This is LEGO Minifigures Online

COMING SUMMER 2014! Want to know what LEGO® Minifigures Online is all about? This narrated tour gives you a sneak peek into some of the things you will get to do and places you will get to visit in the game when it becomes available next year.

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– Issue #7: ‘A Dream to Kill’ is now live, featuring a brand new storyline in Transylvania, dramatic snowmobile chases, deadly flamethrowers, and creepy little dolls –
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Oslo, Norway – July 9th, 2013 –  Funcom is excited to announce that the seventh major content update for  ‘The Secret World’ is now LIVE! In Issue #7 : ‘A Dream to Kill’ you can live out your secret agent fantasies by jumping off an exploding bridge, going on a highly weaponized snowmobile chase through the Transylvanian mountains, learning to use the new Flamethrower Auxiliary Weapon and pulling off a daring escape from a secretive villain.

Issue #7 : ‘A Dream to Kill’  takes you on a long journey through Transylvania where you get to explore the brand new storyline and uncover hidden Orochi experiments gone horribly wrong. Reveal layer after layer of deception and learn dark secrets that have been hidden for thousands of years. This is another exciting chapter in the fascinating story of  ‘The Secret World’  that you do not want to miss!

Catch the latest preview video of Issue #7: ‘A Dream to Kill’ narrated by Game Director Joel Bylos to get a look at some of the great new content:

The update contains much more than the many new missions in Transylvania. You can acquire the brand new Flamethrower Auxiliary weapon, which is great for doing damage over time to groups of enemies. The Flamethrower can also slow opponents down, cover them in oil or lay down a wall of fire!

Issue #7 lets everyone hear the winners of our  Get your Music in the Game competition in the in-game record shop in London, and a great banner is put up in the shop to honor the winners.

This update also sets the stage for the continuation of the storyline in the upcoming Tokyo playfield. Filth is leaking from the Agartha portal to Tokyo and in the coming weeks and months the players will have to fight against the foul creatures of the Filth in several events before they can gain access to Tokyo itself.

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Read More about Issue #7: ‘A Dream to Kill’ here


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–Travel through time and visit ancient Egypt, fight on top of moving trains and battle enemies with your new whip in the latest content update for ‘The Secret World’ –

Durham, USA – February 22nd, 2013 –  Funcom is exited to reveal an exclusive preview of the next upcoming update for ‘The Secret World’ – Issue #6;  The Last Train to Cairo. In this action filled update which is set to launch in early March, players will get to fight atop moving trains, travel back in time to ancient Egypt to secure powerful artifacts, fight with the awesome new Whip Auxiliary Weapon, reap great new rewards for Veterans and Recruiters and face down a new and terrible monster from another dimension in an epic raid size encounter!

You know what they say: only in  ‘The Secret World’, right?

We have put together a juicy preview article divulging some of the details on all the good stuff players will get to experience in Issue #6, and we have also released the inspiring cover for the issue! In addition the article includes fresh screenshots and goes into detail on several new and important features.

Catch the Preview Article on Issue #6 here

Issue #6;  The Last Train to Cairo  is scheduled for release in early March. Its focus is a new, deep and revealing story in The Scorched Desert in Egypt, containing many missions and several side missions. The players are facing off against the crazed cultists of the dark god Aten. The Atenists and their prophet are hatching a scheme which threatens the entire world. Everything hinges on stopping the  Last Train to Cairo. The update contains many other features and new content as well, read the new article for a Preview and stay tuned for the upcoming release.

In December last year,  ‘The Secret World’ moved to a buy-to-play business model, completely doing away with the subscription requirement. Visit for more information.
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Players to compete for getting their music into The Secret World !

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The Get your music in the game competition has just started for The Secret World. Members of the community are encouraged to submit their own music creations for consideration, and the winners will get to have their contributions shared in-game with thousands and thousands of other players.

Check out the news story detailing the rules here

There are several locations in The Secret World where modern music can be heard, such as shops, bars, diners and nightclubs etc. The music sent in by the winners will be implemented in such fitting locations in-game, where anyone can hear them.

Funcom’s Audio Director Simon Poole will evaluate the contributions and be the main judge for choosing the winners. You know his work from The Secret World Soundtrack or his editing and mastering of the music in videos such as the launch trailer.
“There are a lot of talented and dedicated people in the community, and we are lucky to have a game like The Secret World where their music can fit in perfectly.” says Audio Director Simon Poole. “We already have many artists contributing with their music to the game, and to now give players the opportunity to let their music sound across the radios of The Secret World is even more exciting.”

For more information about The Secret World check out the official website:

The Secret World – ‘Issue 5’

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The newest update to The Secret World, Issue #5, has just gone live. Log in now to check out some of the awesome stuff awaiting you, such as a new Auxiliary Weapon – the Quantum Brace, fresh missions and a brand new and revealing story arc.

But that is not all you get with Issue #5. On the 21st of December all Hell breaks loose both in the real world and the virtual. The apocalypse is coming just as the Mayans predicted. In The Secret World this will take the form of an End of Days event filled with new monsters and challenges.

The Event will run from the 21st and will last until The Secret World’s servers are destroyed by rampaging zombies or until a new dawn rises on the world once again. A competition will be running during the event, and the players who do the most to stem this tide of darkness will get unique rewards.

Catch the new preview video of Issue #5, narrated by Game Director Joel Bylos, to get a sneak peek at what is awaiting you in this update and the coming End of Days event.

End of Days Event!

On the 21st of December the dead will rise and the Harbingers will come. The End of Days is here and you must all fight for your survival or perish beneath the weight of rotting corpses.

The Oxford archeologists in the Scorched Desert and the Morninglight have important tasks for you. Slay the newly risen Mayan zombies, the roaming Harbingers and the god of the nine Underworlds and be rewarded with special loot and prizes.

Read more about the event in its developer blog here.

New Auxiliary Weapon

Warp time and space itself with the powerful Quantum Brace. Help out Moose and Edgar in Kingsmouth with their experiments and build the new Auxiliary Weapon yourself through trial and error. Each attack of the Quantum Brace exists in two states – hit successfully with one and the icon on your action bar will change and reveal a follow up attack. The Quantum Brace is great for doing damage to both single targets and groups, but can also be an especially handy tool for healers.

The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn

The blogger and resident of Solomon Island, Tyler Freeborn, has been doing his own investigating into the rising darkness and is especially interested in what lies behind the ominous fog which is surrounding the island.

Follow in his footsteps and uncover another crucial piece of the puzzle that is The Secret World. This new story arc contains several missions and ends with a revealing climax no one should miss.

And much much more…

Contact Tanis to experience a new sabotage mission in the Scorched Desert. Get to the bottom of what the Phoenicians are up to and what the undead weapons dealer Said has to do with it all. Or you can head over to the Shadowy Forest and speak with Alina. She offers a new Investigation mission, where you help her break free of her Morninglight past. But that is not all; Issue #5 also makes all Investigation missions repeatable and includes the handy improvement of letting you bind hotkeys to inventory items for easy use in battle.

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The Secret World Subscription Changes /F2P FAQ

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What is now required to be able to play The Secret World?

Everyone who has purchased (or will purchase) the game can now enjoy the full game without being required to sign-up for a monthly fee. This means that all of the heralded story-line and all of the game content available right now can be played as you please without requiring any additional payment.

Are there any restrictions to what a free player has access to?

No. You have access to all the content available right now, including all playfields, all missions; you may enter all lairs, participate in raids, learn all abilities, use all equipment and so on.

What is a ‘Membership’?

For those dedicated to the game there is an optional Membership available which also includes some great items and services:

  • ‘The Time Accelerator’. This clickable item increases experience gain for defeating monsters by 100% for 1 hour and has a 16 hour cool-down. This item can only be used by Members and Grand Masters.
  • $10 worth of Bonus Points given out every month which can be used towards any product in the Item Store of The Secret World (bonus points are valid for 6 months).
  • Membership Item-of-the-month gift (given out every month).
  • 10% discount to everything in the Item Store except Content Packs or other Packs (discounts to the Item Store do not stack with other offers).

How much does a Membership cost?

There are several offers for different durations of a Membership. The current prices are as follows:

  • 1 month 14.99 USD/EUR
  • 3 month 38.97 USD/EUR (12.99 USD/EUR per month)
  • 6 month 71.94 USD/EUR (11.99 USD/EUR per month)
  • 12 month 119.88 USD/EUR (9.99 USD/EUR per month)

The EUR price includes VAT where applicable.

What about Grand Masters?

The Grand Master Lifetime Option continues to yield all the benefits given to Members and more! As a Grand Master customer you receive everything that Membership customers get, every month, lifelong. In addition to that we have increased the Item Store discount to 20% for everything in the Item Store except Content Packs or other Packs.

I already bought an Initiate Pack in December 2012. Why was that not free?

Anyone who has purchased the Initate Pack in December 2012 before the offer was launched, will be reimbursed with 1800 bonus points to their game accounts.

What will this discount in the Item Store be valid for?

What used to be a discount of 10% discount to only social items in the Item Store has now been extended to be a discount on everything in the store. As Members are getting a 10% discount to everything in the store, Grand Masters will receive 20% discount to everything in the store!

When are items-of-the-month given out to Members and Grand Masters?

If you are a Member or a Grand Master you will receive the items on the first patch day of every month (currently the first Tuesday of every month). If you are playing the game without a Membership, the item will be given to you immediately when you sign up for Membership or become a Grand Master. The first gift is available now and can be claimed through the Item Store.

Are the free Bonus Points for members included with the first 30 days of the game?

No, the monthly Bonus Points are only given out when additional Membership and/or Grand Master is purchased. However, by completing 30 missions you unlock the similar level of Bonus Points – so there’s a motivator to play. The client fee includes the full game (including issue 1 through 4) as well as 30 days of Membership. Until the end of December issue 5 will also be included for anyone with a registered full account.

Are there other motivators for new players?

Yes, in addition to the 30-mission reward, there is also the challenge of taking down the Ur-draug. He is the final boss of the first dungeon in the game, and being able to complete this challenge yields a special reward called “The Whispering Demon Ring”. This powerful ring gives a fixed XP gain increase for new players and is a great way for new players to get a feel for what is in store deeper into the storyline.

What happens with my remaining Subscription time?

Your current subscription will be automatically transferred to the new Membership program. As such your account will be credited with 1200 bonus points, you can immediately claim the Time Accelerator item and your Membership gift of the month. The 1200 bonus points will be credited to your account on Dec. 12th, 2012. After that you will get 1200 points every 30 days from your renewal of the Membership.

What about future content updates?

Periodically we will release packs of DLC (Downloadable Content). The main content in these packs will be a story leading to unique rewards/items through missions. These packs are fully optional and can be purchased for the Bonus Points that are included in the optional Membership, as well as with the points offered with Grand Master Lifetime service. Players without a Membership or a Grand Master Service can of course as well purchase new DLC content in the Item Store.

When can the first DLC content be expected?

The first DLC will start selling in January 2013, and is the main storyline of Issue #5. However, this content will already be fully unlocked for anyone who has a full game account registered before the end of December 2012.

Besides DLCs, will there also still be regular content updates to The Secret World?

Definitely! Regular patches with free content and updates and enhancements to the core game will continue.

Funcom Oliver ‘Tarib’ Kunz
Senior Community Manager The Secret World Website | Social Guidelines | Customer Service
The Secret World on Facebook| The Secret World on Twitter

The Secret World Subscription Changes – FAQ – The Secret World Forums.

The Secret World – Pay Once, Play Forever!

Subscription is no longer required to play The Secret World! Purchase it today and enjoy everything the game has to offer without ever having to pay a monthly fee again. Pay once, play forever — it’s that simple!

For more information, head over to

The Secret World – Issue #2

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Issue #2: Digging Deeper is the second content update for Funcom’s modern-day massively multiplayer online game ‘The Secret World’. This issue introduces several new missions, the rocket launch auxiliary weapon, the ability to visit a plastic surgeon and a barbershop to alter your character’s appearance, and more.

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Funcom reveals details on first content update to ‘The Secret World’ coming July 31st !

We are excited to be able to share with you details on the content that will go into the first update for ‘The Secret World’ coming July 31st. These content updates are called Issues, and the first Issue (titled ‘Unleashed’) will contain several exciting investigation missions, nightmare mode for two more dungeons, a marketplace feature and much more!

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Issue #1 is the first of many updates to come, and Funcom revealed earlier this week that the company will be introduce a new update every month going forward.
See the full list of what is included in Issue #1 below this month’s Issue artwork.

‘Unleashed’ kicks off a monthly run that brings new content, new features, new stories and new characters to The Secret World and to subscribers. The first issue is packed with missions, Nightmare mode dungeons, the highly anticipated Marketplace and other updates – and this is just the beginning!


  • Carter Unleashed: An action mission set at the Innsmouth Academy on Solomon Island, where the player gets to know more about the exceptionally gifted student Carter. Exploring the hallway below the academy, Carter will need help controlling her powers – before they get completely out of hand.
  • Crime and Punishment: Bestselling horror author Sam Krieg came to Solomon Island to write his latest novel – but there’s more to it than that. Through this investigation, the player will dig into Krieg’s works and the mind of an obsessed fan to learn more about the dark and hidden history of Solomon Island.
  • Hell & Bach: Daredevil reporter Daniel Bach is working on the story of all stories, his shot at finally winning a Pulitzer. For years, he’s been chasing the ghost of Theodore Wicker, only to end up trapped at the Overlook Motel outside Kingsmouth Town. But Wicker’s story doesn’t end here – nor did it start here. Following the bread crumbs back in time, the player will investigate the mystery of Wicker, and learn more about what brought him to the gates of hell…and beyond.
  • Funeral Crasher: Eleanor Franklin only has her cats and her ghosts to keep her company at her mansion in Blue Mountain – and now the ghosts are getting restless. When the dead themselves are spooked, the living must pay heed.
  • The 3rd Age: There have been Ages before ours, and the evidence lies beneath. In Egypt, the sand is thin, and the remnants of past Ages are beginning to spread their influence across the world. The Seven Sentinels hold the key to an investigation that begins in the present, and delves deep into the distant past.
  • Red Handed: It wasn’t chance that brought Dr Varias to this distant part of the Carpathians at this particular point in time. Following in his father’s footsteps, Varias is attempting to unravel the mystery of the Red Hand. Why did they build a vast facility beneath this desolate region? What were they doing here? And how was Varias’ father involved? In this investigation, we answer some burning questions about this secret Soviet era genetic research project – and how it ties into the events of the present.

But that’s not all! Another mission awaits observant players on Solomon Island – one that explores a character that may be more than she pretends to be…

Two dungeons are receiving new Nightmare modes: The Ankh and Hell Fallen.
Increased challenges, increased rewards, and a chance to test new builds, new synergies and to put your team to the test against some of the toughest and fiercest challenges in The Secret World!

Who will be the first to conquer The Ankh and Hell Fallen in Nightmare mode? When ‘Unleashed’ is unleashed, we will find out!

Unleashed also contains the brand new, cross-dimensional Marketplace, allowing players to sell, trade and ship items to other players, no matter where they’re playing. The Marketplace will be an integral part of The Secret World’s growing economy, giving players more flexibility when it comes to how they equip their characters, and how they procure PAX.

Of course, issue #1 is jam-packed with other updates and changes – and astute players may even notice the ongoing construction in New York, London and Seoul, as new tenants prepare to move in. The Secret World is a LIVING world, and it will keep growing and changing through this issue and all upcoming, monthly issues.
And this is only the beginning. Issue #2 is already on its way, and if you like this month’s content, you’re going to LOVE what’s next! Dr Aldini is sharpening his scalpels, the Ockham triplets are readying their scissors and razors, and the first auxiliary weapon is being assembled – so stay tuned for August’s major update, to be revealed soon!

The Secret World issue #1: ‘Unleashed’ goes live on July 31st, and is available for free to all players.


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Funcom signs license agreement with the LEGO Group to develop MMO game based on the hugely popular LEGO® Minifigures line of collectible play materials –

Durham, USA – June 28th, 2012 – Funcom, a world leading independent developer and publisher of online games, is excited to announce that the company has signed a license agreement with the LEGO Group, one of the world’s most successful manufacturers of play materials, to develop a massively multiplayer online game based on the hugely popular LEGO® Minifigures franchise.

LEGO® Minifigures are the inhabitants of an unimaginable number of spectacular creations put together by both kids and grown-ups over the past several decades. Whether it is a knight in shining armor, a brave firefighter or just an oddball in a gorilla suit, these figures breath life into elaborately constructed cities, castles and even space stations around the world. The LEGO Group estimates that 340 million minifigures will be produced in 2012 (including minifigures not part of the LEGO® Minifigures collectibles).

The massively multiplayer online game that Funcom will develop based on the LEGO® Minifigures franchise will focus on maximum accessibility. Funcom and the LEGO Group will work together to make the game available to consumers in their online channels and will be coordinating activities to provide a broad and enhanced experience for the product line. The game will be a prominent part of the LEGO® Minifigures online experience which already has millions of unique visitors per month.

“The market for family-friendly online experiences intended for children and youngsters is brimming with potential,” says Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas. “Being able to work with a world-renowned brand such as the LEGO® brand to develop an MMO for this audience is incredibly exciting to us as game developers and for Funcom as a company. This is source material we all know and love and we simply cannot wait to get started working with the LEGO Group on realizing this exciting project.”

For more information about Funcom please visit More information about LEGO® Minifigures can be found on the official website.

Funcom logo

Funcom logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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– Everyone registered for The Secret World beta before June 22nd will be able to join the battle for world domination in the largest Beta Weekend yet –

Durham, USA – June 19th, 2012 –‘The Secret World’, the highly anticipated modern-day massively multiplayer online game of myths, legends and conspiracies, draws ever closer to its July 3rd release date. In preparation for launch, Funcom is excited to announce that the fourth and final Beta Weekend – titled ‘The Battle Begins’ – will be made open to all of the more than 1.3 million gamers who have signed up to beta test ‘The Secret World’. Guaranteed access to the final Beta Weekend will also be given to everyone registering via the game’s official website by June 22nd (use the beta sign-up form on the right).

‘The Secret World Beta Weekend #4: The Battle Begins’ starts at 9am PDT on June 22nd and runs for almost three entire days until 11.59pm PDT on June 24th. During that time players will be able to experience all the content that has been included in the three previous Beta Weekends, such as all three secret society starter experiences, the town of Kingsmouth, the Savage Coast and the Polaris and Hell Raised dungeons. Brand new this weekend is the inclusion of player vs. player gameplay, where the secret societies must duke it out in legendary locations such as Stonehenge and Eldorado. Participants will also get to experience the persistent player vs. player war zone of Fusang Projects, where over two hundred players clash together in a massive struggle for server-wide power. The outcome of these battles affects all players belonging to the victorious secret society, across the server.

The previous Beta Weekend – titled ‘Hell Raised’ – ran from June 15th to June 17th and saw the highest number of players yet participating and is undoubtedly the most successful event yet.

“The game is definitely living up to our expectations, and it appears this is a sentiment we share with our testers as well,” says Funcom SVP of Sales & Marketing Morten Larssen. “The playtime per participant during the last Beta Weekend was very impressive, shattering all records from previous Beta Weekends or even beta events from our previous games. This is a strong indication of the engagement and depth of the gameplay experience. Beta surveys have shown that four out of five players will recommend the game to their friends, something we find remarkably positive and a true testament to the quality of the game and the amazing work the team has done.”

‘The Secret World’ is consistently mentioned as one the most highly anticipated MMOs in development. The highly engaged and active community surrounding the game continues to grow quickly, and hundreds of thousands of community members have already sworn allegiance to their secret society through online initiation tests as well as ‘The Secret War’ Facebook-powered pre-launch social experience that saw over 250.000 participants actively engage in the conflict for their secret society.

In well over one hundred hands-on previews throughout the international gaming press the past eight months, ‘The Secret World’ has been heralded as “one of the most distinctive MMO’s of the last 10 years” (Videogamer) and world-leading online gaming site went on to predict that “The Secret World is going to take the world by storm and set new standards in excellence in gameplay.” The game has also been singled out as one of the most anticipated games of 2012 by gaming sites such as G4TV, VideoGamer, and RockPaperShotgun.


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– The third Beta Weekend for ‘The Secret World’ invites players to explore vast new regions, new storylines and the ‘Hell Rising’ dungeon experience – – 1.3 million gamers registered to beta test, shattering all previous Funcom records –

Durham, USA – June 12th, 2012 – Funcom is thrilled to invite thousands of gamers from all over the world into the bowels of hell itself, in the third Beta Weekend for the company’s highly anticipated modern-day massively multiplayer online game  ‘The Secret World’. Starting on June 15th at 9am PDT and ending on June 17th at 11.59pm PDT, gamers will be able to explore a wealth of new content that was not available in the two previous Beta Weekends, including the Dragon and Illuminati starter experiences.

Whereas players in previous Beta Weekends got to sample only the Templar starter experience and the troubled town of Kingsmouth, this weekend the game will be opened up to include the massive region known as The Savage Coast, as well as two epic dungeons: The Polaris and Hell Rising. This represents only a fraction of the content available at launch, but still spans over dozens upon dozens of hours of pure gameplay. The best way to gain access to the Beta Weekend is to pre-order  ‘The Secret World’. This grants access to all Beta Weekends leading up to launch. Funcom is also teaming up with major partners all over the world this week, including world-leading hardware manufacturer NVIDIA, to conduct a massive giveaway of keys that will enable play for this weekend only.

Funcom is also excited to share that over 1.3 million gamers are now registered as potential beta testers for  ‘The Secret World’, shattering all previous company records including that of its previous MMO  ‘Age of  Conan’. The company is regularly inviting more and more from this pool of people into the ongoing and very successful Closed Beta. A recent survey among the tens of thousands of testers, who have played in the Closed Beta, confirms that the vast majority is enjoying the game and will play it at launch.

“We are very encouraged by both the numbers of beta registrations and the positive feedback we are getting from our testers,” says Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas. “The fact that so many gamers want to play  ‘The Secret World’ combined with the high purchase intent among testers is something we consider a very positive indicator.”

The company can also share today that  ‘The Secret World’ has now gone GOLD, and that production of physical units have started and that these will soon be rolled out to retail in preparation of launch on July 3rd. For those who have pre-ordered, Early Access will commence on June 29th as planned.


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The story continues in Kingsmouth with all new characters, storylines and missions, Funcom teams up with major websites all over Europe for massive key giveaway –

Durham, USA – May 15th, 2012 – Funcom is excited to announce that the next Beta Weekend for its upcoming modern-day massively multiplayer online game  The Secret World’  will start on May 18th at 9am PDT / 6pm CET and run until Sunday May 20th at 11.59pm PDT / May 21st 8.59am CET. During this Beta Weekend players get to pick up where they left off with the same character they played during the first Beta Weekend, as they get to meet all-new characters in Kingsmouth each with their own unique missions and storylines.

The best way to gain access to the Beta Weekend is to pre-order  ‘The Secret World’. This grants access to all Beta Weekends leading up to launch. Funcom is also teaming up with major websites all over Europe this week to conduct a massive giveaway of keys for this weekend only, and this is a great way for gamers to have a look at the game before pre-ordering.

Sites running this exclusive giveaway include  Buffed (DE),  JeuxVideo (FR),  PC Gamer (UK),  Gamer (NO),  Daily Rush (DK),  Fragzone (SE) and  Peliplaneetta(FI). Gamers in North America can get a key from the major MMO gaming site  Curse. Visit  the game’s official website for a complete list of partners.

Funcom executed a successful first Beta Weekend from May 11th to May 13th, both in terms of player numbers, feedback and technical stability on both client and server side. The company is also encouraged by the fact that this Beta weekend saw higher player numbers, longer play-times and higher return visits than for beta week-ends conducted for its previous MMO,  “Age of Conan”. Funcom also teamed up with the world’s largest gaming site GameSpot to bring thousands of keys for the first Beta Weekend to its readers. During the Beta Weekend  ‘The Secret World’ featured as the most popular game overall on the site, and as of today the game has a higher number of active followers on GameSpot than any other massively multiplayer online game in development.

“The results from the first Beta Weekend are very encouraging,” says Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas. “The majority of the feedback we have received from players is very positive, and also looking at it from a development perspective the Beta Weekend was undoubtedly a major success for the company.”

The international gaming press has also been playing  ‘The Secret World’ for the past week, and many of them have provided their impressions. Leading gaming site GamesRadar says in their preview that they have  “…just started to scratch the surface of  ‘The Secret World’, and already, we’re awfully impressed.” Leading MMO site ZAM says in their preview that  “…  ‘The Secret World’ is a tremendously immersive experience that will invite you in to stay.”

You can find a list of coverage  on the official site.


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First Public Beta Weekend kicks off May 11th, Funcom teams up with world-leading gaming website Gamespot to give away 100,000 keys to gamers in the US, UK and Australia

GUILDFORD, UK – May 10th, 2012 – Funcom is thrilled to announce that one million gamers are now registered for The Secret World beta tests. This impressive number confirms the game’s position as one of the most highly anticipated massively multiplayer online games in the world, and the number is also significantly higher than what Funcom’s previous MMO ‘Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures’ saw at the same time in its pre-launch development phase.

“Shattering our previous beta records gives us great hope for The Secret World’s launch and its future,” says Funcom SVP of Sales & Marketing, Morten Larssen. “Combining this positive number with the excellent feedback we have received from both beta testers and the press that have played the game, make us very optimistic for a successful launch of The Secret World.”

In addition to these impressive beta registration numbers, Funcom can also share that in just over a month nearly two million unique visitors have come to Funcom’s ‘The Secret World’ websites. Interest has also grown tremendously on the back of ‘The Secret War’ social media experience that has seen almost 250,000 users register to take active part in the interactive pre-launch community initiative, and the experience has been visited almost two million times in just three weeks.

This coming Friday, May 11th, Funcom will be kicking off the first of several Beta Weekends where gamers get to sample parts of the content and gameplay that will be featured in ‘The Secret World’ when it launches on June 19th this year.
Everyone pre-ordering the game will get to play each of these Beta Weekends, and more content is added from one weekend to the next leading up to launch.

Funcom has also teamed up with world-leading gaming website GameSpot who are giving out 100,000 keys to gamers in the US, UK and Australia this week on this giveaway page. GameSpot has also posted a video preview of ‘The Secret World’ and will be following up with exclusive coverage later this week.

In the first Beta Weekend, named ‘Kingsmouth Calling’, players will get to join the Templar secret society starting out in London, before they get to visit parts of Solomon Island to investigate the mysterious events that have occurred there. Players will get to play around with the groundbreaking progression system that is free of restrictions such as classes and levels, and will have the chance to experience the unique storyline that ‘The Secret World’ offers. More details on the event can be found on our website.

Gaming Phanatic News Are Giving Away The Secret World Beta Codes For This Weekend !

The Secret World Beta Codes For This Weekend ! Good luck everyone ! I made it so you can’t copy and paste ! Little work and luck to get them ! Thanks for coming to my site !

Thank you , Vampero

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The Secret World : Beta Weekend #1: “Kingsmouth Calling” – Starting May 11th!

Beta Weekend #1: “Kingsmouth Calling” - Starting May 11th!

The Secret World is getting closer and closer to launch, and this Friday we’re kicking off the very first Beta Weekend!

Starting Friday May 11th at 9am PDT and running until Sunday May 13th at 11:59pm PDT, you will be able to jump into The Secret World and play the game yourself. The best way to ensure that you get to play this weekend is to pre-order the game, which grants access to this first one as well as all upcoming Beta Weekends. You can pre-order directly here on the site.

Kingsmouth Calling

This Beta Weekend, titled Kingsmouth Calling, will allow you to experience the game as an initiate of the Templars. After being instructed on your task in your secret society’s headquarters, you are sent through the Hollow Earth to arrive on Solomon Island, a small place off the coast of New England.

Templars HQ in London

Here the small town of Kingsmouth is under siege and you must discover what dark force lies behind it all. A strange fog has come in from the ocean and death has followed in its wake. The dead are rising. The monsters of the forest are stirring. An ancient and terrible power is awaking.

Some brave islanders are still fighting for survival against the dark forces, but they are completely cut off from the rest of the world. You can help them in their struggle, or investigate purely for selfish reasons. Team up with any of the thousands of other players also joining the Beta Weekend, or go solo and enjoy it at your own pace. The choice is yours.

This first Beta Weekend gives but a glimpse of the wealth of content and gameplay that will be available in The Secret World at launch.

During this Beta Weekend players get to explore London and Kingsmouth. London is one of three hub cities in the game, and home to the Templars. In later Beta Weekends players will also get to play the Illuminati in New York and the Dragon in Seoul.

London in The Secret World

Kingsmouth is one of three regions on Solomon Island, and Solomon Island is just one of the world locations in The Secret World. At launch players will get to explore other world locations such as Egypt and Transylvania, in addition to the many dungeons in the game.

Kingsmouth in The Secret World

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If you’re not quite ready to commit to a pre-order you should know that we are also giving away a limited number of keys exclusively together with GameSpot. Please note that these keys only grant access to the first Beta Weekend. The best way to ensure access to all Beta Weekends is by pre-ordering the game. Character progress will be saved from one Beta Weekend to the next, allowing you experience more content without starting again.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is a Beta Weekend?

  • Funcom will be running several Beta Weekends leading up to launch. During these weekends you will be able to sample a part of the content and gameplay in The Secret World. More content is added from one weekend to the next and character progress is also saved between each Beta Weekend.

2. How many will participate in this Beta Weekend?

  • Thousands! In addition to everyone who have pre-ordered and all of those who have reached Secret Agent rank in our The Secret War social experience, we are also giving away thousands of keys through GameSpot.

3. How do I install the game?

  • Once you have your key, visit and either create a new Funcom account with the key or apply it to your existing Funcom account. After you have done this you will have a link to download the Beta Weekend client. Download it, install and run the game to patch up to the newest version and you’re good to go. We suggest doing this before the May 11th start date.

4. Where can I get a key to join the Beta Weekend?

  • The best way to get a key is to pre-order the game. By doing so you are also guaranteed to be able to join all Beta Weekends not just this first one.

5. How long will the servers be open?

  • This Beta Weekend will begin on Friday the 11th of May at 9am PDT and last until Sunday the 13th of May at 11:59pm PDT.

6. Will there be a NDA for this Beta Weekend?

  • No, you are free to tell anyone about what you experience in this Beta Weekend. We encourage you to spread the word and take both screenshots and video.

7. Is there anywhere we can discuss the Beta Weekend with other participants?

  • There will be section in the official forums dedicated to the Beta Weekends. This will be open to everyone, not just those playing in the Beta Weekends.

8. What are the system requirements?

  • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.4 GHz or better, or equivalent AMD CPU
  • RAM: 2GB (Windows XP) or 3GB (Windows Vista, Windows 7)
  • HD: At least 30GB of free space
  • VIDEO: nVidia 8800 series/Radeon HD3850 or better, minimum 512MB VRAM

9. Does the Beta Weekend represent the final game?

  • No, it’s important to note that the Beta Weekend is still beta and there will be content, features and polish missing that will be in the version that launches on June 19th. The content in this first Beta Weekend is also limited to London and Kingsmouth. More content will be available in later Beta Weekends.

10. It’s not working! Where can I get help?

  • If you are having issues in-game, please type /petition and this will bring up the support interface. You can also head over to Beta Weekends section on the official forums (available by May 11th) and ask your questions there. This forum will be frequented by members of Funcom Customer Service, but there is also a chance your fellow players might be able to help you.

The Secret World | Funcom.


Funcom logo

Funcom logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– Over 50 MILLION agents deployed in ‘The Secret War’, a unique social experience that gives a glimpse of the conflict in ‘The Secret World’ MMO launching June 19 –

Durham, USA – May 3rd, 2012 – Funcom is excited to share that 200,000 participants are now engaged in battle through ‘The Secret War’, a unique browser-based social experience that draws upon the conflict between the three secret societies in Funcom’s upcoming massively multiplayer online game ‘The Secret World’. Launching on June 19th, 2012, ‘The Secret World’ MMO pitches players against each other as they fight for the power to control the world for their secret society, and through ‘The Secret War’ social experience, participants can get a taste of the epic conflict that hits on June 19th.

In this unique social experience participants recruit their friends to join the battle and use them as agents on a world map to spread influence for one of the three secret societies: the Illuminati, the Dragon or the Templar. While doing so they unlock items that can be used in ‘The Secret World’ MMO at launch, items such as clothing, weapons, elixirs and even in-game titles. Through this social experience, participants get to engage themselves deeper in the conflict that they will get to play in ‘The Secret World’ MMO. They can also win a trip to the Funcom studio and even the chance to have their name in the game world.

‘The Secret War’ has now been raging for two weeks. Here are some interesting stats so far:

  • Over 200,000 gamers have registered and become participants in the war
  • The experience has had over 1.2 million visits in total
  • Each participant spends 20 minutes on average playing at each visit
  • Over 50 million agents have been deployed by the 200,000 participants

Since launch on April 18th additional strategic layers have been added to the experience and participants must now work together toward a common goal every week. The secret society that performs best by the end of each week will see all their members be rewarded with unique items that can be used in ‘The Secret World’ MMO. This week the factions battle for the Heart of Africa health-boosting talisman.

“The success of ‘The Secret War’ shows that the conflict between the world’s secret societies has universal appeal,” says Funcom SVP of Sales & Marketing Morten Larssen. “This conflict has always been a key driver for activity in our own community, and we are excited to see that more and more people are coming in to join the conflict from outside the community as well. The conflict between the three secret societies adds a whole new dimension to MMO gameplay and we are excited to be able to have gamers take part in that conflict even before the launch of ‘The Secret World’.”

‘The Secret World’ is consistently mentioned as one of the most anticipated online games in development, and Funcom reported in February that over 750,000 gamers had registered for the ongoing beta testing by then. ‘The Secret World’ breaks new grounds and genre conventions by introducing a modern-day setting, a story-focused MMO experience, and a freeform progression system using no classes and no levels.