Forza Motorsport 5 Review (Xbox One) –

Wednesday, November 27, 2013.
by Brent Roberts

Forza Motorsport 5 Box art Throughout the history of mankind there have only been a few select moments that have altered its future and the birth of automotive transportation is one such moment. Freedom was just a turn of the key away, and only our imaginations became our limitations. The sensation of the road beneath your tires with a ribbon of black asphalt stretched out before your eyes is a feeling unlike any other, and in Forza 5 we find the greatest tribute to one of the great liberators in the history of mankind, the car. Turn 10 has been producing Forza Motorsport games since the years of the original Xbox, and with every release their goal is to pay homage by delivering the best driving experience you can find anywhere in the digital age; and they have succeeded in a way that is so significant that to accurately measure it would require you to almost compare it to other great monumental achievements in mankind. If ever there was a bar to rise, Turn 10 strapped it to the back of a Bugatti Veyron and sent it 250 miles an hour, straight into orbit while on fire. Chill the blood in your veins and start your engines because it’s time to launch into the best driving game ever available on any console, Forza 5.

Starting out Forza 5 will treat you to an opening sequence by Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, and after that the game takes you straight into racing behind the wheel of a McLaren P1. This is Forza’s way of introducing you to the world of motorsport and the physics that coincide with its existence. You will then be able to choose a car for the upcoming league event you will be participating in. After that you are off on your way through your first series of events that will help familiarize yourself with the courses, the physics of driving itself, and such features like replay and more. Before the races begin you have the option to select different driver assists and decide if you want them on or off, also you have the ability to choose your difficulty of competition. The other racers you will find in Forza are not computer AI controlled vehicles, but actual human drivers via their Drivatar.


Forza Motorsport 5 Review (Xbox One) –

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