Dark Sanity – Killing a Beast [HD]


NFL Season Opener GPN Video Podcast #3[HD]

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Dark Sanity: Star Wars: The Old Republic PvP-RP Server Guild come join us !

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Guild First We expect all members to ensure that all actions they take are done in the mindset of ‘guild first’. We recruit the PERSON not the toon.Participate In Guild Events,PvP-RP, Warzones , PvE, flashpoints & Operations.Deadweight is not needed.You need to aid in the growth of the guild. Age 20 +

Only 3 rules!:

1) Anyone can run a EVENT,If you post it make sure you are ready to lead it or have someone who can do it for you! Every one has real lives. Don’t sit on your hands be proactive. Don’t wait for the leaders to log on to make the game fun for you, take initiative and go for it.

2) Don’t have the “Can I have it “on every drop attitude. Every one will get what they need.

3) RESPECT your guild mates at all times in Voice chat or guild chat, if you have a problem with them send them a tell to them and work it out. The guild will not put up with it and you will be kicked out.

We have one spot remaining for a officer position. Vampero and Seventy will pick who it will be. Looking for someone that is good with people.Someone that can lead when Vampero or Seventy can’t be around.Vampero rotates shifts so he will be on all hours. Pre-order beta weekend starts Sept that will give us a chance to get to know you.I have a mumble server to chat on.