Just for the love of gaming

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Some people post things on YouTube to try to make money, get known or just for the love of gaming.
I do it for the love of gaming and a few laughs. I’m so humble, that over 500,000 people have gone to my YouTube page and over 400,000 to my website “Gaming Phanatic”. I don’t make a dime or get free games. I buy all game’s myself.

I like being Unprofessional, Raw & Uncut . Everything is on the fly, you will love or hate it and that is fine by me 8)

If only one person watched my videos or went to my website and told me they liked it , I would be happy. Thankfully many people have told me they like my format.

I work a full time job for a living, many 12 hours shifts too. I would never waste my time trying to be fake and do “Let’s play videos” spend hours on editing. That is just insane to me.

My point of the speech is some day’s I will do OK video’s and some day’s I won’t. Remember one thing , you always get my bloopers .

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