XBOX ONE Reviewed !

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If you have to make a choice on which new gaming system to buy for Christmas BUY a PlayStation 4 $100 cheaper and it is ready to PLAY GAMES out of the box.

XBOX ONE FOR 2013,DO NOT BUY IT ! Wait for March when Titanfall comes out first.

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XBOX ONE dashboard is bullshit carp, unfinished beta UI . Getting any where on that system to play games will be a part time job for the average Joe ! Kinect voice commands are piss poor to use. After playing a PlayStation 4 , Xbox One‘s whole make up is very poor and over barring to some one who just wants to be a NEXT gen gamer. Microsoft has their head’s up their asses so they can see shit clearly and nothing about the NEXT gen gamer.

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In the end I feel like Microsoft is just trying to shaft people and nickle and dime them to death. XBOX LIVE GOLD is laughable when it is compared to PlayStation Plus. When I logged on my PlayStation 4, I was able to get two brand new PlayStation 4 games for free Contrast & RESOGUN ! XBOX fanboy’s don’t tell me you only get to keep them if you have PlayStation Plus, because you have to have PlayStation Plus for the PlayStation 4 to play online just like XBOX GOLD. Don’t forget all the PlayStation 3 & PS Vita games you get for free monthly too .
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Final score 6.5

* Dashboard feels like beta
* Live TV does no work well
* Very hard to set up for the average Joe with a receiver
* No full free games
* Nothing for being a Xbox Gold member
* Xbox One does not know what it wants to do, be a gamer or entertainer

* It was easy to move your Gamer Tag
* 7.1 surround sound
* Titanfall in March

2 comments on “XBOX ONE Reviewed !

    • I saw his review and I just don’t agree with his points , but that is OK. I think XBOX ONE will shine once they fix the UI. It is not ready for hardcore gamers yet. It is ready for apps and TV watchers.


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