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Friday, December 13, 2013.
by Scott Fowler

NBA 2K14 Box art Michael Jordan was Air. His gravity defying leaps and dunks spawned brand identification, marketing, and legend unlike any other. If Jordan was the best of a generation, or all generations, air-apparent (see what I did there?) is one LeBron James, cover athlete and focus of NBA 2K14 (2KSports, $59.99, for both the 360/Xbox One consoles).

I make the reference to Michael Jordan because it’s the obvious choice. Many have threatened to surpass Jordan’s impact on the game, but nobody has been successful. I live in Los Angeles, aka Laker town, the one team able to withstand, even participate, in the LA lifestyle like no other. Players like Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neil and Kobe Bryant have all had times laid claim to “the best in the game”. But in 2013, after back to back titles, as Kobe’s star begins to fade, LeBron is taking has taken control of the sport.

While that may be the case, 2KSports dedication to LeBron in this year’s title might be the only shortcoming in the whole darn game, and I even say that with reservation. He’s everywhere, and not just on the physical game, but all throughout the game, too.

Now, this review will encompass both 2K14 titles, on the 360 and the Xbox One, so I’ll try to divide this up as best as possible where applicable.

Regular game modes on the 360 are fairly standard for your run-of-the-mill major sports title. There’s online play, franchise-modes, single season modes, single game options, and the like. This year, 2KSports added the “Path to Greatness: LeBron James” on the 360, allowing players the ability to take control of the player, the legend in his prime, and make different career decisions, taking different paths, and seeing how things might have played out had “The Decision” to bring his talents to Miami taken a different path.

If you’re a Laker fan, this is a bit of a tough sell emotionally. Outside of that, it’s 2KSports celebrating the biggest icon in the game, and doing it well, if not even a little tongue in cheek toward the backlash that LeBron got in real life surround the Miami move.

Overall, 2K has this Basketball thing down pat on the 360.


NBA 2K14 Review (Xbox One) –

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