RIFT 2.0 Hotfix #1

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RIFT 2.0 Hotfix #1 – 11/16/12

* Dungeons: Completing Exodus of the Storm Queen after being queued in LFD will now grant the proper LFD reward.
* Dungeons: Completing Storm Breaker Protocol after being queued in LFD now grants only *one* LFD reward!
* PVP: Daily Random Warfront reward counts won’t be resetting to a full 7 every day anymore!
* Food consumables from Alo once again stack like they should.
* The porticulum option to go to Dusken and Brevane is now only displayed to characters who have discovered a porticulum in the expansion areas.
* Removed the gold ring that represented the ‘zone in location’ in dimensions due to a lot of confusion!

* Fixed an issue with repeatable quests counting toward the total quest achievements in Morban and Steppes of Infinity.
* The Motes and Menhir Dimension Items dropped from Rifts no longer have an incorrect faction requirement on them.
* Some areas of Brevane and Dusken will no longer be incorrectly revealed when using a porticulum in Mathosia.
* Instant Adventure meta-quests in Brevane and Dusken are now non-repeatable.
* Some Instant Adventure abilities that were not being removed on completion/group leaving should now do so properly.

* Ritualistic Vandalism: Made respawns for this quest more aggressive.
* Versus Bareknuckle Buck: Updated this into a simpler kill quest. If he dies by any means, the quest now updates. The quest abilities now do more damage, and players who correctly use the mechanic will get a killing blow. Buck can also be taken down by more… traditional means.

* Serving Woman: Fixed a case where the quest could break when players joined late in the quest progress.

* Removed the quest Recluse Wrangling from the requirements to complete the achievement ‘Keeping on for the Keepers’.

* No Way Out: Fixed up the version of the questgiver (Terrik Conti) on this quest.
* Shoddy Surveillance: Quest should be completable once more!

* The Zone Event ‘Operation: Landfall’ now correctly grants an achievement when completed.
* Mortal Coil: Commander Zaviel will no longer be targetable when in her Iron Dragon during this quest.
* Gravity Coil: Fixed an issue that sometimes caused no credit to grant when the Rift is completed.
* The God Engine: Gremlins will now respawn more aggressively.

* They’re Coming: Resolved some issues where mobs could potentially stop attacking and you might not get credit for defending the Transmitter.
* Moved Sergeant Orabel and Private Torval to make them more noticeable upon entering Ruinous Passage.
* Brevane Energy: Fixed an issue where you might not receive the necessary number of Brevane Power Cells to complete the quest.

* The rate of harvest note spawns and crafting skillups has been super high to go along with the rush at launch, and is now less aggressive:
– Harvest nodes will respawn a bit slower, and definitely shouldn’t be respawning instantly.
– Yellow and Green con harvest nodes won’t grant skillups 100% of the time, in line with the normal yellow and green difficulty skillup rate.
– Adjusted drop rates of Leather and Cloth.
* The “WIP-Do Not Translate” Dimension item now has real text!
* Fixed Brevanic fish lures that wouldn’t work in Cape Jule.
* Crafted swords for Warriors can now be equipped in off-hand as well as main hand.

* Fixed a bad positioning in the Guild Vault Permissions list.
* Fixed a display issue with a wrong map’s zone names appearing on the porticulum map.
* Also fixed a related display issue causing zone named to be hidden from the map after using a porticulum.
* Cleared the occasional “teleport failed” message you might have seen when entering Dimensions.
* Fixed the Random button on the Weekly Dimensions in Dimension Finder.
* The player location indicator disappearing after using a porticulum should be fixed.

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