Xbox One – Vampero’s Raw & Uncut Rant !

If Microsoft does not change the way they think right now, I see the end of Xbox One !

YouTube Copyright Bitch ! (HD)

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All my video’s are me or Press Released video’s. I will show how I get them and everyone has right to them It is called freedom of the PRESS ! I’m sick of jack asses clicking the video’s and saying they are copyrighted. So now YouTube won’t let me do On Air on Google + hangout for Guild Wars 2 next week until I resolve the issue but there is none !

UPDATE: I have a account just for hangouts now ! Click the YouTube button on the right to get there !

Guild Wars 2 Google Hangout Number 1 – Feel Free To Come !

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If you want to watch it. It will be on YouTube live. I would like to fill all the slots so we have more people’s input please

NFL Season Opener GPN Video Podcast #3[HD]

Near the end when I said my Blog’s email it F***ked up! Send your reviews to Subjects: SWTOR MMO,Dark Sanity guild,XBOX Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and XBOX 360 DEUS EX!


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