Aliens: Colonial Marines – New Factsheet !

There will be Team Deathmatch !!! That is what is missing in Borderlands 2. I’m glad Gearbox is not leaving it out of ACM !
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Battlefield 3 ships with 9 maps, all maps support all 5 game modes!

Battlefield 3, School

Battlefield 3 Caspian Border
DICE’s Alan Kertz, one of the lead designers of Battlefield 3 (and an avid Tweeter), has confirmed that Battlefield 3 will ship with 9 maps, a fact we’ve known since GamesCom. However, Kertz also revealed that all 5 game modes — Conquest, Conquest 64, Rush, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch — will be available on all 9 maps.

In addition to the 9 maps, those who have pre-ordered Battlefield 3 (1.25 million of you), will be getting additional 4 maps from the Back to Karkand expansion pack: Strike At Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula and Wake Island. Back to Karkand is scheduled for release approximately 1 month after the release of Battlefield 3.