WoW In game video recording test

This is my last test for in game recording. I tested MSI Afterburner,Playclaw,Fraps and Bandicam.

1) MSI Afterbruner : It records small and it is FREE! but it does not let you record two sound cards at once.

2) Playclaw : I just did not like it at all. I did not like how it records. I could not get the two sound cards to work at once.

3) Fraps: It records way to big ! ,but it did look great.

4) Bandicam : This is the best out of all four. Lets you put a logo up when you record. It records small and lets use two sound cards at once. I payed $39.99

After you are done recording you have to compress the avi file to up load it to youtube or Dailymotion. I use Virtual Dub. I compressed the video from 2.54 gig avi to 49 mb !