Darkfall: Unholy Wars- Pre-launch screenshots & Video’s !

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Adam Oikonomopoulos, Creative Lead of Darkfall Unholy Wars, talks about his inspirations, how necessary a change in art direction was for Unholy Wars, and explains how the creative team expanded its vision building on the foundations of the original game.

Today we present the skills of the Fire School of the Elementalist Role. The Fire Mage specializes in dealing large amounts of damage from long range.

His skills are the following:

Attunement to Fire: A self-buff that increases the fire protection, while rendering the player immune to lava damage while buff is active.

Fireball: A ranged attack that will burn your enemy on impact, along with those in close proximity around him.

Dragonbreath: A breath of fire that will damage everyone in front of you.

Magma Bomb: A huge burning ball of magma, so large that itʼs affected by gravity. It has a very long range, and a large area of effect.

Heat Stroke: A long range projectile that will massively drain the stamina of anyone that is inside its range on impact.

GW2 Warrior PVP Gameplay: “Captain Hammer” Support Build Hammer + Mace/Mace

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I discuss my “Captain Hammer” Warrior build with PVP gameplay footage. It provides good AOE healing and AOE buffs via shouts, excellent CC capability, high direct damage mitigation with 1810 toughness, damage that steadily increases over time (via stacking of might boons), and high uptime on Weakness debuffs. Therefore, this spec excels at supporting friendlies and “tanking” enemies.

In this educational video, I discuss:
1. usage of abilities to disable (crowd control) opponents
2. order and timing of attack abilities
3. providing support to friendly players via heals and buffs (boons)

Let me know your questions and feedback.

For detailed information on the spec’s mechanics / traits / gear, please see the following links:

P.S. playing a Hammer and Mace/Mace Warrior takes some getting used to. The Hammer 3-4 and Mace 5 abilities self-root during the animation. The most significant part of turning the corner with this build is getting the timing down. As you can see in the video, I was able to get the hang of it in a few hours, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

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Full MMORPG Terms Glossary

Anarchy Online

Image via Wikipedia

Below is the Full MMORPG Terms Glossary. Don’t know what an MMO Term means? Just look it up here! We have all common MMO Phrases and lingo defined here.



A numerical translation for “elite” pronounced “leet,” 1337 is a slang developed by hackers in the ’80s used over the internet. Many words from the slang have leaked to popular culture today (“kidz” is an example; using a z instead of an s is an element of 1337). It is mostly prevalent in the gaming world online where people can interact textually.



Area Effect. Used to refer to area-effect spells or abilities. E.g. fireball, smoke grenade.


Away from keyboard


As a verb, it refers to a hostile mob that has noticed a player and is actively trying to attack that player. As a noun, it refers to the amount of “hostility” the player has generated on the mob. In typical combat strategy, the fighter tries to take as much aggro as possible away from weaker players such as healers and mages.


Short for “alternate”. It refers to the alternate character a player has from their main character. This is not a stable category as sometimes alts can out level mains and sometimes mains become moth-balled.


Abbreviation for Anarchy Online. An online game.


Same as AE. Area of Effect.


e.g. Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, etc.



In certain MMOs, characters are teleported back to a safe spot when they die. This spot is predetermined by the user. The act of determining the safe spot requires an explicit action by the user. That action is known as a bind. The spot is typically referred to as a bind spot.


Short for biological. Usually used to indicate bathroom break.

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Full MMORPG Terms Glossary | MMORPG Terms Defined MMO Terminology.