Nerd Wars! Xbox One vs PS4 vs Wii U

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At this point, the big three have all revealed their “next-gen” consoles. For the most part, we know what each company is bringing to the table. We’ve seen the E3 coverage and read about the hands-on demos. Now we just impatiently wait to play them ourselves. For this week’s round of Nerd Wars!, we’d like to take the time to re-evaluate where everyone stands in these ongoing “console wars.” Are you sold on the Wii U, Xbox One, or PS4? Let us know!

Come join the conversation! Let us know who you’re supporting and why. If you hate them all, let us know why. Let’s get some real talk started! 

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PlayStation 4 first for Me and Why !

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I’m going with PS 4. Last console I owned from them was a PS 2 eight years ago !

I feel like Microsoft tried to fucked the gaming world . They did not want us to own games at all, just rent for $60 a pop. I feel like they tried to stab us all in the back. GREED was the only thing on the minds at Microsoft. I been a hardcore Xbox gamer since Xbox. I have a 12 year old gamer tag Vampero13. I feel they stopped believing in us.Such a great career,now Xbox is into a pit of destruction and loss.

Xbox Support replied to my Tweet about game sharing !

I hope in the end Microsoft does the right thing and allows you to share your games on a few Xbox One’s. I have three Xbox 360’s in my house,Microsoft is crazy to think I will share my gamertag with my family or friends. My gamertag is all about me and not to be shared,would you share your Social Security number ? JUST DO THE RIGHT THING MICROSOFT !

YouTube Copyright Bitch ! (HD)

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All my video’s are me or Press Released video’s. I will show how I get them and everyone has right to them It is called freedom of the PRESS ! I’m sick of jack asses clicking the video’s and saying they are copyrighted. So now YouTube won’t let me do On Air on Google + hangout for Guild Wars 2 next week until I resolve the issue but there is none !

UPDATE: I have a account just for hangouts now ! Click the YouTube button on the right to get there !

PAX EAST – Here we come !

A picture I took of myself wearing dog tags I ...

A picture I took of myself wearing dog tags I bought, custom-made in an Army Surplus Store in Montreal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time to leave to have a great day a Pax East ! First time for me and my girl friend. I will have a video and photos of my day and night at Pax when I get back. When the door open I’m running over to The Secret World both for the beta key dog tags !!!