Defiance: Future History :: ZAM’s Best Question Asked !

Best question from Zam

ZAM: We saw something called EGO, and EGO abilities. How does that work?

Hill: So the ego is an implant, an AI implant. It was developed by Von Bach Industries. He hires you to come to the bay area to find an artifact that he’s been looking for, that he heard was there. As a matter of fact, he comes and you see him during the entire mission, so you’ll be interacting with him, you’ll be going on missions with him at times.

But the EGO itself is an expensive device that not everybody has. Von Bach is a technology dealer, and a weapons dealer, so he has the ability to create these things, and he puts it into the players to help them try and find this device, and survive the harsh area that is the bay area of San Francisco. When you see the HUD for example, that is what the EGO is doing, giving you all that information. The EGO will also update you on missions, and as it’s an artificial intelligence, she will either be very excited about what’s going on, or very depressed about what’s going on, as you go and do things. The EGO also gives you powers, the super speed, the cloak, all that kind of stuff. So the EGO’s this powerful implant that gives you abilities that other people in the Bay Area don’t have.

Defiance: Future History :: ZAM.


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