Rise of the Fallen – Crowd MMO Development a New Way to Make Games

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Crowdsourcing turns to crowdfunding. And now crowdfunding becomes crowd-developing. Visionary Realms is taking a new look at how games are designed and developed from the ground up by deeply involving the community.

Funding for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, a classic take on epic MMO adventure, is taking place on VR’s website at PantheonRotF.com but the team is taking things a big step further by involving the community in the very design and development of the game.

Through the website, the community is able to:

  • Build a wiki for the game
  • Participate in design discussions with the developers through the forums and chat channel
  • Present and vote on ideas through a Think Tank
  • Create their own guilds and recruit members
  • Write their own blogs
  • Participate in weekly roundtable discussions with the developers

And a whole lot more! Visionary Realms is taking ideas directly from the feedback and suggestions the community has been offering and working those ideas and concepts directly into the game.

If you’d like to talk more with the company’s CIO, Tom Sampson or Director of Development, Salim Grant, to find out more on crowd developing, let me know!

Benjamin J. de la Durantaye
Director of Communications
Visionary Realms, Inc.

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About Visionary Realms, Inc.
Visionary Realms, Inc. was founded by a group of highly experienced and talented developers and designers who have been involved in an impressive variety of AAA MMO games. CCO Brad McQuaid has been often referred to as one of the key influences to the entire genre, having played a major role in the development and design of the first globally successful 3D MMO.

The team is dedicated to bringing their experience and knowledge to the development table to hone in on what made MMOs successful in the first place: the social interaction, challenge, and a virtual “world” in which players can become fully immersed.

About Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is a AAA-quality Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game under development by Visionary Realms, Inc. It focuses on social gameplay and challenging content to rekindle and encourage grouping and social interaction. Progression through the game is designed to be slower than traditional modern MMOs, while in turn aiming to offer a more memorable and emotionally connected experience.

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