Defiance Central – The Loadout System !

This has been said time and time again but we will repeat it once more to make sure everyone is on the same page Defiance does NOT have classes but loadouts. This means you are not locked into a box as in other shooters: support, engineer, assault, sniper.


Loadout system

In the build we played in London we had access to 5 loadouts slots which could be changed at any time. For RPG / MMO players see your loadout as a character sheet with gear and abilities all attached. You can swap loadouts at will, when you die in PVP you can select a new loadout, in PVE you can swap loadouts by opening the menu and equipping a new one. Managing your loadouts is extremely straight forward, equip one, then add the weapons, gear and abilities you want and that is it. You can name your loadouts so that you are able to pick them quickly.

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The Loadout System « Defiance Central.

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