TERA: Rising – Alliance update introduces reimagined political system & much more !

Karlsruhe, 08.08.2013 – The world of fantasy MMO TERA: Rising is evolving further: with the alliance update appearing later this month, Gameforge is introducing a new political system and is catering for thrilling battles that will determine the fate of Arborea with a continent-comprehensive PvP mode. New challenges and rewards are waiting for bold warriors!

Players pull the political strings
The alliance update offers a radically changed gaming experience in the world of TERA: players have the opportunity to ally themselves with the Velika, Allemantheia or Kaiator and to influence the political strength of their alliance. In doing so, they join the battle for the mysterious mineral Noctenium. Driven by a thirst for power, all three alliances have been trying to gain possession of the unimaginable powers of Noctenium since time immemorial.

Being hired by an alliance is just the beginning: subsequently, players rise through the hierarchy and forge the world of TERA as they wish, moving in the new political system. They actively participate in the war and snatch numerous resources items in battles against enemy alliances. To try and prevent one alliance from attaining sole reign over Arborea, the other two can unite forces against the dominant threat and head into battle together.

One continent, one battle
The conflict is pushed to its climax with the new continent-wide PvP combat system. Brave warriors actively mix in the battle between the alliances, strengthening a particular faction and helping them to gain control of the much-prized Noctenium. The winner of a PvP battle earns themselves the privilege of priority access to an instanced dungeon. Additionally, players will receive alliance-specific advantages: members of the Kaiator alliance receive improved resistance against numbing effects, members of Allemantheia additional credits and the Velika loot more gold from defeated monsters.

The three alliances are open to all guild members. Entry to an alliance is decided by the guild leaders – members will follow automatically. Together, they will then contest numerous missions contracted by their faction and will receive valuable rewards.

More information on the alliance update can be found on http://tera-europe.com/alliance.

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