Neverwinter – Wallpapers !

Six great looking wallpapers for Neverwinter enjoy !
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Neverwinter – Orc Trailer

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Orcs are just one of countless enemies you will face throughout your quest in the Forgotten Realms. With insight into their troubled past, you are more prepared than ever to face this fearsome race in battle. Be strong, adventurer, and be victorious!

Neverwinter – Guardian Fighter Montage

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The Guardian Fighter is a noble and valiant hero in Neverwinter. Always methodical and never reckless, their style of style is geared towards those who are analytical in a combat situation. If you are willing to selflessly sacrifice your body for the safety of your party, then the Guardian Fighter is the hero for you.

Neverwinter – Mount Hotenow Zone Trailer

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This adventure zone is geared towards high-level characters, and heroes will have to contend with some of the most iconic enemies from Dungeons & Dragons lore. The fire giants can manipulate the fire of their environment, creating powerful area of effect strikes to sear the slow-footed. Keep an eye to the sky as well, for the volcanic heat of Mount Hotenow is the perfect home for a red dragon..

Neverwinter – The Control Wizard

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The Control Wizard has a spell for every occasion, and a counter for every resistance. Staring down an ogre? Chill it with the Ray of Frost until it’s encased in an icy slab, then finish it with a barrage of Magic Missiles. If his orcish minions try to get revenge, knock them all away with the powerful Ice Storm blast.

Neverwinter promises death for the meek, glory for the bold and danger for all. It’s their city, but your rules.

Neverwinter Founder’s Pack -You Paying $199 !?!?

Neverwinter Beta is about to begin and now is your chance to grab a Founder’s Pack to prepare for the dangerous adventure ahead in the Forgotten Realms. Equip yourself with exclusive items and access, including early access to Open Beta, to aid you during your quests.

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We’ll see you in Neverwinter!

Neverwinter Helm’s Hold Lore Trailer (HD)

Neverwinter (video game)

Neverwinter (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Learn the story of Helm’s Hold, one of many different Adventure Zones in Neverwinter, the upcoming free-to-play action MMORPG from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World.



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