Xbox One – Microsoft steps up for the gamer !?!

 I want to thank everyone around the world for putting pressure on Microsoft to do the right thing for the Xbox One and they did (Kinda) ! We can share our games with family and friends up to ten people. We can play our game library’s at our family and friends house without even taking the disc to their house. There is so much more we can and can’t do with Xbox One ! Xbox One will have my  support for now ! Read below !!! (Source: Gamestop e-mail )

UPDATE ::::: I have seen the light !

GAMERS! NOW is the time to stand up and unite our forces. No matter what system you prefer. It would be a shame to look back in 20 years realizing that we had the chance back in 2013 to stop this attack from behind on our so beloved culture. We cannot allow Microsoft to destroy a culture decades old. We cannot allow them to stop Kids born in the near future from knowing “free video-gaming” trade and share. THEY WANT TO DESTROY OUR CULTURE!!! FACE IT! STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!! GAMERS UNITE! RIGHT NOW!

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