The Secret World goes to PAX EAST, come play it yourself!

The Secret World goes to PAX EAST, come play it yourself!

Funcom is excited to announce that we are heading to PAX EAST on April 6th and that we will be bringing the upcoming, modern-day, massively multiplayer online game ‘The Secret World’ to the show floor for public hands-on. For first time, fans of ‘The Secret World’ outside of the press and the closed beta get to play the game, and those heading to PAX can experience the full Templar starter experience in addition to the haunted town of Kingsmouth.


We will also be doing regular stage presentations of the game at the booth, where we will also be giving away 10,000 secret society dog tags. Each dog tag also comes with an exclusive key that grants access to the first upcoming public beta event (details to be announced later).


For more information, check the full press release over on


Today we also made an important announcement to those who are eligible for guaranteed beta access to The Secret World after taking advantage of previous Funcom campaign offers through Age of Conan, Anarchy Online and Pets vs. Monsters. To those of you who are eligible and who have not yet received access, you will receive an invitation to join the closed beta in April. For more details, check out the announcement text over on the official forums.


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