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Gamers Can Broadcast Directly to Twitch Channels with a Click of a Button, Raptr Desktop App Powers Live Streaming Capabilities

San Francisco – July 18, 2013 – Raptr, the leading community for gamers, has integrated Twitch live broadcasting features into the Raptr Desktop App. Starting today, Raptr users can quickly and easily broadcast their gaming experiences directly to Twitch without the need for any additional software. The feature is now available through the Raptr Desktop App for PC at http://raptr.com/download.

“A goal of Twitch is to be wherever gamers are, whether it’s on laptops and handheld devices or integrated into gaming consoles and software,” said Emmett Shear, Twitch CEO. “By bringing live streaming functionality at the touch of a button to the Raptr Desktop App, it’s one more step in achieving this ubiquity for our brand while attracting a new batch of broadcasters from Raptr’s passionate community.”

Raptr’s innovative Desktop App serves as an in-game gateway to the web, allowing players to have a seamless experience simultaneously playing games and accessing web content and Raptr-exclusive tools. Using the Twitch widget in the Raptr Desktop App, Raptr users can broadcast live streams of hundreds of games to the Twitch community, including integrated chat functionality, and share them via Facebook, Twitter and the Raptr community.

“Twitch is the biggest destination for live gaming entertainment, so our partnership collectively brings together more than 50 million gamers to share and discuss the games they love,” said Dennis Fong, Raptr CEO and co-founder. “We’re always discovering new and unique ways to connect players, and this is the perfect opportunity for gamers to showcase their gamer rep.”

To start livestreaming on Raptr, please visit http://raptr.com/download.

Xbox One Exist Cause Of Gamers, Gamers Can Also Make You Disappear “We Come First”

He makes great points and if Xbox One team does not get it’s act together Xbox One will lose next Gen !

The title says it all watch the video, but here’s a special message.

Microsoft we love you , we support you, and as gamers we always had your back. Paying for Xbox Live every year, buying millions of copies of your games, standing on line for hours, working at job everyday spending our last to show loyalty and love to the brand.

Don’t forget what made you and don’t bite the hands that has fed you.

Create Your Own Achievements on GamrRank.com, Launched Today !

BioWare Vets Launch New Site that Helps Gamers Get Rewarded for Playing Games and Helps Developers Drive Community Engagement

After attracting more than 10,000 gamers from around the world to its closed beta phase, GamrRank.com is live. Created by a team comprised largely of former BioWare staff, GamrRank seeks to help players get rewarded for… well, playing games, and for being part of the global gamer community.

In addition to defining the Ultimate Rank in Games via the titular “GamrRank” (see About GamrRank below), the site gets incredibly meta, turning the act of playing games into a game of its own through Challenges and Medals. Anyone can create a Challenge on GamrRank, challenging other players to upload videos of in-game feats. Medals are meta-achievements, allowing gamers to live the dream of being a game designer by creating achievements that span games – “earn achievement X in game 1 and achievement Y in game 2,” for example.

Each week, GamrRank unleashes new official Medals and Challenges for hot new games, with prizes to be won. More than $2,000 in cash and prizes are up for grabs in our current Challenge, and a talented gamer could win $1,000 by uploading a video based on Hitman: Absolution. Who’s up for the Challenge?

Developers and Publishers
Developers and publishers can tap into the platform to drive community engagement, help game discovery, reward players and better understand their audience. For a very low rate (seriously… like $5-10) they can create custom-branded Challenges and Medals, rewarding players with beta keys, free products, swag or anything else they can dream up. Developers and publishers can signup at http://partners.GamrRank.com for early access to our Partners Portal.
Visit GamrRank.com now to sign up. It’s free, and you can even just sign up with Facebook. That’s pretty easy.

About GamrRank
Gaming credibility comes from not only what you say, but what you play and what people think of your activity. Developed by a small and passionate team with more than 50 combined years of experience in the video game industry, GamrRank is the ultimate rank in gaming, as it reflects what you play with your standing in the gaming community.

At the heart of the site is the GamrRank, which combines players’ in-game activity across a multitude of platforms with their social media activity to form one handy rank. It’s like when Grimlock, Heavy Load, Hightower and Wedge combine to form Landfill (you may only get that reference if you’re over the age of 30). It’s not just about playing games – it’s also about talking to other gamers, uploading and interacting with YouTube videos and more. Visit http://gamrrank.com to get started.