and members with the proper permissions to invite friends to join their guild via email. You can start recruiting new members today!

To learn more about guilds in The Old Republic, check out the Guilds Game System page for details, and to search for or join a guild, visit the Guild HQ now! Also be sure to visit the Guilds FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.

Dark Sanity: Star Wars: The Old Republic PvP-RP Server Guild come join us !

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Guild First We expect all members to ensure that all actions they take are done in the mindset of ‘guild first’. We recruit the PERSON not the toon.Participate In Guild Events,PvP-RP, Warzones , PvE, flashpoints & Operations.Deadweight is not needed.You need to aid in the growth of the guild. Age 20 +

Only 3 rules!:

1) Anyone can run a EVENT,If you post it make sure you are ready to lead it or have someone who can do it for you! Every one has real lives. Don’t sit on your hands be proactive. Don’t wait for the leaders to log on to make the game fun for you, take initiative and go for it.

2) Don’t have the “Can I have it “on every drop attitude. Every one will get what they need.

3) RESPECT your guild mates at all times in Voice chat or guild chat, if you have a problem with them send them a tell to them and work it out. The guild will not put up with it and you will be kicked out.

We have one spot remaining for a officer position. Vampero and Seventy will pick who it will be. Looking for someone that is good with people.Someone that can lead when Vampero or Seventy can’t be around.Vampero rotates shifts so he will be on all hours. Pre-order beta weekend starts Sept that will give us a chance to get to know you.I have a mumble server to chat on.